Bennie the double amputee is a dog that had a rough start in life but who now is one of the most loving homes a dog could ever wish for. He was hit by a car at just seven months old and left on paralysed on the streets as a stray. When rescued the only option was to amputate his 2 legs but that didn’t stop his lust for life. Not only was he given a second chance but he embraced it with huge relish.

He was flown across the world to meet his new owner in Canada. Once he arrived he was showered with love and has been living for the last couple of years. What makes him so special is how he has been able to adapt to life. The way he fits in with other dogs despite his disadvantages and constantly has an upbeat nature. His owner even says that not only is he one of the happiest dogs out there but he is also one of the naughtiest.

Bennie’s mission is to brighten people’s day both in real life and online. He shows that any adversity can be overcome and how to make the most out of life.

When Bennie the double amputee is out and about he is the centre of attention. You could even call him a bit of a celebrity with people looking for photos and stopping traffic just to see him. We think you will agree that this very special dog deserves the wonderful life he now has. Follow him on Instagram and it will instantly brighten up your day. An angel.