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Australian Shepherd Husky Puppies

Rachel Poli Author
Feb 7 ·
australian shepherd husky puppies

The Australian Shepherd Husky is a crossbreed of the Australian Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. Also known as the Aussie Siberian, this doggo comes from the United States and the United Kingdom. However, it’s unknown when this breed was first developed. It was bred for hunting, herding, and companionship. Overall, this dog breed is energetic, stubborn, and intelligent. If you want to learn more about Australian Shepherd Husky puppies, then keep reading.

Where to get Australian Shepherd Husky Puppies

Since this dog breed is a hybrid, it might be tricky to come across it without going through a breeder. However, you can call your local animal shelter or breed rescue organization to see if they have this crossbreed available for adoption. For example, they might have Australian Shepherd Husky puppies, adults, or seniors available. But, on the other hand, they could have this dog breed that’s also mixed with other breeds, giving you a super mutt. Unleashingthepack…

If you want to find this mixed breed as a puppy and know where it came from, you can go through a reputable breeder. Unfortunately, since this is a designer dog, it’s not recognized by the American Kennel Club, so you’ll need to do the research yourself.

Luckily, you’ll be able to tell an ethical breeder from the rest because they’ll do the following:

  • Socialize and train the puppies as early as possible
  • Ensure the puppies are up to date on their vaccinations
  • Want to meet with you in person and allow you to meet the parents and the litter
  • Have health documents and family tree history available for you to bring home upon adoption
  • Have the parents and puppies live in their house as part of the family, kennel-free

In addition, a good breeder will be able to answer all of your questions. The breeder should be open and honest whether you want to know about them, the breed, the parents, the puppies, or the breeding or adoption process.

On the other hand, if you come across a breeder that does not do the above, then you’ll want to avoid them. For example, they might be a backyard breeder or a puppy mill. These breeders do not breed the dogs under healthy or safe conditions. Also, they’re more interested in making a profit from the puppies rather than finding them good homes.

The Cost

This designer dog costs an average of about $400 to $800. However, the price may vary, depending on the breeder’s location, the time of year, or the breed’s popularity. 


Australian Shepherd Husky puppies will grow to be large dogs. For example, they can grow about 18 to 25 inches tall and weigh between 35 and 65 pounds.

Genetics will do its thing so that this dog breed will look like either parent. However, they’ll typically have a medium double coat that comes in a few different colors, such as:

  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Gray


There’s a lot to love about this dog breed. For instance, they’re loyal and affectionate with their family members. Also, they’re excellent around young children, other dogs, and meeting new people. However, they are a great watchdog and bark to alert you of anything that feels off to them. But, on the other hand, they love to bark anyway to hear themselves talk.

As with all dogs, early socialization and training are a must with this breed. Unfortunately, they can be stubborn, so that training might be easy one day and tricky on the next. You can hire a professional dog trainer to help if needed 

Finally, this dog breed has high energy levels. They need plenty of physical exercises every day. For instance, they’ll love going on long walks, jogs, or hikes with you. In addition, they won’t do well living in an apartment. The Australian Shepherd Husky mix needs a bigger house with a fenced-in yard. Justazula…

Australian Shepherd Husky Puppies – Veterinary Needs

As with all dogs, you’ll want to bring this mixed breed to the vet at least once a year for their annual checkup. As a puppy during their first year, get them more often. Then you’ll be able to keep track of their growth and development and keep them up to date with their shots and boosters.

Also, this doggo is prone to inheriting specific health issues from either parent. So, they could get:

This crossbreed has an average lifespan of about ten to 15 years with proper care. 


With your vet’s approval, you can provide your doggo with any dog food that’s appropriate for their breed size, age, and weight.

For example, you can give your Australian Shepherd Husky puppy high-quality kibble or canned wet food from a commercial dog food brand or homemade dog food.


This dog breed is relatively high-maintenance when it comes to grooming. You’ll want to bring them to a professional grooming salon at least once every other month to give them a good cleaning, clipping, or bath. On the other hand, you can bathe them as needed at home.

In addition, they’re not a hypoallergenic breed and shed a lot. So, you’ll want to keep up with brushing their coat at least three to four times per week. During shedding season, you’ll need to brush their coat at least once a day to keep the shedding under control.

Also, be sure to keep up with trimming their nails, cleaning their ears, and brushing their teeth regularly.

Australian Shepherd Husky Puppies – Photos


australian shepherd husky puppies


australian shepherd husky puppies


australian shepherd husky puppies
Rachel Poli Author
Rachel is a stay-at-home pet mom, caring for her dog, cat, turtle, tortoise, and fish. She's a content writer in various niches but most notably in the pet field, educating pet parents on the health and wellbeing of their furry friends. When she's not writing, she's reading, playing video games, or organizing something.
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