ResourcesAnimated Dog Short Film Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

Charities use lots of creative ways to get the message out to the wider world but this animated dog short film takes things to a whole new level. This is the story of a young puppy called Pip who wants to be a guide dog but who hits many obstacles along the way. Although just over 4 minutes long it is sure to have you in tears.

The video is so popular that it has been watched over 250 million times on Youtube. Pip is a young Labrador puppy who is too small for the job and who has lots of challenges along the way. You’ll instantly fall in love with Pip.

The short animation is an emotional rollercoaster but one that ultimately contains an important message. You’ll end up wiishing it was a full length feature movie.

Animated Dog Short Film

If you like the message in the video you can donate to who are responsible for producing the video.

While many campaigns feature stories that leave you feeling sad this is ultimately an uplifting tale. You can’t help but feel support for Pip. The message is simple and clear and it will have you reaching for that donate button.

Guide dogs are an important companion for people all over the world. They mean people with visual impairment can lead a safer and more independent life. They are however expensive to train which is why charity support from donors is such an essential tool.

This video proves that you can get a heartfelt message across in a short period of time while being uplifting along the way. We challenge you to watch the animation and not have a tear in your eye as you do so. The story of Pip is a simple one but it will leave you feeling seriously emotional.

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