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Is your favorite dog the German Shepherd? These interesting German Shepherd facts might pique your interest. Given how intelligent and friendly they are, it is no wonder that the this is such a popular breed.

If you already own a German Shephard, these facts may not come as a surprise. Anyone who owns one would be able to tell you why these dogs are so popular.

Popular German Shepherd Facts

1. The 1st Service Animal In Great Brittian Was A German Shepherd

Great Britain trained 4 German Shepherds to act as guide dogs for 4 blind veterans from World War I. These dogs were handed over to their new owners on 6 October 1931.

German Shepherd fact 1

2. German Shepherds Are The 2nd Most Popular Dog In The United States

German Shepards rank number 2 out of 192 breeds for the ‘Most Popular Breeds‘ according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

German Shepherd fact 2

3. German Shepherds Were Used In Both World Wars

German Shepherds were mainly used as messengers, guard dogs and search and rescue dogs by soldiers in both World War I and II. They were so good at what they did that K-9 training camps were established during World War II, making them a regular occurrence in the U.S military.

4. German Shepherds Are The 3rd Most Intelligent Breed In The World

According to Stanley Coren’s intelligence rankings, the German Shepherd is the 3rd most intelligent dog in the world only bested by poodles at number 2 and Border Collies at the top spot.

5. Alsatians And German Shepherds Are The Same Breed

German Shepherd is the original name of this breed, but an area on the German-French border called Alsace-Lorraine called these dogs Alsatians.

German Shepherds are still used as search and rescue dogs, but the Golden Retriever and Labrador have since taken over the guide dog position. You will often find German Shepards working alongside our police forces to keep us safe.

Here is a fun video showing the intelligence of German Shepards.






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