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The 50 Best Dog Trainers In America

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Aug 6 ·

Dog training isn’t just for your furry friend to learn basic commands such as “sit” and “stay.” Training also encourages good behavior, social skills, and physical and mental skills. In addition, you and your dog can form a strong bond through training. It’s not easy to do it alone though, that’s why we compiled a list of the best 50 dog trainers in America.

Whether you need private lessons with a certified instructor or you want to join a group training class with other dogs and owners, you and your dog will surely bond over learning some new tricks.

The 50 Best Dog Trainers In America

1. The Complete K9 – Homewood, Alabama

You can count on The Complete K9 to help you and your dog form a tighter bond through excellent training. This company will help your dog in training, athletics, nutrition, and overall wellness. For example, they provide obedience training, puppy classes, detection & scent work, and aggression & anxiety training. So not only will your pooch be well-behaved, but they’ll be healthy physically and mentally too.

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2. Alaska Dog Sports – Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska Dog Sports specializes in working together with dogs and their owners to create better communication and working partnerships. They provide positive, motivational, and practical training for canines and their owners. Competition sports are offered. For instance, they offer agility, obedience, rally, and nose work. Of course, if you want your pooch to behave better, they’ll help with that, too.

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3. Phoenix Dog Training – Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Dog Training is a great option because it’s all training within your home. This means you and your dog won’t need to go anywhere. In addition, the trainer will work with you so that you and your dog can have a better bond. Training offered varies from everything you need. For example, they provide potty training, crate training, jumping, barking, biting, leash obedience, door dashing, and so much more.

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4. Joint Forces K9 Group – Siloam Spring, Arkansas

Joint Forces K9 Group offers a wide range of training options from pet basics to advanced obedience. For example, they offer specific odor detection, personal protection training, service training, competition training, and so much more. They have kennel technicians, professional dog trainers, dog behavior specialists, and more. In addition, they provide boarding services.

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5. Dominant Dogs Training – Los Angeles, California

Dominant Dogs Training will help your doggo with whatever it needs. They specialize in training aggressive dogs, fearful or nervous dogs, and dogs with separation anxiety. All of this is done by forming a trusting and loving relationship with your pooch. In addition, the trainer is a body language specialist and will be able to communicate with your dog on another level and teach them manners, all the while showing them it’s safe.

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6. House of Dog Training – Colorado Springs, Colorado

No matter what you need for your dog, you can be sure to bring them to House of Dog Training. They provide many services, such as basic obedience classes, puppy services, or classes for reactive dogs who are fearful or shy. Private lessons are also offered for you and your doggo to do together. In addition, they have a behavior center, boarding, and daycare services.

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7. Bark Busters Home Dog Training – Milford, New Haven, Connecticut

No matter what your dog needs, Bark Busters Home Dog Training will help you with any dog breed at any age. They offer a wide range of training options such as in-home training, puppy management, puppy training, and a dog safety program. In addition, the trainers will be able to help you and your dog with jumping, excessive barking, housebreaking, separation anxiety, leash pulling, and so much more.

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8. Off Leash K9 Training – New Castle, Delaware

At Off Leash K9 Training, the trainers specialize in private lessons, dog behavior consultations, and teaching dog owners to understand their pups and form a better bond and relationship with them. No matter the breed, age, or size of your dog, they will help. As a result, your dog will be obedient, off-leash, and distraction-free by the time the training is done.

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9. Penn’s Canine Training – Orlando, Florida

At Penn’s Canine Training, they offer in-home training for you and your dog. This way, you won’t need to send your pooch anywhere and possibly stress them out. They offer a few programs such as problem-solving, obedience, family protection dogs, therapy dogs, and service dogs. Their trainers are highly trained and experienced in what they do.

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10. Superior Dog Training – Atlanta, Georgia

Whether you choose to do private in-home lessons or would like to join a group class, you can count on Superior Dog Training. The trainers approach training naturally without treat bribery or harsh collars. Instead, they use consistent, positive energy to work with your dog. No matter the age of your dog, these trainers will help.

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11. Island Dog Obedience – Honolulu, Hawaii

Island Dog Obedience offers training that is convenient for you and your dog. For example, they will provide in-home services if you have a certain issue with your dog or what’s best for your dog. They will come up with a personal plan for you and your doggo. In addition, they have a board and train program where your dog stays with them for two to four weeks while training.

