Staci is a writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. When not writing, she spends most of her time trying to keep up with her four rescue cats and Australian shepherd puppy.
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5 Instagram Dog Training Accounts To Follow

May 25 ·
Instagram Dog Training

When you first get a puppy (or an older dog!), it can be a little overwhelming but these Instagram dog training accounts have all the answers for you. The dog is relying on you to train it, but no matter how much reading you’ve done, it can be daunting to be faced with a mischievous furball who isn’t immediately inclined to listen.

Fortunately, there are a lot of Instagrams out there dedicated to training and they can really help when it comes to teaching your pup manners and learning how to communicate with them.

Instagram Dog Training Accounts

1. ZakGeorge

Zak George is famous on both Instagram and YouTube for his ability to teach a dog regardless of how badly behaved it might initially seem. He focuses on showing everything, the good and the bad, and recently began a series where he takes two weeks to train a rescue dog and shows the massive difference that can be made in that time.

His Instagram is full of tips and tricks when it comes to teaching your dog manners and making life easier on both you and them.

2. TeslatheMiniAussie

If you’re looking for fancy trick training rather than basic manners, head over to Tesla’s page. Tesla and Tycho are two Australian shepherds whose owner has trained them well, and is kind enough to make small video tutorials about how she achieved the tricks.

These pups know all of the basics but also know some advanced things such as “selfie”, “parkour”, and workout tricks so they can be with their human even when she’s in the gym. They’re impressive and, with the help of her tutorials, your dog can get there too.

3. AndreaArdenDogTraining

Andrea Arden specializes in training puppies and provides tips on her Instagram page. If you’ve recently taken in a younger dog, you might find yourself intimidated by just how badly behaved your puppy is.

Don’t worry — it’s completely normal and takes some firm but kind training to get rid of those bad manners. Stay consistent, follow pages like this and take their tips into account, and you’ll have a good canine citizen in no time.

Instagram Dog Training

4. SouthendDogTraining

Southend Dog Training has tips on their Instagram and a whole online program for you to train your dog, and they certainly know what they’re doing. With a focus on positive reinforcement, as all good dog training as, they take a balanced approach to turn your dog into a brilliantly behaved pup.

They also call out mistakes owners often make, so you can catch yourself if you’re making the same ones.

Instagram Dog Training

5. PupprSchool

PupprSchool’s Instagram is an accompaniment to their free app. Puppr is focused on training your dog everything, from basic manners to fancy tricks, and if you download their app to accompany the Instagram follow, you’ll have everything you need.

They provide video tutorials on each trick and move all the way from the basics like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ to circus-level tricks such as ‘orbit’ and leg weaves. The more advanced section of their app might seem impossible at the beginning, but stick with it and you’ll soon be there.

Instagram Dog Training


Staci is a writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. When not writing, she spends most of her time trying to keep up with her four rescue cats and Australian shepherd puppy.
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