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French Bulldog Puppies – The 50 Best Breeders In America

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Sep 24 ·

If you are looking for the best French Bulldog puppies in America then look no further as we have picked the 50 best breeders in the country. This cute and playful breed is now the 2nd most popular in America (after the Labrador) as people are now obsessed with “Frenchies”.

It is important to find a good ethical breeder and these really are the best of the best. You can see the criteria we use here to pick the award winners on this list. One thing that they all have more than anything is lots of happy and satisfied customers.

So if you are looking for French Bulldog puppies these wonderful breeders are the best place to start…

The Best French Bulldog Puppies

1. Tato’s Frenchies – West Palm Beach, Florida

Looking for a Frenchie in Florida? Tato’s Frenchies in West Palm Beach has you covered. They’ve traveled around the world to find the best Frenchies for their program, so no need to worry about quality. All of their dogs are AKC-registered and this breeder treats their pets like family. That means taking home a healthy, happy dog who is ready to be your new best friend. They also offer twenty-four-hour support for the whole lifespan of the dog. You’ll have someone in your corner forever.

2. NW Frenchies – Ridgefield, Washington

NW Frenchies in Ridgefield has AKC dogs available for adoption and stud service, if that’s what you need. They strive for rare coat colors, the typically small size of the Frenchie, and awesome personalities! That means you can take home a fun-loving and affectionate companion. They will even hand deliver puppies anywhere in the USA, so no need to worry about them being close to you. Simply gorgeous French Bulldog puppies.

3. French Bulldogs INC – Jacksonville, Florida

Another great breeder in Florida is French Bulldogs INC. These puppies come up to date on shots with a health guarantee, so no need to worry about any nasty surprises. There’s no inbreeding in these lines, and the puppies are never caged up. Instead, they live in playpens, and these puppies get great socialization from the day they’re born. Best of all, this breeder will be there for you for the dog’s whole life, whether you need training or medical advice. They care about their pups, and want to stay in touch.

4. Bulldogs4ever – Port St Lucie, Florida

Florida knocks it out of the park with great Frenchie breeders. Bulldogs4ever has AKC-registered Frenchies of European bloodlines. These dogs are smart, affectionate, and healthy, and they specialize in rare coat colors. That means you can come here for that blue merle Frenchie you’ve always dreamed of. All puppies are checked by a licensed veterinarian before their new family takes them home to ensure they’re in great health.

5. Ethical Frenchie – New York, New York

Ethical Frenchie prides itself on just that — ethical breeding. They take the utmost care of their dogs from the moment they’re born to ensure they turn out happy and healthy. They also keep their website updated to make sure there’s plenty of education and resources for new owners to look at. That way, you can be well-equipped to take proper care of your new puppy.

6. Umpqua Valley Kennels – Drain, Oregon

Umpqua Valley Kennels strives to provide the best Frenchies around. They’re socialized and loved in early life to ensure they turn out to be happy and stable. This breeder puts a huge emphasis on nutrition to keep them healthy, so can advise you on the best diet for your Frenchie. They’re happy to provide references of past puppy owners and a veterinary reference so you can talk to people who will assure you of their credibility and passion.

7. Wild Blue French Bulldogs – Denison, Texas

Wild Blue French Bulldogs in Denison is a small home-based breeder in Texas. They have a variety of colors, and all of their Frenchies are purebred and registered with the AKC, so you can be sure of that. Their pets are their family, and the pups are raised underfoot. That means they’re quickly exposed to various household activities and are used to the goings-on. No need to worry that your pup won’t be used to everything going on around your house.

French Bulldog Puppies

8. Majestic Blue French Bulldog – Queen Creek, Arizona

Majestic Blue French Bulldog in Arizona raises both standard and exotic colors of Frenchies. They can hand deliver puppies with their nanny all over the USA, and even all over the world! So don’t let the distance stop you. This breeder has been breeding dogs for twenty-three years, so there’s no shortage of experience. The dogs get the best start in life on a five-acre horse property, and are socialized with children. That makes them the perfect addition to any family. French Bulldog puppies don’t come much cuter than this.