12. Save The Mailmen In Home Dog Training – Eagle, Idaho

At Save the Mailmen In-Home Dog Training, they provide easy training services from the comfort of your own home. They will work with any dogs, no matter their age, breed, or size. Their professional and friendly trainers will work with you in training your pooch so you and your dog can form a better bond together.

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13. Suburban K9 Dog Training – Chicago, Illinois

At Suburban K9 Dog Training, they offer in-home private training classes. This allows you and your dog to learn together and form a closer connection with each other in the comfort of your own home. In addition, the trainers will cater the training class to you and your dog. Also, they provide a board and train boot camp where your dog will work one-on-one with an expert trainer.

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14. Purpose Driven K9 Dog Training – Indianapolis, Indiana

Purpose Driven K9 Dog Training will provide you with the best training catered to you and your dog. If your pooch is over four months old, they’ll evaluation your dog so that they can work out what sort of training your dog needs. Then, they’ll work with you through the training process. They also have puppy classes for puppies eight to twenty weeks old. Your dog will learn obedience training and basic manners.

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15. Kai’s Dog Training Academy – Ankeny, Iowa

Kai’s Dog Training Academy offers a wide range of services for you and your dog. For example, they have puppy imprinting to competition training. In addition, this academy offers group classes. This will allow you and your dog to learn in a group setting, and your dog can be well-socialized with other people and dogs at the same time.

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16. KC Dawgz Dog Training Academy – Overland Park, Kansas

At KC Dawgz Dog Training Academy, they offer a wide range of ways your dog can learn. Together, you and your pooch can attend group obedience classes. You can learn together and socialize with other dogs and humans. Or you can do private lessons where you and your dog get one-on-one attention from one of their expert trainers. Finally, they offer a board and train program where your dog will stay with them for a couple of weeks to receive ultimate training.

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17. Stonnie Dennis – Winchester, Kentucky

No matter your dog’s age, breed, or size, you can count on Stonnie Dennis to help with the training process. Their facility was designed to build mental and physical resilience. So, it offers the widest possible range of puppy socialization, outdoor activities, and green space. As a result, your doggo will be in good hands, and they’ll be well-behaved to boot.

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18. Sit Happens Dog Training – Lafayette, Louisiana

At Sit Happens Dog Training, they’re confident that they will train your dog obedience skills, teach them social skills, and build confidence. This is all done through private classes for you, your dog, and one of their professional trainers. Or, you can join a group class and socialize your dog with other dogs. Finally, they offer board and training, so your dog will stay with them for a little while.

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19. Mr. Dog Training – West Bath, Maine

At Mr. Dog Training, they want your dog to reach their full potential. This is why they have a 2,000 square foot training facility with rubber flooring that’s fully equipped with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind. In addition, they use positive training techniques so that your pooch is set up success and they learn up to their full potential.

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20. Pawz For Health – Silver Spring, Maryland

You know your dog will be in good hands at Pawz For Health. All of their trainers are certified and avid dog lovers. Their programs are designed for you and your dog to build a better relationship with one another. So whether your dog needs to learn some more manners or your puppy needs basic training, you can come here for help.

21. Pack of Paws – Charlton, Massachusetts

Pack of Paws offers everything you need. They provide online and remote learning, in-person classes and lessons, day camp with training, boarding with training, and so much more. All the trainers are certified, professional, and friendly. Your dog will learn basic manners, obedience, agility, fear & aggression, sports, and anything else you need.

22. Einstein Dog Training – Howell, Michigan

Einstein Dog Training has you and your dog in mind. They offer private training classes and group classes for whatever your dog needs. For example, they offer puppy training, aggression training and even provide boarding and training. The trainers are avid animal lovers and are all certified and experienced in what they do.

23. Neuman K-9 Academy – Hugo, Minnesota

At Neuman K-9 Academy, your dog will be working hard, but they’ll have fun at the same time. This facility has training every day in a home-like atmosphere with outdoor play areas and indoor training areas with multiple trainers on duty. All of this is done through a boot camp where your dog will stay with them for a couple of weeks. They have video cameras so that you can check in when you want.

