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Italian Greyhound Puppies

Rachel Poli Author
Aug 20 ·

Italian Greyhounds are a different dog breed from Greyhounds. However, they’re similar enough that some people call them “Mini Greyhounds.” This pooch is more than happy to cuddle with you on the couch. They’re friendly and goofy, to boot. So, if you’re considering Italian Greyhound puppies for your home, you’re in luck. There’s a lot to love about this purebred.

A quick look at the Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds have a slender build that’s made for speed. These small pups are fast, but they are graceful and proportionate. They are small-sized pups, growing to be about 13 to 15 inches in height and weighing between seven to 14 pounds. Arty…

This doggo has a soft, short coat that is not considered to be hypoallergenic. It may not look like it, but this pup sheds a lot. Since their hair is so short, you won’t need to brush them too often. If you have wipes, you can give them a quick wipe-down at least once a week to keep shedding at bay.

The Italian Greyhound will make an excellent family pet. This pooch is friendly and loyal to all, including young kids. However, both the dog and children need to be taught to play together and socialize well properly. This pooch may also be okay with other dogs, cats, and small animals in the house. But, again, early socialization will do wonders. 

Otherwise, this pooch is loveable, silly, playful, and alert. However, they can be sensitive and shy around new people and strangers. They will be a great lapdog, so if they’re left home alone for too long, they might get separation anxiety.

When it comes to energy, some days they have no energy at all while other days they’ll want to play all day long. There is no in-between with this pup. So, be prepared to give them adequate exercise and activity each day. 

Where to find Italian Greyhound puppies

You can find Italian Greyhounds almost anywhere. This is a popular dog breed. So, you can research reputable breeders if you have your heart set on getting a puppy. Be mindful of puppy mills and backyard breeders, though. Lewna…

A good breeder will know a lot about Italian Greyhounds and will look upon improving the breed. They’ll also meet with you in person and get to know you since they want the puppies to head to a good home. In addition, you’ll be able to meet the litter and the at least the mother or the father of the puppies. Finally, they’ll be able to give you the family tree and health history of the puppies.

Alternatively, you can call your local animal shelter or a breed-specific rescue for Italian Greyhounds. These places may also have purebred puppies on hand, but they’ll likely have adults, seniors, or crossbreeds. 

How much do Italian Greyhound puppies cost?

This pup doesn’t come cheap. But, depending on where you adopt this dog breed, expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 and $2,000. Lena…

Preparing for your new puppy

Before bringing home your new pup, there are at least three things you’ll want to do beforehand. The first step is to find a good veterinarian who is accepting new patients. Not only can you make an appointment for a check-up right away, but you’ll also be able to talk to the vet about the breed as a whole. They can help you find where to get an Italian Greyhound and give you resources on how to care for the pup.

Then, you’ll want to take at least one trip to your local pet store. Grab anything and everything from the dog aisles. You’ll need basic accessories such as a collar, leash, and harness. You’ll also need cleaning supplies for accidents in the house, puppy pads, and poop bags. A dog bed, crate, toys, and feeding bowls are essential. You may also want to grab some grooming supplies, such as dog wipes, in case your pooch ever needs a quick clean.

Finally, you can set up your house for the new pup. Puppy-proof everything so they can’t get into something they shouldn’t. Give your pup their own little corner of a room. This is where you’ll set up their crate, bed, some toys, and some food and water.

Then, you can finally bring home your new canine. Frankie…

Bringing home your new furry friend

When you bring home your pup, make sure to introduce them to their own spot in the house. This will allow them to see it’s a safe space to retreat to if they get nervous or need a rest. In addition, it’ll also help with crate training.

Speaking of training, take a few days off from work when you bring home your dog. The two of you can get to know one another while the dog gets used to their new surroundings. You can also start training right away for potty training, housebreaking, and crate training.

Training an Italian Greyhound may be difficult because they’re such an intelligent breed. They’ll aim to do as they please. However, this doggo is also sensitive, so positive reinforcement and praise are necessary for this pooch. Lorenzo…

Should you get an Italian Greyhound?

If you’re home most of the time and you’re able to train and socialize your Italian Grayhound properly, then this pup might be a good option for you. They’ll get along well with anyone after they’re able to warm up a bit first. 

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Italian Greyhound Puppies – Photos



italian greyhound puppies


italian greyhound puppies


italian greyhound puppies

This is Umi…

italian greyhound puppies small


italian greyhound puppies cute

You can see more photos of the fully grown Italian Greyhound here.

Rachel Poli Author
Rachel is a stay-at-home pet mom, caring for her dog, cat, turtle, tortoise, and fish. She's a content writer in various niches but most notably in the pet field, educating pet parents on the health and wellbeing of their furry friends. When she's not writing, she's reading, playing video games, or organizing something.
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