9. Fairytale Frenchies – New York City, New York

Fairytale Frenchies in New York City only has around three or four litters every year, sometimes less. That’s how you can be sure they are focused on quality over quantity of puppies. They are AKC-registered, socialized, and healthy — and, best of all, they’re potty-trained before they even go home! The breeder raises these dogs inside of the home with all of the love and affection they could possibly want.

10. Over the Mhoon Bullies – Hope, Arkansas

Over the Mhoon Bullies raises both English and French Bulldogs. Their mission is to raise well-developed, sociable, and healthy dogs who will thrive in the world. You can consider yourself part of their extended family when adopting a puppy from them. They are always doing new research and learning, and stay up to date with the latest dog information. They adapt and grow with the times, as one should when taking care of dogs. New research is always out there. Beautiful French Bulldog puppies.

11. Silverblood Frenchies – Tampa, Florida

Silverblood Frenchies in Tampa sells AKC-registered quality Frenchies. They have worked as a quality and reputable breeder for twelve years, and have a testimonial page on the website to show for it. They have both the standard colors of Frenchies and more unusual colors so whatever you’re looking for, they can provide.

12. French Bulldog Puppies – Anaheim, California

French Bulldog Puppies is a breeder in Anaheim, California, that is ready to pair you with your new best friend. All of the family are involved in raising Frenchies, so they get socialization with a wide variety of people. Their parents are champions all over the world, so you can be sure they come from great bloodlines. This breeder takes excellent care of their dogs, and makes sure they’re happy and healthy when it’s time for them to go home with you.

13. Exotic French Bulldogs – South California

Exotic French Bulldogs in South California breeds absolutely exquisite puppies. They are a small hobby/show breeder, not a large operation, so they can give each pup the attention they deserve. All of the puppies are raised in the home, not in kennels. That means plenty of socialization and love! All of the litters are planned years in advance, and select families carefully. They truly care about their puppies for life.

14. Tankrtots English and French Bulldogs – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Tankrtots English and French Bulldogs offers some of the highest quality Frenchies you’ll find anywhere. They consider you family for life if you adopt one of their dogs, and will always be there for you. They also have a blog where they can advise you on the best ways to raise your dog. These dogs go home happy, healthy, and socialized, ready to grow up into great adults.

15. Westchester French Bulldog – Cortlandt, New York

Westchester French Bulldog is a hobby breeder with a small program. They strive to better the breed, and work hard to make sure their pups are doing just that. These happy, healthy, socialized Frenchies are brought up in a loving environment after the breeder chooses their parents carefully. That means the dog is set up for success in later life, and you get a top-quality Frenchie.

16. Medina’s French Bulldogs – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Medina’s French Bulldogs is a breeder of Frenchies in Illinois. This stay-at-home mom has plenty of time to devote to her Frenchies, and kids to socialize them with. That means you can be sure of happy, healthy, well-adjusted puppies. They also have resources on their website to ensure everyone knows how to optimize their Frenchie’s life.

17. Cowtown Frenchies – Fort Worth, Texas

Cowtown Frenchies in Fort Worth is owned by a veterinary technician. That means you can be very sure they’re taking the best case of their puppies! Since many people breed unhealthy Frenchies, this can be a huge draw for those who want a healthy, happy puppy. This breeder truly cares about their dogs and strives to do the best by them. If you’re looking for a Frenchie in Texas, you can’t go wrong.

18. Jelsi’s Puppies – Forest City, Iowa

Jesi’s Puppies has been raising puppies for almost three decades. If you want a breeder who has a lot of experience, you don’t need to look any further. They raise their puppies in the home to make sure they get optimal love and care. Many adopters have come back to the breeder for another dog later, so that’s how you know their Frenchies are good ones! They welcome you to ask all of the questions you can think of, as they know this is a very important decision.

