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All owners will be worried about food dogs can’t eat given how precious our pets are to us. Given how much time many dogs spend begging, scavenging and generally hustling for food it is important to know what should be avoided.

The list of foods they can’t eat is far longer than below but these 5 foods are absolutely essential to avoid.

Food Dogs Can’t Eat

While your best friend should stick to regular dog food there are going to be occasions when that doesn’t happen. Scraps are going to fall off the table and sometimes you’ll give into the begging. The best advice is to be super careful with everything your dog eats and pay special attention to these 5 foods.

1. Avocado

The danger here is a substance called persin which you will find in the skin and the stone. The flesh itself is less dangerous but it is best to avoid at all costs.

Food Dogs Can't Eat

2. Grapes

Grapes and raisins (dried grapes) are one of the most dangerous food items for dogs to consume. At worst they can lead to severe complications in the kidneys and serious medical episodes.

3. Onions

Even a small amount of onions can cause gastro irritation. The worst case scenario is a larger amount which can result in red blood cells bursting.

Food Dogs Can't Eat

4. Caffeine (Coffee And Tea)

Dogs are highly affected by caffeine. Anything from a small sip of tea or coffee or accidentally ingesting diet pills can be extremely dangerous. In small dogs it can be fatal in relatively small amounts so keep all caffeine well away from your dog.

Food Dogs Can't Eat

5. Nuts

While not all nuts are dangerous for dogs it is better to practice caution and avoid them. Some are a danger for choking, some are high in fats which lead to complications and some like Macadamia which are outright toxic for dogs.

More Food Dogs Can’t Eat

Here are 11 more foods that your dog should never eat…

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