Naming your furry friend is always a fun process. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. It can be hard to decide on a forever name or, sometimes, you’re fresh out of ideas. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration to name your new canine companion, then take a look at these dog names lists.

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Names by Breed

Some names seem to fit better with a specific breed of dog. For example, the name “Tiny” sounds like it would be better for a small dog. Or, you can name a large dog “Tiny” and be ironic. Regardless, here are some names that are perfect for certain dog breeds.

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Names by Countries

Maybe you want to pay homage to where you or your family is from. Or maybe your dog’s breed came from a certain area of the world, and you want to compliment where they’re from. Here are some dog names based on different parts of the world.

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General Names

It’s fun to give your dog a silly name. Or, you can give your pooch a name based on your favorite food, color, movie character, or anything in between. Have fun with it, so here are some general name lists for your doggo.