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5 Interesting Great Dane Facts

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Mar 19 ·
great dane mastiff mix

If your absolute favorite dog breed is the Great Dane, then here are some very interesting facts about them. Based upon how intelligent and friendly they are, it’s really no great surprise that Great Danes are so popular with dog-lovers everywhere. And, in the event that you’re already a proud Great Dane owner, you might already know all or some of these facts but it is worth remembering how special these dogs are…

1. The Apollo of Dogs

Great Danes have been called the mighty “Apollo of Dogs”. They’re actually known for their easygoing temperament and the fact that they’re really a joy to live with. In French, they’re called “Grand Danois”, which literally translated means “Big Danish”.

For centuries, the breed has also been called a number of other names, like “Dogue Allemand”, which in French means “German Mastiff”, “just plain “Mastiff” in English, “dog” or “dogue” in Latin, and “dogge” in German.

2. Not Really Danish

Well, they’re definitely great but clearly not Danish as their name implies. They’re really not Danish at all but German (aka Deutsch) in origin. What is know for a fact is that, at one time, German noblemen used them for hunting savage wild boars. And then, in later years, Great Danes became highly popular as loyal protectors of their loved ones and their homes. This is, of course, is a steady job that they are still quite happy to be regularly performing to this day.

Great Dane Facts

3. A Very Old Breed

The Great Dane breed has been around for a very long time and, as a distinct breed type. It has actually been cultivated for approximately 400 years.

The earliest description of the Great Dane in writing dates all the way back to Chinese literature circa 1121 BC. This info comes from an article in a 1929 Italian publication of Italy’s Great Dane Club.tgreat danes AKC


Great Dane facts

4. Ranked # 16

Great Danes Are Ranked number 16 out of a total of 197 breeds by the American Kennel Club (AKC). They were recognized by the AKC In 1887 when they became the club’s 34th breed.

5. Great Danes Are People-Pleasers

They tower over the majority of other dogs and are the picture of balance and elegance with stride of a born European nobleman.

They’re not only super-patient with children, but Great Danes are all-around people pleasers and they love making friends and do so very easily.

Great Dane

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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