Staci is a writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. When not writing, she spends most of her time trying to keep up with her four rescue cats and Australian shepherd puppy.
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Corgi Puppies

Jul 2 ·
corgi puppy

So, you’ve decided you want a corgi puppy! Congratulations. Corgis are awesome dogs that make amazing life-long companions.

As with any dog breed, however, they do require a bit of research. Corgi puppies can be awesome dogs but it takes commitment and hard work to get them there, just like it does with any puppy!

Where To Get A Corgi Puppy

When it comes to where to actually get your puppy, don’t be tempted by the Craigslist ads selling a corgi pup for a few hundred dollars. While that’s cheaper than buying one from a responsible breeder, these puppies usually aren’t purebred or can come with a whole host of health problems, and those vet bills will add up to more than you would have paid for a happy, healthy puppy.

It’s also important not to support backyard breeders.

Instead, look for reputable breeders who health check their dogs, take good care of the puppies, and have a contract in place with the buyer to ensure the dog will not end up in a shelter or be falling under the care of a backyard breeder. You can look online for breeder websites by searching or joining Facebook groups.

The best way to ensure you’re getting a purebred corgi is to look for AKC registration for the parents.

Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely you’ll find a corgi puppy in a shelter. There are breed-specific rescues, however, but they tend to have high standards for adoption and often require previous experience with the breed.

The Cost

Puppies can range from as cheap as $400 to as expensive as $4000! Never go with the cheapest, however, as $400 doesn’t often even cover the cost of raising a corgi puppy for 8 weeks and doing all of the health checks and vaccinations. This means they’re skipping some steps.

The lineage is what mostly affects the cost so aside from avoiding cheap breeders, you can decide how important other things are to you.


Corgis are very long dogs, but not very tall. They have a sturdy build, pricked ears, and a long muzzle, and tend to weigh around 30 lb when fully grown.

They have all sorts of coat colors, usually a shade of brown with some white markings. Pembroke Welsh corgis also have docked tails in most places in the USA, though this is entirely optional to meet the breed standard and many people are now against this for dogs that will not be working. Cardigan Welsh corgis do not have docked tails.


Because of their small size, many people don’t realize that corgis are actually a herding breed. This means they’re athletic, with a lot of energy, and will need to have their exercise needs met. They need both physical and mental exercise, or they could become destructive.

Despite being lively, they’re also very affectionate and kind. They tend to be easy to train because of their intelligence, but first-time dog owners should still think their purchase through thoroughly. Herding breeds are no joke!


Your corgi’s diet is ultimately up to you. Some people choose to feed their dog raw, but if you do this, you should make sure it’s a recipe specifically formulated. It should be designed to meet all of the dog’s needs. Don’t try and cook one up yourself if you’re inexperienced.

There are also some great kibbles out there, but you should make sure it’s high quality and, if possible, specifically for small breed dogs. Purina Pro Plan Puppy Formula is very popular, as it has high nutritional content and will meet all of your dog’s needs.

Picking up the cheapest food tends to be a mistake, as your dog won’t get everything they need from it.

It’s important never to feed your dog grain-free food, as it has been linked to heart problems.

Corgi Puppy Veterinary Needs

Like all puppies, corgis need a series of shots to protect them from parvovirus, distemper, and other diseases. They also need a rabies shot at around sixteen weeks and there are other optional vaccinations.

Your puppy will either be given three or four sets of shots, depending on when they receive their first. They should receive shots every three weeks until they are around sixteen weeks old to fully protect them.

Your vet can also give you flea and tick prevention, and check their fecal matter to ensure they’re parasite-free.

Until your dog has all of its shots, you should be very cautious in public areas. Parvovirus can live on the ground for a long time and if there has been parvo in your area, it could be picked up by your unsuspecting puppy.

Once they’re through the puppy phase, other than being spayed/neutered and medical emergencies, they should need a check-up once every year. It’s important to stick to this, as they’ll receive booster vaccines that keep them protected against all of the diseases out there.


A corgi’s coat is the perfect length for them to feel comfortable in both summer and winter. There is no need to shave them. They do tend to shed though, so you should regularly brush them to get rid of all the hair.

You should also make sure their nails are cut on a regular basis. Failure to do so means overgrown nails which can be very painful for a dog.

So, if you’re aware of all this information, they might just be the breed for you. Make sure to do your research on the breeder to ensure you get a healthy and happy pup. You should also keep them up to date on vet visits to take care of them throughout their life. Be prepared to do some training every day to get their intelligent minds working!

Corgi Puppy Photos

As you can see these are seriously cute puppies. A delightful breed.

corgi puppy corgi puppy

corgi puppy

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Staci is a writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. When not writing, she spends most of her time trying to keep up with her four rescue cats and Australian shepherd puppy.
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