Staci is a writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. When not writing, she spends most of her time trying to keep up with her four rescue cats and Australian shepherd puppy.
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How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?

Sep 2 ·

How many teeth do dogs have? If you’re asking this question, you might have recently gotten a puppy. Or your older adult dog might be having dental trouble and need to have some extracted. Whatever the reason, it’s good knowledge to have — as well as a bunch of other things to know about a dog’s teeth!

So how many teeth do dogs have?

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have? Teeth Count

dog teeth

Puppies have twenty-eight baby teeth, but adults have forty-two permanent teeth

There are twelve incisors, four canines, sixteen premolars, and ten molars.

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have? Teething

Puppies will begin to lose their baby teeth at around four months old and by six months old, all of their adult teeth should have replaced them. Teething is a long and uncomfortable process, so be ready to provide lots of outlets for your puppy to chew on as relief to this experience. They might be particularly mouthy during this time as they look to find a way to get rid of the discomfort, so prepare to be extra patient with your little shark.

Do Some Dogs Have More Than Forty-Two?

Yes — but they shouldn’t!

Something known as ‘persistent teeth’ can happen where a baby tooth doesn’t fall out to make room for the adult tooth. The result is that both stay and this causes crowding in the mouth. This can happen with any teeth, but is most common with canines.

If you suspect that your puppy has some persistent teeth, look for some signs that your puppy is in more extreme discomfort than regular teething, such as:

  • Very red and swollen gums
  • Extreme pain or discomfort
  • Excessive drooling
  • Loss of appetite

Persistent teeth have some genetic components, so it may be a trait that’s been passed down. If it happens, you should see your veterinarian. They might be willing to give it some time to see if the baby teeth are pushed out eventually, but it might also be best to remove them. 

Persistent teeth can be more common in breeds with flat noses too, such as pugs.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Treat Persistent Teeth?

dog teeth

If not appropriately dealt with, persistent teeth can fracture the other teeth as they rub against them. At worst, they can interfere with the development and growth of the jaw. Most likely though, it will rub against the gums and roof of the mouth and cause your puppy to be in pain. 

It might seem traumatic to put your dog through dental surgery, as we don’t like causing our animals pain! However, it’s much worse for them to experience the problems that can come with persistent teeth later. You should always go by what your veterinarian recommends, as they’re the ones who know best.

Overall, your dog should end up with forty-two teeth, but they’ll have fewer as a puppy. Get your puppy used to you touching their mouth at an early age, because then you’ll have an easier time keeping an eye on their teeth. If you suspect they have more in their mouth than they should, contact your vet and get them seen by an expert. 

Staci is a writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. When not writing, she spends most of her time trying to keep up with her four rescue cats and Australian shepherd puppy.
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