19. Gaugers Little Bullies – Potter, Kansas

Gaugers Little Bullies in Potter, Kansas, prioritizes the health and wellbeing of every single puppy they bring into the world. The business is family-owned, and they will treat you like an extended part of that. If you want a happy Frenchie from someone you can truly trust, look no further. These great people will provide you with your new best friend. Simply gorgeous French Bulldog p.uppies

20. Stacked Bullies – Lowell, Maine

Stacked Bullies is ready to provide you with the best dog. These dogs are brought up inside of the home. That means they grow up around people, with the best love and socialization possible. There’s no shortage of care or nurture with these dogs. They go home happy and healthy, and every pup goes home with a health guarantee so you can be completely sure of that.

21. Amanda’s Frenchies – Dublin, Ohio

This is a family breeder who will give your dog endless love and attention until they’re ready to join your family. They can hand-deliver their purebred puppies throughout the USA, and are a registered breeder with the AKC. They work hard to have structurally sound dogs with great health and temperaments as well as being beautiful.

22. Campbell Castillo French Bulldog –  Beltsville, Maryland

Campbell Castillo French Bulldog in Beltsville, Maryland has plenty of testimonials on their page so you can look through and be sure you’re picking the best breeder. They’re committed to providing healthy and happy dogs, and they do this by socializing them adequately before they go home. Many customers speak of how great their pups have grown up to become, which is a testament to that good early start in life.

23. Beantown Frenchies – Andover, Massachusetts

Beantown Frenchies in Andover doesn’t just sell puppies, they provide experiences. They want you to have the most exciting and happy experience from the moment you put down a deposit, all through your dog’s life. They’ll keep you updated constantly about your puppy, even sending ultrasound and x-rays before the litter is born. You’ll get live videos, FaceTimes, and pictures afterwards, so you can be part of your puppy’s life from the moment they enter the world.

24. Joyful Noise French Bulldogs – Tennessee

Joyful Noise French Bulldogs breeds quality AKC Frenchies. They pride themselves on having rare colors of Frenchies, so if you’re looking for a more unusual dog, you can check them out. The color, however, is just the icing on the cake. These are structurally sound dogs who are raised to be both healthy and happy, and will make a great companion.

25. Broad River Frenchies – Athens, Georgia

Down in George, Broad River Frenchies raises some great pups. Located on a five-acre farm, they first and foremost breed healthy and happy dogs. That’s what should be important to any breeder. They spare no expense when making sure their dogs get the best food possible and live a quality life. They can provide veterinary referrals, and make sure pups go to new owners who understand how to take care of them. This breeder even provides a care package!

French Bulldog Puppies

26. Bullish Pride – Fenton, Michigan

Bullish Pride in Fenton is a small hobby breeder that raises their dogs out of love and enjoyment. They’re not just in this for the money. They breed dogs that conform to the AKC standard as well as some more unusual colors for those who want exotic Frenchies. This breeder knows that the most important factor is health, so their puppies come fully checked and their parents are clear by DNA of any issues.

French Bulldog Puppies

27. Dream Valley Frenchies – Austin, Texas

Over in Austin, Dream Valley Frenchies is another great breeder. They started as a mother-daughter operation and have expanded. Their range of colors is huge, and they selectively breed for health and temperament too. When getting a Frenchie, it’s important that they’re not only adorable, but happy and healthy. Dream Valley Frenchies knows this well, and can balance all three to produce some truly great dogs.

French Bulldog Puppies

28. Frenchies 2 Luv – Poydras, Louisiana

Frenchies 2 Lub is a great breeder in Poydras. They pride themselves on breeding for only the AKC standard colors, and stick to what the registry dictates. These show-quality beautiful Frenchies are truly to die for. This breeder has over twenty-five years in the pet care industry, so they have a wealth of dog knowledge behind them. All puppies come vaccinated and vet-checked to make sure you’re getting the best dog possible.

French Bulldog Puppies

30. Royal Empire French Bulldogs – Jurupa Valley, California

Royal Empire French Bulldogs in Jurapa Valley breeds AKC-registered Frenchies so you can be sure they’re legitimate. Every dog they raise is part of their family too. That’s how you can be sure they’re raised indoors and this breeder is taking the best care of their pups. They believe healthy dogs should be able to breathe well, so they strive to limit the problems many Frenchies have. Some of the best French Bulldog puppies in America.