24. Alpha Canine Training Center – Jackson, Mississippi

Alpha Canine Training Center is licensed and insured with certified and friendly trainers. So, you know your dog will be in good hands. They offer dog training and puppy obedience through a board and train program. Your pooch will stay with them for a couple of weeks and come home a well-mannered pooch.

25. Pap-Paws Dog Training – Marshfield, Missouri

Pap-Paws Dog Training believes that dogs crave guidance. When they’re well-behaved, you’re happy, thus making them happy. They offer many services, including private lessons where you and your dog can have one-on-one attention from a professional trainer. They also have group classes where your dog can socialize with other humans and dogs.

26. Run Your Pack Dog Training – Missoula, Montana

At Run Your Pack Dog Training, they aim to take your pack to the next level. Their professional and certified trainers will work with your dogs for all kinds of training. For example, they offer nose work, shed hunting, protection, and tracking. The best part is that they have a temperature-controlled kennel and a fenced-in yard for the dogs to romp and play off-leash.

27. Nebraska Dog Trainers – La Vista, Nebraska

Nebraska Dog Trainers will not only train your dog, but they’ll work with you as a dog owner as well. They aim to help you and your doggo form a special bond with one another through positive energy and communication. All of the trainers are certified and experienced. They’ll accept dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes.

28. The Dog Training Center – Las Vegas, Nevada

No matter what you need, The Dog Training Center will do it. They will work with your pooch for obedience training, service dog training, and protection dog training. In addition, private classes are offered for one-on-one attention with you and your furry friend. Also, they have board and training programs where your dog will stay with them for a couple of weeks.

29. Fortunate K9 Dog and Owner Training – Derry, New Hampshire

The trainers and Fortunate K9 Dog and Owner Training are experienced, compassionate, and effective. Whether you opt-in for private lessons or group classes, you and your doggo will surely learn a lot. Plus, your dog will get to socialize with other dogs. They also offer a boarding school for your dog.

30. Bark Busters – Northern New Jersey

Bark Busters has certified dog behavioral therapists and master dog trainers. All of their trainers are friendly and professional. They will help train your dog in common behavior areas, such as barking, destructive behaviors, pulling on the leash, OCD, separation anxiety, aggression, and potty training.

31. Sit Means Sit Dog Training – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sit Means Sit Dog Training strives to build a long-lasting relationship between you and your dog. Board and training programs are offered, but they also provide in-home services. Whether you have an adult dog or a puppy, they will cater to whatever you need. Your pooch will be in good hands with them.

32. Instinct Dog Behavior & Training – New York, New York

Whether you want to board your dog and allow the professionals to train your pooch, or you drop them off for the day to be trained, you can count on Instinct Dog Behavior & Training. They’ll care for your dog as their own, all the while teaching them the basics and more. In addition, they offer private lessons so you can learn alongside them.

33. Highland Canine Training – Harmony, North Carolina

Highland Canine Training provides effective and reliable dog training solutions. They provide police dog training, service dog training, and more. Your pooch will be in good hands with their professional and certified trainers. In addition, they’re also a school for humans who want to become dog trainers.

34. Ivy League Dog Training – Walcott, North Dakota

Ivy League Dog Training will help teach your pooch all they need to know. This facility has you covered from basic training and boarding to family dog training and hunting dog training. In addition, they have a boot camp for adult dogs and puppies or classes for you and your dog together. The trainers only use positive motivation to teach the dogs.

35. The K9 Guy – Columbus, Ohio

The K9 Guy offers in-home dog training, behavior modification, and professional canine services. It’s all within the comfort of your own home so that you and your dog can feel comfortable and not have to stress about going anywhere unfamiliar. In addition, they will provide you and your dog with better communication and a longer-lasting relationship.

36. Tip Top K9 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tip Top K9 will provide you with all the training you and your dog needs. For example, they offer dog training, puppy training, aggressive dog training, potty training, and group classes. Group classes are especially good so that your pooch can socialize with other dogs and people. The trainers here are friendly and professional at what they do.

37. Bark Busters Home Dog Training – Portland, Oregon

Bark Busters Home Dog Training will provide you and your dog with all the training you need and want. The best part is that they will come to your home so that it’s less stressful and more comfortable for your pooch. A wide range of training classes is offered for all dogs, regardless of breed, age, or size.

