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Golden Mountain Dog Puppies

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Oct 27 ·

The Golden Mountain Dog, also known as the Golden Retriever Mountain Dog, is a mixed breed of the Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog. This doggo makes for a great family companion dog. So, if you want to learn more about Golden Mountain Dog puppies, then keep reading.

Where To Get Golden Mountain Dog Puppies

If you can find a place with puppies available, you can most likely find a Golden Mountain Dog puppy. First, check with your local animal shelter. They might have this mixed breed as a puppy, adult, or senior dog. Regardless, you can save a dog’s life. The same goes for a rescue organization. They could have Golden Mountain Dog puppies available as well.

Alternatively, if you want to search for Golden Mountain Dog puppies, you can research reputable breeders. Unfortunately, since Golden Mountain Dog puppies are a designer dog breed, meaning they’re a crossbreed, they’re not recognized with the American Kennel Club. So, Golden Mountain Dog breeders won’t be registered with the AKC. However, they’ll most likely be licensed or registered with another breed club. Ginnygmd…

To tell if a breeder is ethical or not, they should do the following:

  • Health screen the parents before breeding and then health screen and genetically test the puppies
  • Have health documents available for you
  • Allow the dogs to live in their home, treating them like family, and socializing and training the puppies as early as possible
  • Ensures the puppies are up to date on their vaccinations
  • Will want to meet you in person and allow you to meet the puppies and parents in person

In addition, they’ll be knowledgeable of the breed and answer any questions you have about the process, the breeder, the breed, the litter, or the parents.

Be mindful of breeders who do not do the above. They’re most likely puppy mills or backyard breeders. These are breeders to avoid since they’re more interested in making a profit.

The Cost

The price for this doggo is between $800 and $1,200. The cost varies based on factors such as the breeder’s location, the breed’s popularity, and the pedigree or lineage of the puppies. Also, a breeder will be more expensive than a shelter or rescue, but you’ll know the puppy’s background if you go through a good breeder. Zoe…


Golden Mountain Dogs are large dog breeds. They stand 24 to 28 inches tall and weigh between 75 to 120 pounds as an adult. In addition, they have a long, straight, dense coat. Also, their coat can come in three colors: black, white, brown, or a mix of two or three of the colors.


Golden Mountain Dog puppies make an excellent family companion dog. For instance, they’re affectionate with their family members, great with young children, and great with other dogs. They might be wary of meeting strangers at first, but they’ll warm up to them over time.

Luckily, this doggo is easy to train and intelligent. So, they’re fast learners. But, unfortunately, they also have high energy levels and will need ample physical activity each day.

Due to its energy and large size, this pooch won’t fit well in an apartment. They’ll need a bigger home with a fenced-in yard. Duke.of.sandiego…

Golden Mountain Dog Puppies – Veterinary Needs

With proper care, this doggo has an average lifespan of about nine to 15 years. However, there are some health issues you’ll want to keep an eye out for. For example, this pooch is prone to getting the following health conditions:

For the first year, you and your doggo will visit the vet frequently. Your vet will help you properly care for your Golden Mountain Dog puppy. In addition, they’ll ensure the puppy is growing and developing properly. Also, you’ll be able to keep your doggo up to date on all their shots and boosters.

After the first year, be sure to bring your dog to the vet at least once per year for their annual check-up. Murphy…


When it comes to feeding your doggo, you can give your Golden Mountain Dog just about anything. As long as it’s appropriate for their breed size, age, weight, metabolism, and your vet approves it, then it’ll be fine. Luckily, this dog breed isn’t known to have food allergies, but every dog is different.

So, you’ll want to monitor what they eat. One, in case they have an allergic reaction to something, and two, in case they’re overeating. Golden Mountain Dogs love to eat, so they could easily eat more than they should and become obese.

You can give this doggo a high-quality kibble or canned wet food from a commercial dog food brand. Or, you can create a homemade dog food recipe that’s formulated for your dog.


Golden Mountain Dog moderately shed. If you don’t want dog hair all over your house and clothes, then keep up with weekly brushing. In addition, be sure to regularly brush their teeth, check their ears, and trim their nails. Otherwise, their grooming needs are minimal.

Golden Mountain Dog Puppies – Photos


Golden Mountain Dog Puppies ears


Golden Mountain Dog Puppies black


Golden Mountain Dog Puppies


Golden Mountain Dog Puppies black

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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