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How the HappyDoggo awards work

Our aim is to curate the very best businesses for you and your precious dog.

How do we rank businesses?

We aggregate data from online customer reviews across a number of platforms and combine it with our own in house rankings that cover everything from web and social media presence to positive local media coverage. We also place a high emphasis on customer suggestions and submission we receive.

How often the awards are released

Once per year for each state.

Sending suggestions

Please feel free to make a suggestion for a business that should be listed. We also like to hear positive stories about dog related businesses you have visited to factor into the rankings. Email us woof@happydoggo.com

Business Owners

So your business has been given the HappyDoggo seal of approval. What is next?

Tell your customers

Winning a HappyDoggo award is a sign that you are doing great things with your business. Tell your customers via email, your website or social media to increase business and build trust.

Get a badge

Winning businesses can display a HappyDoggo badge to celebrate their success. You can choose yours here.

Contact us

If you want feedback or to change anything about your listing please email us woof@happydoggo.com

Check your details

Lots of potential customers will be reading your listing. If anything has changed please contant us to have it updated woof@happydoggo.com