ResourcesHusky Grooming Tips: 5 Ways To Have Your Dog Looking Fabulous

Huskies have specific grooming needs when compared to other dogs. With regular attention, you can keep their fur from developing mats and tangles. Good grooming is one of the most important aspects of husky care. We have made a list of husky grooming tips to help you keep your dog looking fabulous every day.

Grooming Your Husky

Make sure to invest in good-quality grooming tools. A poor-quality comb or brush may hurt your husky’s hair or their skin. Avoid any cheap dog shampoos or conditioners, which may aggravate skin allergies or contain chemical dyes. Follow these other husky grooming tips for a great grooming routine for this unique breed.

1. Pay Attention To The Undercoat

Like other dogs bred to live in cold weather, huskies have a double coat. Unlike other breeds with an undercoat, they won’t need regular haircuts. However, your grooming routine should still focus on keeping both coats clean and well-brushed, especially during warmer shedding seasons.

Husky Grooming Tips

2. Bathe Once A Month

Since huskies do not produce a lot of oil from their skins, they won’t need baths too often. In fact, too-frequent baths may cause dryness and other skin issues. Stick to once a month, or when your husky begins to smell. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to get all the shampoo out of their fur.

Husky Grooming Tips

3. Brush Once A Week In Cold Weather

Brushing your husky thoroughly helps to loosen dirt and shed hair, keeping them looking and feeling their best. If you’ve just adopted a husky puppy, get them used to brushing early. This will make the process easier for you in the long run.

4. Brush Every Day During Shedding

In the warmer months, your husky will begin to shed their warm winter undercoat. Brushing them every day during summer will keep their coats from matting and tangling with shedding hair.

5. Look For Mats

Husky fur tends to mat and tangle in places like their legs, stomach, and under their tails. Make sure to get these areas during your brushing sessions or baths. A special undercoat detangling comb may help.

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