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Hokkaido Puppies

Author Happy Doggo
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Oct 29 ·

Have you been looking at Hokkaido puppies in your search for a new friend?

These dogs are adorable but, as with any breed, you should do your research before adding a new pup to the family. Here’s all you need to know!

Where To Get Hokkaido Puppies

The appearance and desirability (as well as the rarity) of all Japanese Spitz dogs means it’s difficult to find one at a shelter. That’s disappointing news for those who are committed to adopting. If you’re not set on the breed and want a dog that resembles it, you might be able to find your friend there. Ainuken…

There are also breed-specific rescues you can look into. The requirements for these, however, are usually very strict.

For the most part, most people who want a Hokkaido dog will be looking at breeders. There’s nothing wrong with getting your dog from a breeder, but you should make sure they’re ethical. Too often, backyard breeders sell dogs that have other breeds mixed in or aren’t healthy because the parents weren’t tested. This can be a huge issue, as their temperament and health background often isn’t what you expect.

If a breeder sells a puppy to you before eight weeks and lets you take it home, won’t answer questions, wants to meet in a neutral location, doesn’t have health records, and/or won’t let you meet the parents, this is a red flag. Look elsewhere — it’ll be worth it in the long run.

The Cost

You can expect to pay $1000 or more for your dog, if you buy from a breeder. This dog is very rare outside of Japan, so the price will often reflect that.

Don’t be tempted to pay less with a backyard breeder. You’ll end up paying far more in vet and training bills later. Kofu…


This is a medium-sized dog with pricked ears. They’re double-coated and come in a variety of colors, though most people know them as having a light red coat. They tend to be larger dogs when bred in Japan.


These dogs are very intelligent. They’re also food-motivated, which makes for a great combination, as you can train them with positive reinforcement pretty easily — the best way to train a dog! Juppustu…

Their temperament outside of being a working breed varies drastically between different lines. Some of these dogs are fierce and need a lot of socialization as a puppy to let them know strangers are good. Others are more docile and affectionate, making great dogs around kids and other pets. The best thing you can do is ask about their parents, research the line, and make sure you give them everything they need when they’re younger.

They do tend to have a prey drive, but they can actually be introduced to cats and coexist quite well if done from a young age. Just make sure you take introductions slow and remove them at the first sign of trouble. Never leave them alone unsupervised with the cat, even when you trust them!

Hokkaido Puppies – Veterinary Needs

This breed has a high rate of Collie eye anomaly, which is something to look out for. Otherwise, these dogs are generally healthy.

Like other puppies, vets will need to give them a series of shots when they’re younger. This is usually a round of three or four that starts at around eight weeks old and protects from parvovirus, distemper, and other things. At eighteen weeks, they can have their rabies shot too and will be offered optional immunizations like bordetella. Make sure they don’t interact with unknown and potentially unvaccinated dogs until this is all done. Apricity…

Afterward, a vet check-up once a year should be enough. You should keep up with monthly flea and heartworm prevention pills too.


You have different options for your dog’s diet, but the main two come down to raw and kibble.

If you choose to feed kibble, the main thing you should remember is that grain-free food is linked to heart problems in dogs. It may sound healthy, but avoid it! Make sure you pick high-quality food with all of the nutrients your dog needs. You can ask your vet for advice.

Some owners choose to feed raw, which is also fine. Just make sure you do your research or use a service with prepacked meals, because dogs need more than just meat to survive. They also need grains, fiber, etc. Throwing down some raw meat for them isn’t enough and will result in health issues.


You’ll have to brush your Hokkaido’s coat almost every day to keep it in good shape, and it might need the occasional trim. Never shave the coat, even in summer when it might seem more comfortable for them! It’s not, and it might never grow back the same.

Like every other dog, nail care, teeth, and ears are also important. Clean their ears and teeth regularly, and clip their nails when needed. You can use a Dremel or clippers for this, but make sure to provide lots of high-value treats every time you do it so they associate grooming with a good time!

Hokkaido Puppies – Photos


Hokkaido Puppies litter


Hokkaido Puppies white


Hokkaido Puppies


Hokkaido Puppies

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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