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Kooikerhondje Puppies

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Nov 3 ·

Also known as the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje, Kooikerhondje puppies are truly adorable dogs who thrive in the right home.

However, as with any dog, you should do your research before getting one. Here’s what you need to know!

Where To Get Kooikerhondje Puppies

If you want to get a Kooikerhondje, you can always browse shelters. The problem for most is is that shelters don’t often have purebred dogs and it can be hard to find one that meets the exact specifications that are ideal to you. If you’re happy to adopt an older dog or a dog that is a crossbreed, you might have some luck though. You can also look at breed-specific rescues — though be aware that they can have strict requirements, such as a fenced-in yard and low-stress work schedule. Raul…

Most people who want a very specific purebred dog look for a breeder. While this is fine to do, you should be aware of the red flags that unethical breeders show. Backyard breeders will sell dogs who haven’t been health or temperament-checked, leaving potentially sick or aggressive dogs in the hands of unprepared owners. They sell them cheaply to tempt people.

You should look for the following things in a breeder: transparency when asked questions; lots of pictures and videos of their puppies, and preferably a video call; health records from the parents and puppies alike; papers from a legitimate registry like the AKC; and a willingness to let you come to their home to pick up their puppy. Bad breeders won’t want you to see how the puppy was raised, and may avoid questions about their process.

The Cost

You can expect to pay $3000+ for one of these dogs. This is because they’re rare and extremely difficult to find. Don’t believe a breeder who is selling these supposedly-purebred puppies for significantly less. Silas…


This is a medium-sized dog. They usually weigh between 20 and 30 pounds. This doggo has a double coat that’s wavy and medium in length. Additionally, their coat can be white & red with black tip markings.


These dogs are affectionate with their people and love kids. If you have an all-human family and don’t expect to have other pets, this may be the perfect pet for you who won’t need extensive introductions. They’re intelligent dogs who bond well with people. You should teach them how to be on their own and amuse themselves when they’re young, or they may develop separation anxiety.

They can get along with other dogs, but it’s not guaranteed. Introductions should be taken slowly on neutral territory to check if they get along. Make sure to remove the dogs from the situation if it doesn’t seem like they are.

These are sporting dogs, which means they need a ton of exercise. They also need mental stimulation as well as physical, so provide plenty of enrichment for them. A bored pup is a destructive pup! Prins.jacobson…

Kooikerhondje Puppies – Veterinary Needs

The only real thing to bear in mind with your dog is that they’re very food-motivated and put on weight easily. Obesity can be very dangerous to dogs.

Otherwise, their veterinary needs are the same as any other dog. You should get them all of their puppy shots starting at six to eight weeks old to protect them from parvovirus, distemper, and other diseases that can quickly become fatal for unprotected dogs. Until they have them all, avoid letting them interact with unknown dogs — or even walk in areas other dogs may have. They’ll also get their rabies shot at the end of all this, and can get vaccinated for kennel cough.

Vaccines are usually boosted once a year. You should also put them on flea and heartworm medication. Coco…


The main thing you should know is to avoid grain-free food (unless your dog is allergic to grains). It’s marketed as healthy, but has been linked to heart disease in dogs. They need grains!

Otherwise, the decision of raw vs. kibble is up to you. Each has its pros and cons, although owners have very strong opinions on each!

Kibble is convenient and can be cheaper, but you should still pick a good-quality brand. The very cheap stuff can lack the nutrients your dog needs.

Raw food can cost a lot of money, but is often healthier for your dog — as long as it’s prepared by someone who knows what they’re doing. Dogs are omnivores, so they need more than just meat. Livy…


These dogs do have a decent coat so they need to be brushed almost daily and will need professional trims. However, you should never shave their coat! This can be very dangerous, and it may never grow back the same.

You should keep an eye on their claws too. Trim or file them down with a Dremel when they get too long. You’ll know because they’ll start tapping on the floor. If they don’t like nail care or find it intimidating, provide lots of high-value treats while doing it.

Kooikerhondje Puppies – Photos


Kooikerhondje Puppies


Kooikerhondje Puppies ears


Kooikerhondje Puppies brown


Kooikerhondje Puppies small


Kooikerhondje Puppies cute

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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