French Bulldog Puppies

31. Brick House Bulldogs – Winchester, Virginia

Brick House Bulldogs in Winchester raises with health as their number one priority. This focus on health is great, as it means they prioritize these puppies having a long and healthy life. Not only that, but they breed for a great temperament and moderate energy level. All of these traits combined make for the perfect dog! They mostly sell to pet homes but are willing to consider breeding rights.

French Bulldog Puppies

32. Huskerland Bulldogs – Center, Nebraska

Huskerland Bulldogs in Center, Nebraska raises both English and French AKC-registered Bulldogs. This breeder’s dogs aren’t just her job, but her life. She puts as much passion and care into raising her pups as any owner would. Unlike a lot of breeders, she also encourages interested parties to come and visit. This ensures you can get to know your puppy and their environment in person, which provides additional reassurance.

French Bulldog Puppies

33. More Wrinkles – Las Vegas, Nevada

More Wrinles in Las Vegas once rescued an English Bulldog called Bugsy, and fell in love with English Bulldogs and Frenchies alike. They strive to provide healthy and happy puppies for any owner who could possibly want one. They can hand deliver your socialized and healthy baby to any major international airport, which is a plus!

French Bulldog Puppies

34. Rockybound French Bulldogs – New Hampshire

Rockybound French Bulldogs in New Hampshire breeds a huge variety of Frenchies and coat colors. They strive to conform to the breed standard, but also have some unusual coats, such as lilac! All dogs are not only AKC-registered, but DNA tested for genetic diseases. That way, you can be sure you’re taking home a pup that’s ready to live to its full potential.

French Bulldog Puppies

35. Monson French Bulldogs –  Fort Collins, Wyoming

Last but not least, Monson French Bulldogs is a great breeder in Wyoming. They are a small in-home breeder who raises the dogs amongst children and other animals. With your pup being exposed to a wide variety of people and animals in early life, they’re sure to be well-mannered and well-adjusted. They have Frenchies available as both pet and show quality so regardless of what you’re looking for, you can find it here.

French Bulldog Puppies ears

36. Romanis Legacy – New Brunswick, New Jersey

Romanis Legacy is not a big breeder, but a small and caring family. That means they can give each puppy the attention and love they deserve, setting them up for a great start in life. They have a variety of colors and know how much joy their own bulldogs bring them. That’s why they want to provide the world with more puppies that can do the same for other families! You can also set up a meet and greet once the puppies are six weeks of age to be sure of your decision.

French Bulldog Puppies breeders

37. Pudgy Bulls – Paden City, West Virginia

Pudgy Bulls breeds some truly unique-looking dogs. Their website has a variety of resources to help you pay for and care for your new family member, so you can read all about them over there. All dogs live in their home and live in harmony, so they are well-mannered and sweet by the time they go home with you. If you want an unusual dog that has the best personality, you can’t go wrong.

French Bulldog Puppies

38. For The Love Of Frenchies – Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

For the Love of Frenchies not only has a great name, but they’re a great breeder too. They claim that Frenchies are the “potato chip” dog — once you have one, you’ll end up going back for another because you won’t be able to help yourself! Repeat customers is also a great sign that these puppies turn out to be sweet and well-mannered adult dogs.

French Bulldog Puppies brown

39. Bullington Frenchies – Dickinson, North Dakota

Bullington Frenchies in North Dakota is a small breeder who was unfortunately diagnosed with an illness and needed to do something they were passionate about. They loved Frenchies, and decided that breeding them was the way to go. They know you can find cheaper Frenchies, but their breeding program conforms to the breed standard and ensures you’ll be getting a healthy, purebred pup, which those cheaper breeders won’t be able to provide.

French Bulldog Puppies white

40. Shady Grove French Bulldogs – Charm, Ohio

Shady Grove French Bulldogs in Charm, Ohio, has been connecting families with their new forever friend since 2004. They’ve been in the game a long time, and have the great dogs to prove it. They can offer delivery options and also welcome you to go and visit your new puppy before you pick them up. That means you can truly connect with your dog, and a lot of breeders don’t offer this.