38. Cold Creek Dog Training – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Cold Creek Dog Training will teach your dog all they need to know. Your pooch will obey distraction-free and not because they know you have a treat in your hand. They provide board and training services to teach your dog, and then you will learn all they know afterward. Or, you can have private classes where you and your dog learn alongside one another.

39. Crossbones Dog Academy – Providence, Rhode Island

Crossbones Dog Academy provides positive, effective dog training. They have flexible classes in a group so your dog can socialize with other dogs. Also, there are weekday programs for puppies and private lessons. You and your dog can work with a certified trainer one-on-one and get training catered to you.

40. Dog Psychology and Training Center – Greenville,  South Carolina

Dog Psychology and Training Center prides itself on being dog training for the modern family. They work with families to help train their dogs to be on their best behavior at home, at the park, and on vacation. They restore calm for the family and will work privately with each dog. Each training plan is catered to you, your dog, and your family as a whole.

41. Midwest Dog Training – Sioux City, South Dakota

At Midwest Dog Training, the trainers are certified, professional, and experienced in what they do. In addition, they provide board and train services. Your dog will stay with them for three or six weeks at a time and will be trained by them. Then, they will teach you the commands, and your pooch will listen to you.

42. Nashville K-9 – Franklin, Tennessee

Nashville K-9 takes their time with training so that you can have satisfying results. All of their trainers have worked with dogs with varied backgrounds. So, if your doggo is shy, nervous, or aggressive, you can be sure that they’ll be in good hands with these trainers. In addition, they have flexible classes on-site or through remote learning.

43. DFW K9 Trainer – Dallas, Texas

DFW K9 Trainer specializes in unwanted behavior from dogs. For example, they will help train your dog from jumping, barking, pulling, or being stubborn, aggressive, anxious, and everything in between. The trainers are certified and experienced in what they do, so you know your dog will be in good hands.

44. Live Oak Dog Obedience – Bluffdale, Utah

Live Oak Dog Obedience makes dog behavior simple. They offer Private and Group dog training classes, all levels of obedience, Agility, Nosework, Rally all year round. The classes are typically small so that the trainer can give each dog owner and furry friend their own individualized attention. In addition, the trainers are avid dog lovers and Behavior Specialists with 45 years experience.

45. Dogs Rock! – Essex Junction, Vermont

Dogs Rock! wants you to have a good relationship with your pup. This means they aim to teach your dog all they need to know to be calm and respectful. The certified trainers provide training classes ranging from the basics to advanced commands. They also accept dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes.

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46. Breakthrough K9 Training – Mechanicsville, Virginia

Breakthrough K9 Training provides reactive dog training, puppy training, and puppy manner, classes. However, they specialize in dog behavioral issues, such as aggression, anxiety, and fear. Their training methods are positive. You’ll be able to learn alongside your dog, or you can let the trainers handle it.

47. Ahimsa Dog Training – Seattle, Washington

Ahimsa Dog Training provides all the different types of classes you need. They have a free orientation to ensure that they’re the right fit for you and your dog. They also have puppy classes, adult classes, and growly classes. In addition, you can have a private lesson so that you and your doggo can have one-on-one time with an experienced trainer.

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48. Sterling Canine Academy – Scott Depot, West Virginia

At Sterling Canine Academy, they strive to enhance the human-dog bond. They want your dog to be well-behaved at home and so that you guys can have a long-lasting relationship with one another. A wide range of classes is offered, such as puppy obedience, beginner obedience, advanced, rally, nose work, and so much more.

49. In Touch Dog Training – Black Creek, Wisconsin

In Touch Dog Training aims to help you with your goals with your dog. They want your pooch to be happy, positive, and silly, but they also want them to obey when needed. Whether you opt-in for private lessons or board and training programs, your pooch will surely be well-behaved and listen to you.

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50. DogSquared Training – Cheyenne, Wyoming

DogSquared Training uses positive reinforcement to help train your dog. They will help teach your dog or puppy basic manners and commands so that they obey when needed. You can learn alongside your dog in private classes, or you can join a group class. This will also allow your dog to socialize with others.

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