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Bullador Puppies

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Oct 23 ·

If you’ve been considering Bullador puppies for your next companion, you could be making a great choice. This puppy is a mix between a Labrador Retriever and an English Bulldog, and might make for a great companion.

However, as with any dog, you should do your research before diving in.

Where To Get Bullador Puppies

Because they’re a mixed breed, they might be a little easier to find in shelters. However, you still might have to compromise with more breeds in the mix or an older dog. English Bulldogs are very sought-after, so anything even slightly resembling them is going to be snapped up! Fourleggeddraven…

It’s also possible to find a Bullador breeder, but breeders who breed mixed dogs are a little more difficult to research and it’s hard to make the right choice. You can narrow down your search for a good purebred dog by making sure the breeder has registry papers to prove their legitimacy. Preferably, from the AKC. Mixed breed dogs can’t have AKC papers, so you’ll have to be very careful, as you can’t rely on this. The last thing you want is your puppy to have health or temperament issues because the breeder simply wasn’t a good one and didn’t do well enough.

You can sense your breeder is a good one if they let you see where the puppy is being raised, answer your questions openly and transparently, don’t sell puppies before they’re eight weeks old, and provide shot and health records.

The Cost

Because the Bullador has become a bit of a designer breed, you can expect to pay up to $800. Although this might seem like a lot, remember breeders who sell them cheaper haven’t put a lot into raising them. That means more vet and training bills for you down the line! Jac1988…


Because these dogs could take on a number of traits from either parent, it’s hard to say exactly what they’ll look like. Most likely, they’ll be a medium-sized dog with a short coat and could come in a variety of colors, from golden to black. They’ll likely also have a slightly flat face.


These dogs will take on traits from both parents, which will hopefully make for a great dog!

You can expect your Bullador pup to be protective and affectionate with their family. To ensure this protection doesn’t go too far, socialize them well at a young age and ensure every interaction with strangers is a good one. While it’s good in many ways for a dog to be protective of the family, you don’t want them to hate strangers! Misspickle20…

They are loyal and intelligent, but can possess a stubborn streak. You should be prepared to have patience and only use positive reinforcement to train them so you don’t damage your bond with them. This means they can be a little difficult for first-time owners who may not be experienced with training dogs.

They are quite active, so a fenced-in backyard is a good idea. They can survive without one if they have daily walks and plenty of mental stimulation though!

Bullador Puppies – Veterinary Needs

Like any dog, Bullador puppies need some shots when they’re a baby to protect them against viruses like parvovirus, distemper, etc. This series usually starts when they’re eight weeks old, though your breeder may start a little sooner. It includes three or four rounds, and ends when they’re around sixteen to eighteen weeks. They’ll also get other vaccines at the end — most importantly, rabies, which is illegal in the USA for them not to have. Rosco…

After that, they’ll have to visit a vet once a year for a health check-up and boosters, and take flea and heartworm prevention medicine.

It’s hard to tell what health issues mixed breeds might inherit. The important thing to be aware of is the slightly flat face they might have, which can cause respiratory issues. They may have enough Lab in them to prevent this though.


Owners always have strong opinions about which is best: kibble vs. raw?

If you do choose to feed kibble, it can be healthy (contrary to popular belief) if you choose the right one. It’s also convenient for most people and less expensive than raw, which is a huge advantage! However, you should avoid grain-free food, as this has been linked to heart disease in dogs. Ask your vet for recommendations if you aren’t sure.

Raw is a great choice too but if you choose this, there are a few things to remember. Dogs need more than just meat because they’re omnivores — they need grains and other things! Subscription services can deliver premade meals right to your door. Rosco…


You should clean their ears and teeth often or you could end up with problems later!. Owners should also clip their nails every six to eight weeks, because otherwise, they can get painful. You can use clippers or a Dremel to file it down instead — whichever your preference is — but make sure to provide lots of tasty treats to make nailcare a good time.

This dog’s short coat means the grooming maintenance is very little overall, and a brush every few days to get the loose fur off should be plenty. Benny…

Bullador Puppies – Photos


Bullador Puppies


Bullador Puppies brown


Bullador Puppies brown


Bullador Puppies cute

Bullador Puppies black

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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