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Horgi Puppies

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Oct 29 ·

If you’ve been looking for a new dog to add to your family, might have looked at Horgi puppies!

These adorable dogs, a mix between the Siberian Husky and Corgi, are great, but you should do your research before adding one to your family. Here’s everything you need to know.

Where To Get Horgi Puppies

You might be able to find a Horgi puppy in a shelter but due to the popularity of Corgi crosses, it’s unlikely. If you want a Siberian Husky or a dog that has more breeds mixed in, then you might be in luck, however! Smolerocket…

If you just want a Horgi puppy, chances are, you’re looking at breeders.

There’s nothing wrong with getting your puppy from a breeder but it’s very important to exercise due diligence. Some breeders are unethical, and this is especially rife with mixed breeds. Since mixed breed dogs can’t have papers, it’s easy for a breeder to fake the breed they are and say they can’t prove it. There’s nothing wrong with mixed breeds, but this is false advertising and can lead to problems down the line. With unethical breeders, it’s also likely the parents weren’t health-tested.

If you find a Horgi puppy, make sure the breeder has health and shot records, doesn’t want to let the puppy go home before it’s eight weeks old, is open and transparent when answering questions, is happy to send plenty of pictures and videos of the puppy being raised, and will let you meet the parents.

The Cost

You can expect to pay $500-800 for one of these dogs. Anything less is a huge red flag, because it means the puppy didn’t cost much to raise in the first place. Don’t be tempted by that Craigslist ad for a $50 Horgi! Billie…


Corgi mixes are often described as looking like a Corgi disguised as the other breed! You’ll likely have a medium-sized dog with the long back of the Corgi, but may have the Siberian Husky’s coat. As with any mixed breed, it’s hard to predict the exact appearance for sure, as they could take on any number of each parent’s traits.


For the most part, the combination of these two dogs will make for a very loving little puppy. They tend to be affectionate and very much loyal to their owners, so if you want a best friend that will stick with you for life, you found it! They can be a little clingy, however, so teaching them to be alone from an early age is very important.

Despite its short legs, a Corgi is a herding breed and the Siberian Husky doesn’t lack energy either, so you can expect this dog to need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation! Take them for long walks and give them snuffle mats and puzzles to keep their mind engaged.

This mix will be very intelligent, so you can expect them to learn easily. If they’re stubborn, have patience and stick with positive reinforcement. Flynn…

Horgi Puppies – Veterinary Needs

The main thing to watch with a Horgi is that the Corgi’s stature can cause back problems, especially if the dog is mishandled or jumping from heights. Make sure you limit the jumping they do!

Like other puppies, vets will need to give them a series of shots when they’re younger. This is usually a series of four that starts at around eight weeks old and protects from parvovirus, distemper, and other things that can be fatal. At eighteen weeks, they can have their rabies shot too and will be offered optional immunizations like bordetella, which you should take. Make sure they don’t interact with unknown and potentially unvaccinated dogs until this is all done.

Afterward, a vet check-up once a year should be enough to keep them healthy. You should keep up with monthly flea and heartworm prevention pills too. Lady.andthescamp…


Owners have different options for their dog’s food, but the main two come down to raw and kibble.

If you choose to feed kibble, the main thing you should remember is that grain-free food is linked to heart problems in dogs. It may sound healthy — and is advertised as being that way — but avoid it! Instead, pick high-quality food with all of the nutrients your dog needs. You can ask your vet for advice if you’re struggling, as they’ll know what’s good for your specific dog.

Some owners choose to feed raw, which is also fine. Just make sure you do your research or use a subscription service with prepacked meals, because dogs need more than just meat to survive. They’re omnivores, so also need grains, fiber, etc. Throwing down some raw meat for them isn’t enough and will result in health issues. Billie…

Horgi Puppies


You’ll have to brush your Horgi’s coat every few days at least to keep it in good shape, and it might need the occasional trim. Never shave your dog’s coat coat, even in summer when it might seem more comfortable for them! It’s not.

Like every other dog, nail care, teeth, and ears are also important. Clean their ears and teeth regularly, and clip their nails when needed — usually every six to eight weeks. You can use a Dremel or clippers for this, but make sure to provide lots of yummy treats every time you do it so they associate grooming with a good time.

Horgi Puppies – Photos


Horgi Puppies brown


Horgi Puppies white


Horgi Puppies black


Horgi Puppies white

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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