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Kai Ken Puppies

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Nov 3 ·

If you’ve been thinking about Kai Ken puppies in your quest for a new forever friend, congratulations! They make a great dog in the right home.

However, it’s important to do your research and ensure they’re the right fit for you. Here’s what you need to know.

Where To Get Kai Ken Puppies

The Kai Ken is actually an extremely rare dog, even in its native home of Japan. If you’re only after a dog that looks like one and aren’t set on the breed itself, you may have an easier time finding one. You can visit shelters and look for your perfect match, and might even be lucky enough to find one that’s a mix. Matsukaze…

However, if you’re set on a Kai Ken, you’re going to be looking at a breeder — though even those are hard to find!

You should exercise due diligence and make sure you carefully look into any breeder. Many backyard and unethical breeders will claim they have purebred dogs that they actually don’t. While there’s nothing wrong with a mixed breed, this can cause health and temperament issues because the breeder isn’t being selective enough about the parents and testing them. You could end up with some huge vet and training bills down the line!

Ethical breeders will ensure their dogs are health-tested, have up-to-date shots, papers from a reputable registry, and will be open and transparent when it comes to answering questions. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.

The Cost

A Kai Ken is likely to cost you around $2000. If you find a breeder selling Kai Ken puppies for cheaper, it’s a red flag. Isla…


These dogs are medium-sized with prick ears and brindle coats. They come in black brindle, red brindle, and grey brindle. The coat is medium-length and has a harsh texture.


These are brave hunting dogs who chase things on instinct. Therefore, the main thing to bear in mind with them is that they may not get along with smaller animals. If you have cats or rabbits in the house, this may not be the breed for you. However, they do tend to get along great with other dogs and children, so it’s all about making sure your household fits the dog well!

They’re very intelligent. Like many intelligent dogs, however, they can possess a little bit of a stubborn streak that you should be prepared for. They often aren’t recommended for first-time owners for this reason. Stay calm, patient, and practice good positive reinforcement techniques to overcome this barrier.

They can be reserved with strangers and act as watchdogs. Make sure you socialize them well when they’re puppies to ensure they only ever have positive experiences with strangers. Having said that, don’t ever expect them to love strangers — and that’s okay! Matsukaze…

Kai Ken Puppies – Veterinary Needs

These dogs have a life span of 14-16 years and are generally healthy dogs. You just need to take care of their preventative care to ensure they live life to the fullest.

Make sure you get them all of their puppy shots. This is usually a series of three or four rounds to protect them from parvovirus, distemper, and other nasty diseases that can be picked up. Once these are done, they’ll also receive a rabies shot. These shots will need to be boosted around once a year, which is when the vet can also check for other health problems.

You should keep up with flea and heartworm prevention medication too. If your dog doesn’t like the pills, try wrapping them in a slice of cheese. Naga…


When it comes to a dog’s diet, there are two main choices: kibble and raw feeding.

Kibble is the convenient and mostly cheaper option. You should still, however, make sure you pick up a good-quality kibble that has more nutrients than fillers. Make sure you don’t choose grain-free food. These are advertised by the brands that make them as being healthier, but have actually been linked to heart disease in dogs.

Raw food is also a great option, but you should use a subscription service that prepares the meals for you. Too many owners don’t realize that dogs need more than just raw meat — they’re omnivores! Expert services will prepare the meals with everything your dog needs.


Because of their medium-length coat, you may have to get trims for your dog by a professional groomer. You will also have to brush them to keep their coat in good condition. Misa..

Kai Ken Puppies

Otherwise, their grooming needs are the same as any other dog. You’ll have to cut their nails every six to eight weeks, and can use a Dremel or clippers. Your dog may not enjoy this at first, but have patience and provide lots of high-value treats. This will assure them that nailcare is a good thing!

Kai Ken Puppies – Photos


Kai Ken Puppies


Kai Ken Puppies tongue


Kai Ken Puppies brown


Kai Ken Puppies black ears

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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