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German Spitz Puppies

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Oct 28 ·

Have you been looking at German Spitz puppies in your quest to find a new forever friend? They’re adorable dogs who attract a lot of potential owners!

However, as with any dog, it’s very important to do your research before you dive into getting one of these dogs. Here’s what you should know.

Where To Get German Spitz Puppies

Unfortunately, if you’re committed to adopting, German Spitz puppies may not be for you. These dogs are rare and highly sought after due to their adorable appearance, so they’re hardly ever found at shelters. Most good breeders include a clause in their contract their puppies can’t be left at a shelter and contribute to the population there. Spotweilers…

If you’re happy with a mix or a dog that resembles a German Spitz, however, you may be able to find one there!

Most likely though, if you’re looking at getting a German Spitz, you’ll be going to a breeder.

There are two types of breeders: ethical and backyard.

Ethical breeders give their puppies shots, health test the parents, put a lot of time and effort into raising them, register them with the AKC, and never give their puppies to their new homes before they’re eight weeks old. Backyard breeders skip a lot of these steps but sell their puppies for cheaper, which attracts buyers — buyers who end up with enormous vet and training bills down the line!

Don’t be tempted by a Craigslist ad. Do your research and seek out an ethical breeder. Eves_dreams…

The Cost

German Spitz puppies can cost anywhere from $800 up to $3000. Anything less than this is a red flag that they may be from a backyard breeder.


A German Spitz comes in a variety of sizes and colors. You may be most familiar with the Pomeranian! However, what you can rely on is their fluffy double coat, long muzzle, and pricked ears.


These dogs aren’t a bad choice for first-time owners. They tend to be calm, intelligent, and easy to train. Many clever dogs have a stubborn streak that can make it hard to get a handle on them, but these dogs want to please you. You should, however, have patience with potty training if you have a small one like the Pomeranian. Small dogs take longer to potty train as they have smaller bladders and it takes them longer to get control of them! Psychicpudding22…

They are, however, pretty lively, and will need a lot to do. A daily walk should suffice if you give them lots of mental stimulation and enrichment too.

As with any dog, this personality isn’t a given. You’ll have to socialize and train them well to ensure they live up to their full potential. Make sure they meet lots of different people and animals, and every experience is a good one — even if it’s just observing them from afar while they get treats! Only ever use positive reinforcement to train your dog. Aversive methods can cause a lot of problems, including a fearful or aggressive dog.

German Spitz Puppies – Veterinary Needs

Like any dog, German Spitz puppies need a series of shots when they’re babies. These will usually start at six to eight weeks old and will be a series of three or four shots (depending on when the first was given). This is important, as it protects them from distemper, parvovirus, and other nasty and often fatal diseases. After these, they’ll get their mandatory rabies shot as well as bordetella, which protects from kennel cough.

After that, they’ll need check-ups once a year, or perhaps every six months if recommended. Your vet will keep an eye out for health conditions, run a fecal test, and give them their booster shots to keep them protected.

It’s imperative to keep them up to date with flea and heartworm medication too. This is usually a pill given every month. Pakito…


When it comes to diet, dog owners certainly have some strong opinions on the options. The main two are raw food and kibble.

Some owners love raw food and swear by it being the best option, but it’s important to do it right. Dogs need more than just meat — they need grains, fiber, etc. Do your research or have a subscription service prepare the meals for you.

Otherwise, you can feed them kibble. Dry food is perfectly healthy if you choose the right brand, but you should ask your vet’s advice to ensure you do, or do extensive research. Some food isn’t actually good for dogs because it’s been made cheaply. Never feed them grain-free food either unless they’re actually allergic to grains, as this has been linked to heart disease in dogs. Ollie…

German Spitz Puppies white


This dog’s double coat makes the grooming a little high maintenance. You’ll have to brush them daily and get their coat trimmed professionally. Never shave it, however! It will never grow back the same and it doesn’t need to be shaved.

It’s also important to keep up with nail, teeth, and ear care. Get them used to this when they’re young (and give them lots of treats) to prevent a struggle later.

German Spitz Puppies – Photos


German Spitz Puppies brown


German Spitz Puppies white


German Spitz Puppies black


German Spitz Puppies eyes

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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