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Business #16 – Wag Hotels

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Jul 19 ·
wag hotels

Wag Hotels provides the ultimate pet care that you can count on. They are open 365 days a year, with staff present 24/7. Your dog will never be alone, and they will be in good hands. You can bring your pooch to one of their many locations in Calfornia for a wide range of services. This company offers doggy daycare, overnight boarding, grooming services, and training classes.

Fun for your dog

At Wag Hotels, they know that every dog is different. This is why they will cater to the needs of your furry friend. Every dog gets individual care and one-on-one attention. This way, they get what they need, and they can feel comfortable and safe at the hotel. The facility is clean and sanitized regularly, and the place runs like a well-oiled machine.

Your pooch will have a fun time if they’re staying for daycare because they’ll be able to play with their other furry friends. The staff will put your pooch into a playgroup based on their energy levels, size, and age. In addition, if your dog stays overnight, they will be able to attend daycare during the day and have their own private suite to sleep in at the end of the day. Hypoallergenic beds are included, allowing your pup to feel like they’re right at home.

Wag Hotels gives you peace of mind

You’ll be able to leave your dog with the staff at this business worry-free. Your doggo will have a lot of fun getting to know the other dogs and humans. The groomers will spoil your pet with a spa day, bathe them, trim their hair, trim their nails, and give them as much pampering as possible. Your pooch will surely have a nice time and look forward to going to Wag Hotels.

Alternatively, you can go with your doggo to a training class. Whether your dog is a puppy or they need a refresher course, you two can bond together through an obedience class.

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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