Staci is a writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. When not writing, she spends most of her time trying to keep up with her four rescue cats and Australian shepherd puppy.

German Shepherd Doberman Mix — The Complete Guide

Jul 19 ·
german shepherd doberman mix

So, you’ve decided you want a dog! Congratulations. Dogs are a huge commitment, but absolutely worth the time and energy that’s put in. It’s important to choose the right breed for you, and many people love a mix of two breeds. So what about a German shepherd Doberman mix?

As with any dog breed, or mixed breed, however, they do require a bit of research. This mix of breeds has some specific requirements you should look out for, and be aware of before you get one.

Where To Get A German Shepherd Doberman Mix

It can be a little hard to find a good mix of breeds as opposed to a purebred dog. It’s harder to health test breed mixes, as some unexpected conditions can crop up, and backyard breeders are more likely to breed mixes than purebred dogs. This is Bramble…

If you’re committed to finding this mix, you should look for the most reputable breeder possible. That means not buying a dog from Craigslist, or meeting in a neutral location to pick up your puppy!

While mixed breeds cannot have AKC registration, you can still look for a healthy and well-taken care of dog. You can do this by asking for vet records, making sure the puppy is up to date on shots, and asking to meet the parents and see the place where the puppy has been brought up. This should ensure that your puppy has been brought up in a good environment and has been well socialized, to minimize any aggression issues or health conditions.

You also might be able to find this mix of breeds in a shelter or rescue, especially if you want an adult dog. However, the shelter may not be able to guarantee that the dog is a mix of those two exact breeds.

The Cost

A mixed-breed dog that isn’t designer is likely only going to cost around $500 at most. You might even find people listing puppies for as low as $50, but don’t go with the cheapest option. These puppies clearly haven’t cost much to raise, which means they likely don’t have their shots and not much time has been spent on socializing them. This is Korloloyv

German Shepherd Doberman Mix – Appearance

A German shepherd Doberman mix could look more like the former breed or more like the latter — it’s hard to tell! Mostly though, they will be short-haired, large breeds with pricked ears and could weigh up to around 100lb.


German shepherds and Dobermans are both highly intelligent dogs, which means you’ll have to spend quite a bit of time training them. Although these are both extremely loyal breeds that can make excellent companions and guardians, you do need to put a bit of time into them. Oftentimes, it’s good to get some professional training to ensure they’re turning out to be the best dog possible. This is Sara…

That loyalty can come with a price. These dogs can become extremely protective over their owner and family, leading them to have a bit of “stranger danger”. This can be avoided by socializing them well during the critical socialization period so they have plenty of exposure to different kinds of people and associate strangers with good things.

As long as your dog is well-trained, you’ll have a happy puppy. Just make sure to give them lots of stimulation, both mental and physical. These dogs are best when tired!


Diet is often a hot topic when it comes to dogs, and people have many different opinions. Some choose to feed raw, others choose kibble.

Either is fine, as long as it’s high-quality. If you choose a raw diet, make sure it’s prepared by a nutritionist who knows what they’re doing, and don’t attempt it yourself if you have no experience.

If you choose kibble, make sure it’s high-quality and absolutely not grain-free. Grain-free foods have been linked to heart disease in dogs.

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Veterinary Needs

Like any puppy, a German shepherd Doberman mix will need a series of vaccinations as a puppy and, eventually, a Rabies vaccine. These are administered every three weeks until the puppy is around sixteen weeks old. After that, they will need a check-up every year as well as booster shots.

Other vaccines are optional, such as Bordetella.

Your vet will also make sure your puppy has no worms and provide you will flea and tick prevention.

german shepherd doberman mix


Because these dogs usually have a short coat, German shepherd Doberman mix dogs don’t have high grooming needs. You will have to brush them a little more when shedding, and trim or file their nails every eight weeks at a minimum, but their grooming needs are fairly basic. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance dog when it comes to grooming, a short-haired German shepherd Doberman mix is a good choice.

You can bathe your dog every couple of months, but bathing them more than that can cause skin issues.

If you’ve read all of this information and decided on a German shepherd Doberman mix, congratulations! They’re excellent, intelligent dogs and loyal companions. Just be sure to get them the training and stimulation they need, look for a good breeder, and socialize them early to avoid issues with other people.

If you do all of this, you’ll have an awesome best friend for life.

German Shepherd Doberman Mix – Photos

german shepherd doberman mix

german shepherd doberman mix


Staci is a writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. When not writing, she spends most of her time trying to keep up with her four rescue cats and Australian shepherd puppy.
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