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Keeshond Puppies

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Nov 3 ·

Have you been looking at Keeshond puppies in your quest for a new dog?

Whenever you’re considering any breed of dog, it’s important to do your research and make sure you choose the right one for you. Here’s what you need to know about Keeshonds.

Where To Get Keeshond Puppies

The Keeshond is a purebred pup so it’s difficult to find one in shelters. Bad news for those committed to adopting. Shelters are usually filled with mixed breeds and older dogs. If you’re open to having a dog that’s mixed with a Keeshond and not the whole deal, you might be in luck. Hippu…

There are also breed-specific rescues, but they tend to have strict requirements for ownership.

For the most part, if you’re set on a Keeshond, you’re going to be looking at a breeder — and the main thing is making sure you pick a good one.

You should make sure you carefully look into any breeder and do extensive research on them before committing to putting down a deposit for your dog. Many bad, unethical breeders will claim they have purebred dogs that they actually don’t. While there’s nothing wrong with owning a crossbreed, this can cause health and temperament issues down the line because two dogs had puppies that never should have mixed. You could end up with some huge vet and training bills that you can’t afford to give your pup a good life.

Ethical breeders will ensure the parent dogs are health-tested, that the puppies have up-to-date shots, papers from a reputable registry, and will be open and transparent when it comes to answering questions. Make sure all of these things are in place. Thesweetfamily…

The Cost

A Keeshond puppy is likely to cost anywhere between $1500 and $2000. Although this might seem steep, remember you’re paying for health and temperament too! Any breeder selling puppies for less is actually a red flag.


The Keeshond is a very unique-looking breed of dog, so it’s easy to spot. They mostly look like the other spitz dogs in features, but they have a two-layered black and silver coat. They’re medium-sized dogs, weighing in at around 30lb.


The amazing thing about these puppies is that although they’re very intelligent, they don’t have the stubborn streak that many other intelligent dogs do. In fact, these puppies are very eager to please and want to listen to you! You’ll have no trouble teaching them manners and tricks, though you should take care to be patient with potty training. As they’re smaller dogs, it might take a little longer for them to have full bladder control. Nova…

The main thing to watch with these puppies is that they’re very vocal. They make good watchdogs but they will bark at the slightest sound!

They’re also well-known “velcro dogs” with their owners. This is great for those that want companionship, but you should keep an eye out for the signs of separation anxiety and work to prevent it.

Keeshond Puppies – Veterinary Needs

These dogs do have a few health issues that can pop up such as hip dysplasia and epilepsy. Before breeding, parents should be tested for these issues to make sure they’re clear.

Make sure you get them all of their puppy shots when they’re young, usually starting at around eight weeks old. This is a series of three or four rounds to protect them from parvovirus, distemper, and other diseases and viruses that can be picked up from unvaccinated dogs and the places they’ve been. Once these are done, they’ll also receive a rabies shot, which is mandatory. These shots will need to be boosted around once a year, which is when the vet can also check for other health problems.

You should also get them a flea and heartworm pill prescription. Lena…


When it comes to a dog’s diet, there are two main choices: kibble and raw feeding. Either can work, but you still need to take care.

Kibble is the convenient option that’s easier to deal with — and also cheaper most of the time. You should still, however, make sure you pick up a good-quality kibble that has more nutrients than fillers. Don’t choose grain-free food. These are advertised by the brands that make them as being healthier for your pup, but have actually been linked to heart disease in dogs.

Raw food is also a great option, but you should use a subscription service that prepares the meals for you or do your research on how to do so yourself. Dogs are omnivores, and need more than just raw meat. Lanabel…

Keeshond Puppies


Their coats may be amazing but with that comes grooming needs! They will need professional trims (though you should never shave them) and to be brushed frequently to prevent matting. Once a day is ideal.

Otherwise, their grooming needs are the same as most dogs. You’ll have to cut their nails every six to eight weeks, and can use a Dremel or clippers. Make sure to desensitize them by providing lots of treats during the process. You’ll also have to clean their ears and teeth on a regular basis.

Keeshond Puppies – Photos


Keeshond Puppies fluffy big


Keeshond Puppies cute


Keeshond Puppies ears


Keeshond Puppies fluffy

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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