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If you either own or are looking for a new dog these interesting Poodle facts could sway you. Poodles are drop-dead gorgeous, affectionate, and super-intelligent, making them amazingly great pets and almost humanlike companions. They may steal the spotlight at dog shows, but there’s a lot that you may not know about these showy dogs. And we’re here to dig into their fascinating world for 5 interesting poodle facts.

1. The Poodle is the National Dog of France … But Actually Hails from Germany!

If you’re a fan of the poodle, the chances are good that you know it is France’s national dog. Be that as it may, the dog breed actually originates from Germany, where they were bred and trained to retrieve shot waterfowls. They were originally known as “pudel,” which is the German word for “puddle.”


2. Poodles Were Historically Bred to Retrieve Ducks

You may be wondering why Germans referred to poodles as “puddles.” While the poodle has become almost synonymous with luxury and wealth in the Western world, these dogs were actually developed for hunting, and they were actually good at their job!

They’re excellent swimmers and their water-resistant coat makes them natural water retrievers. Accordingly, they were used during duck hunting to retrieve dead or wounded ducks and other waterfowls. Unsurprisingly, these majestic dogs were called caniche in France, which translates to “duck dogs”.

3. The Poodle Comes in 3 Varieties

Did you know that the poodle is the only existing dog pet that is available in 3 recognized varieties? The difference is based on the size – there’s the toy, miniature, and standard poodle, but the AKC regards them all the same dog breed. They all wear the characteristic thick and wiry coat, which is available in café-au-lait, apricot, cream, silver, brown, gray, white, or classic black.

The standard poodle is the biggest and the most popular in the US, tipping the scale at around 40-70 pounds.

Interesting Poodle Facts

4. Poodles Don’t Have Fur

While this may not seem true given their fury nature, it’s a fact that poodles don’t actually have fur. Rather than fur, poodles have wiry hair which usually doesn’t shed and never stops growing. If you don’t take your poodle to the groomer regularly, the hair will turn into an entangled mess. Good thing is, their hair is pretty much odorless and hypoallergenic.

Interesting Poodle Facts

5. Ludwig van Beethoven Loved Poodles

German’s most admired pianist and composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, was an avid fan of poodles. Other famous people in history who loved or owned poodles include British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, authors Getrude Stein and John Steinbeck, philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, and musician Alfred Matthew Yankovic (aka “Weird Al”). And who could blame them – poodles are so adorable and smart.

Interesting Poodle Facts

This video shares 10 more interesting Poodle facts…

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