French Bulldog Puppies

41. Jessicah’s Frenchie’s  – Howell, Michigan

Jessicah’s Frenchies in Howell, Michigan, is a small breeder that doesn’t produce many litters. This is actually a great thing, as you can tell they’re valuing quality over quantity. As you can see on their website, they send a lot home with their puppies! This includes AKC registration, a blanket with mom’s scent to help them settle in, a microchip, and various food, collar, and toy items to keep your dog happy in those first few days. French Bulldog puppies don’t come more cute than this.

French Bulldog Puppies cute

42. Bullworth French Bulldogs – Colbert, Oklahoma

Bullworth French Bulldogs is a breeder in Colbert with top bloodlines. That means if you want a good quality Frenchie in Oklahoma, you don’t need to look further than them! They work hard and put a lot of effort into their puppies to ensure they come out conforming to breed standard as well as, most importantly, being happy and healthy. They also offer stud services.

43. Double Storm Kennel – Greer, South Carolina

Double Storm Kennel in Greer, South Carolina, makes sure that their Frenchies have age-appropriate shots before coming to you. You can view the French Bulldogs on their site and contact them to see if any puppies are available! Feel free to ask all of the questions you need to before taking your pup home. Their contract is available to view on the site.

French Bulldog Puppies

44. East Bay Area Frenchies – Hayward, California

East Bay Area Frenchies has puppies that go very fast, so contact them quickly if you’re interested! It’s a testament to the fact that they breed happy, healthy pups who are very loved in their forever homes. You can follow them on their social media for updates and ask all of the questions you need to before taking your new best friend home.

French Bulldog Puppies

45. Blue Buddha Frenchies – Tennessee

Blue Buddha Frenchies in Tennessee prides itself on giving you the best experience possible. From the moment you decide you want one of their puppies until taking them home, they’ll keep you up to date. They know it’s a huge decision to take home a new dog, and want to reassure you that you’ve made the right choice by going with them. Their puppies are healthy, socialized, and — perhaps most importantly — happy! You won’t regret your choice.

46. French Bulldog Texas – Houston, Texas

If you’re looking for a Frenchie in Houston, you have one of the best Frenchie breeders right nearby. They’ve been producing Frenchies with beautiful breed conformation since 2001, so their two decades of experience proves they know what they’re doing. They have a wide variety of colors and patterns, and will find the best Frenchie for you!

French Bulldog Puppies

47. Mythic Bulldogs – New Jersey

Up in New Jersey, there’s Mythic Bulldogs. With almost twenty years of experience in breeding Frenchies, you can be sure they know what they’re doing when it comes to these great dogs. Their dogs are raised at home and socialized with other dogs and kids, so you can be sure you’re getting a dog who does well with other people and creatures. They come with a one year health warranty, so you can be sure you aren’t going to end up with a huge veterinary bill right away from something the breeder could have prevented.

48. French Bull Kisses – Dallas, Texas

French Bull Kisses is another great breeder in Texas, this time over in Dallas. All puppies are registered and they can help get the puppy to you. They even offer financing! Beyond that, this variety of Frenchies come with a one-year health guarantee to ensure your dog is going to live a long and healthy life. Puppies are loved and socialized to make sure they’ll adapt well to their new family.

French Bulldog Puppies

49. North Idaho Frenchies – Dalton Greens, Idaho

North Idaho Frenchies in Dalton Greens is an AKC show breeder that provides truly amazing dogs. All of this breeder’s Frenchies are raised in the home, so you can be assured they have the best love, nurture, and affection. You can fly in and get your puppy, since they’re very close to Spokane airport. They mostly place their dog’s in pet homes, but will consider show and breeding homes, so it’s worth contacting them. Simply stunning French Bulldog puppies.

50. Bluegrass Frenchies – Richmond, Kentucky

Bluegrass Frenchies has five generations of AKC champions. If breed standard and impressive dogs are what’s important to you, look no further. They raise dogs for both pet and show homes on their sixty-acre farm. They’re incredibly hands-on with their dogs to ensure they grow up happy, healthy, and sociable. Every dog who comes from them will end up a well-adjusted adult as long as their new family care for them the same way. They have been breeding for 19 years so are total experts at what they do,

You now have the best options for French Bulldog puppies in America.

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