Our first ever featured dog is Kerith the Golden Retriever who carries out some seriously important work. She has a smile on her face all day long but she is also responsible for making others happy. Kerith is the one and only fire station therapy dog in Marin County, California. She is a golden retriever who was born at Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael 2 years ago.

Her job literally involves helping people relax and making them smile. She happens to be very good at it.

We love all doggos equally but our Dog Of The Day is a beautiful creature that deserves that little bit of extra attention…

Why Is This Dog So Special?

Kerith the Golden Retriever is a creature that brings happiness to people she meets on a daily basis. She is a certified crisis response therapy dog who helps cheer firefighters up. You’ll often find her with the workers after they have finished long shifts out battling fires and helping to save others. These are people who work under immense pressure and who need a release which is where Kerith steps in.

She will be 3 years old in the summer and spends her days working in California. The state has been especially badly hit lately with wildfires over the last year and Kerith has been up to task of keeping everybody relaxed and happy.

Kerith was originally bred and trained to be a guide dog for the blind as a young puppy. She wasn’t best suited to the role as she was just too energetic and loving. The good news is that she found her calling in her new job and is always at hand for pets and hugs to help cheer the weary heroes up.

Kerith currently visits the fire stations in Marin County where she is in high demand. As she bounds into the fire stations the crew gets down to her level and the amazing bond is formed. One firefighter states, “After my time with Kerith the stress of the day is melted away and I feel so much better.”

Her favorite activities include digging at the beach, going on trail runs, and chasing tennis balls.