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Business #15 – Hartman & Rose

Author Happy Doggo
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Jul 16 ·
hartman & rose

Hartman & Rose manufactures and distributes a full line of luxury items for dogs. You’ll be able to coordinate collars and leashes for the ultimate fashion statement. Not only are their products practical, but they’re also stylish for your pooch.

Hartman & Rose products

This company offers a wide range of supplies and apparel for your doggo. This includes porcelain dog bowls that have stunning designs. They also have dog collars in various sizes, colors, and designs. Their collars are handcrafted in Canada using Italian leather, Swarvoski stones, and gold-plated hardware. Your pooch will certainly have people turning their heads when you go walking down the street! In addition, they have matching harnesses, leads, and retractable leashes.

Your doggo can also look stylish wearing one of their shearling dog coats. These coats are ultra warm and come in various sizes in just a couple of colors. In addition, it’s comfortable and water repellent, so not only will it keep your pooch warm in the cold weather, but it’ll also keep them dry in the snow and rain.

Their objective

Hartman & Rose strives to achieve commitment to excellence in both product, service, and management. They want nothing but the best for your furry friend. Therefore, their products are comfortable, practical, and stylish. Also, they want you to feel confident in buying these products for your four-legged friend. This is why they list to their customers and try to exceed their expectations. This company provides outstanding quality and great value.

You’ll be able to order their products online, and they’ll ship to Canada and anywhere in the continental USA. Once you buy one product from them, you’ll want to get the matching set so your pooch can look fashionable and feel good at the same time. Yet another brilliant and innovative dog business for you to choose from.

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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