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Have you ever wondered what the cutest dog breed in the world is? Well thanks to a study from Money Beach the answer is no longer in doubt with the Dalmatian breed coming out on top of a list featuring 100 dog breeds.

Now like most readers the team here at Happy Doggo like all dogs equally so the list if going to cause some good healthy and heated debate. There is a good mixture of large and small dogs and something for every type of dog lover here.

Cutest Dog Breed 2021 Winners

The study uses a very famous technique…

We turned to an ancient algebraic equation called the ‘golden ratio’ as our methodology. The golden ratio is an equation that’s used as a way to better understand what makes some things more attractive. It’s been famously used by Michelangelo and Dali in their art and design, but in modern times George Clooney has been revealed as having a face that adheres closest to the golden ratio – making him scientifically the most handsome man in the world. So, it seemed the perfect choice for being able to rank the looks of our pets and pooches.

All you need to do now is see where your own dog breed features in the survey results. The study will get you thinking very seriously about getting another dog given how stunning they all look. There are some seriously cute breeds here that you will fall in love with.

Cutest Dog Breed

The top 20 cutest dog breeds are as follows…

Cutest Dog Breed

Let us know in the comments where your own dog breed features and if you agree with the study. You can check out more content about some of the dogs including Labradors and Rottweilers if you are thinking about getting another puppy.

The full study results and ranking can be found here.

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