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Labernese Puppies

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Nov 3 ·

Labernese puppies are a mix between a Labrador Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog. They make great pets, but you should do your research before getting one.

Here’s all you need to know.

Where To Get Labernese Puppies

Because they’re mixed breeds, you might have some luck finding Labernese puppies in a shelter. You may, however, have to settle for an older dog or a dog that has other breeds mixed in if you’re committed to adopting. The only real way to find out is to DNA test them, which you can do after you adopt!

Other than that, you can seek out a breeder. Milo…

The issue with breeders is that backyard breeders are everywhere and with mixed breeds, it’s even more apparent. It’s impossible to get papers from a legitimate registry like the AKC for mixed breeds, so it’s easier to falsify what they are. This can lead to issues, as the breeds and health were never tested, meaning you may end up with an unsociable or unhealthy dog.

If you’re seeking out a breeder for a crossbreed, you should make sure they’re transparent, willing to answer questions, can provide health testing records for the parents, and don’t want to meet in a neutral location for pick up — this might mean they’re trying to hide how they raised the puppy.

You should also ensure you aren’t taking the puppy home before eight weeks, as this is a recipe for a puppy with behavioral issues.

The Cost

You can expect this designer breed to cost around $1000 to $1200 from a breeder. Anything less is a red flag, as it means they didn’t cost much to raise. Beer…


This is a large dog breed that can grow up to 27 inches tall and weigh up to a whopping 105 pounds! They may have a shorter or longer coat depending on which parent they took after and can come in a variety of colors.


Because they’re a mixed breed, it’s hard to predict their temperament. They could take after any one of their parents, so expect some variance. However, there are a few traits that do seem to pop up a lot.

They’re loving and laid back around their family. Neither of these breeds has a fiery or stubborn streak, so you can safely expect an intelligent dog that loves to learn. They do bond with their people and that means separation anxiety is a possibility, however, so make sure you’re prepared for this. You should never leave them alone for too long and if you have a hectic schedule, may not be the dog for you. Beer…

They’re great with other animals as well as kids. If you’re looking to bring a dog into your home that’s going to get along with human and furry children alike, there’s no better choice. They’re good with dogs and aren’t prone to chasing smaller animals, as they don’t have too much of a prey drive. Just make sure you take introductions slow to be sure, as nothing is guaranteed.

Labernese Puppies – Veterinary Needs

Their veterinary needs are mostly the same as any other dog. You should get them all of their puppy shots starting at six to eight weeks old to protect them from parvovirus, distemper, and other diseases that can quickly become fatal for unprotected dogs. Until they have them all, avoid letting them interact with unknown dogs. Don’t even let them walk in areas other dogs may have, as they may pick something up from the ground. They’ll also get their rabies shot at the end of all this, and can get vaccinated for kennel cough and other optional things.

Vaccines are usually boosted once a year. You should also put them on flea and heartworm medication.

It’s hard to predict the health issues of a mixed breed, so you should really just make sure you’re keeping up with preventative appointments. Bagsofmilk…


The main thing you should know is to avoid grain-free food (unless your dog is allergic to grains). It’s marketed as healthy for your pup by the brands that sell it, but has been linked to heart disease in dogs.

Otherwise, the decision of raw vs. kibble is up to you. Each has its pros and cons, although owners may have a strong opinion on them.

Raw food can cost a lot of money, but is often healthier for your dog. As long as it’s prepared by someone who knows what they’re doing. Dogs are omnivores, so they need more than just meat. Subscription services can prepare them for you.

Kibble is convenient and can be cheaper, but you should still pick a good-quality brand. The very cheap stuff can lack the nutrients your dog needs and be full of filler. Skip…


When it comes to grooming, their coat will depend on which breed they took after more. Shorter coats need brushed less than longer coats, so take into account your dog’s individual fur — and get your vet’s advice if need be.

Clean their ears and teeth regularly, and you should keep an eye on their claws too. Use clippers or file them down with a Dremel when they get too long. You’ll know because they’ll start tapping on the floor, which is usually every six to eight weeks. If they don’t like nail care or find it intimidating, provide lots of high-value treats while doing it. Nailcare should be a positive time for them!

Labernese Puppies – Photos



Labernese Puppies


Labernese Puppies


Labernese Puppies ears


Labernese Puppies black


Labernese Puppies cute

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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