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Chow Chow Puppies

Rachel Poli Author
Aug 17 ·

Have you ever seen what looks like a puffy lion? Then you’ve probably seen a Chow Chow walking down the street. There’s a lot to love about this pooch, but they may be better suited for experienced dog owners. Chow Chows are loyal but stubborn with an independent side. However, if you’re looking to bring home a new furry friend, then you can’t go wrong by considering Chow Chow puppies.

A brief overview about the Chow Chow

Chow Chows have a unique look about them. They’re the ones that look like a fluffy teddy bear or a cuddly lion. Underneath that fluff, they have a massive bone structure. This doggo has a flat head with a broad muzzle. This dog breed was bred to be hunting, herding, and guard dogs. Needless to say, they’re pretty strong. Rich3

This doggo is considered to be medium to large in size. Their fluff makes them look bigger than they seem. However, Chow Chows will typically grow to be about 17 to 20 inches tall and weigh between 40 and 70 pounds. Miniature Chow Chows do exist if a breeder breeds the runts of the litters or a dog has the dwarfism gene. Believe it or not, despite their size, they will do well in a house, condo, or apartment.

This dog breed can have two different coat types – rough or smooth. They are not hypoallergenic dogs, so you’ll need to brush them at least two to three times per week to keep the shedding at bay.

Chow Chows have a cat-like personality. They don’t like to be hugged and they tend to keep to themselves. While they are loyal and friendly with their family, they’ll be content to be in the same room as you and nothing more. They can, however, be prone to separation anxiety if you’re gone for too long. This pooch will make an excellent watchdog. However, they’re not aggressive.

 You can rest assured that Chow Chows are adaptable and they have low energy levels. A quick 15-minute walk each day will be enough for them. Due to their fluff, they can easily overheat in the warmer weather, so it’s best to always keep them cool. 

Where to find Chow Chow puppies

If you think the Chow Chow is the right dog for you and your family, then you can certainly consider getting Chow Chows puppies. First, try to look into your local animal shelter or looking into breed-specific rescues for Chow Chows. They may have puppies or they may not. Regardless, you can give a dog a great home.

Alternatively, you can look into Chow Chow breeders. A reputable breeder will know all about the breed and have a vast knowledge of the litter and their parents. They’ll be able to give you the family tree and health history of the puppies. In addition, a good breeder will want to meet you in person, get to know you, and allow you to meet the puppies and parents in person. Canilchow…

How much do Chow Chow puppies cost?

Regardless of where you get your Chow Chow puppy, you can expect an average cost of $900. They can cost anywhere between $800 and $1,200, though. For top breeders, you may be asked to pay up to $3,000. 

Preparing for your Chow Chow puppy

Once you have your puppy picked out, there are a few things to do to prepare for it. Before you get your puppy, you’ll want to do some more research and shopping. First, find a veterinarian who is accepting new patients. They’ll work with you to prepare for your puppy and you can also make a vet appointment right away for when you bring the dog home.

Then, you can head to your local pet store and pick up everything you need. Puppies need a lot of items such as a dog bed, crate, grooming supplies, cleaning supplies, poop bags, toys, teething toys, a leash, harness, collar, baby gates, and more.

Finally, before your dog comes home, be sure to puppy-proof everything. Ensure that your puppy won’t be able to chew on any wires or get at fragile objects they’re not supposed to. Also, set up one area of a single room that can be your puppy’s. Then, you’re ready to bring them home. Saoh…

Bringing home your new canine friend

Remember that corner of the room you set up for your pooch? Your puppy’s crate, bed, and toys are all in one spot. You can introduce that area to your doggo. This will create a comforting atmosphere for them and, since they’re in one room, they won’t get too overwhelmed with the new environment and scents.

Also, make sure you have a few days off. You can help the puppy get used to your home, your family, and any other pets in the house. In addition, the two of you can begin bonding and training as soon as possible.

How to train the puppy

Training a Chow Chow isn’t as easy as it may seem. They can be stubborn and independent, so they might want to do what they want. This is one of the reasons this dog breed is more suitable for experienced owners. This pooch needs someone that can be firm and stand their ground. You’ll have to show your Chow Chow puppy that you’re the boss. Positive reinforcement is key when it comes to training this breed.

Should you get a Chow Chow?

If you can handle the strong-willed personality of Chow Chow puppies and can be home enough that they don’t get separation anxiety, then a Chow Chow might be the right choice for you. These pups are a delight to have in any home. 

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Chow Chow Puppies – Photos


chow chow puppies

chow chow puppies


chow chow puppies


chow chow puppies

Rachel Poli Author
Rachel is a stay-at-home pet mom, caring for her dog, cat, turtle, tortoise, and fish. She's a content writer in various niches but most notably in the pet field, educating pet parents on the health and wellbeing of their furry friends. When she's not writing, she's reading, playing video games, or organizing something.
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