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Maltipoo Puppies

Rachel Poli Author
Aug 14 ·

Did you know that Poodle mixes are one of the most popular mixed dog breeds? There’s a lot to love about Poodles and their mixes. As you may have guessed, Maltipoo puppies are a cross between the toy or miniature Poodle and the Maltese. These doggos are hard-working dogs that will be a great addition to any household. Let’s learn more about these adorable pups.

Learn more about the Maltipoo

The Maltese is a small dog breed, and toy and miniature Poodles are, of course, also small. So, you can expect that a Maltipoo will grow to be between eight and 12 inches in height. Additionally, they’ll only weigh between five to twenty pounds.

Most of these hybrids take after their Poodle parent, although it will be the luck of the draw when it comes to genes. Similar to other Doodles, the Maltipoo will have a teddy bear look about. This pooch is tiny and fluffy. How can you beat that? Their coat is typically wavy or curly and can come in a handful of coat colors. For instance, you may see Maltipoo puppies with an apricot, brown, black, white, or cream coat.

These hybrids are loyal, affectionate, friendly, and playful. They are excellent lapdogs, enjoying plenty of cuddle time, and they adore people. This pooch is also energetic and enjoys doing various activities with its owner. So, if you’re part of an active family, you can be sure that the Maltipoo will love to join in on the adventure. 

They’re also great with kids and easy to train. This intelligent pup will need early socialization, but they’ll be eager to please and love to learn.

The downside to the pup is that they are excessive barkers and are prone to separation anxiety. However, if you can handle the noise and aren’t out too often without your doggo, then the Maltipoo will be just fine in your house. Francis…

Where to find Maltipoo puppies

You can find Maltipoo puppies anywhere. Your best bet is to go through a reputable breeder who specializes in breeding Poodles and Maltese dogs. However, you want to do your research and don’t go with the first breeder you find. Please get to know the breeder and make sure they’re certified, have all the information you need, and care about where the puppies go for a home.

Alternatively, you can look up your local animal shelter or breed-specific rescues for Poodles or Malteses. Chances are, they may have mixed breeds of the two purebreds, and you can adopt instead of shop.

How much do Maltipoo puppies cost?

Depending on where you can find this adorable doggo, you can expect to spend anywhere between $400 and $2,000. Getting this hybrid from a local shelter or rescue will be less expensive than a breeder. Puppies…

Preparing for your Maltipoo pup

There’s a lot to do when it comes to preparing for a new puppy. First, find a veterinarian who is accepting new patients. Then, make sure the two of you work well together and you like the clinic. Together, they can help you prepare for your puppy. They’ll let you know what to expect from a Maltipoo and also help you with any supplies you need to get.

Once you have a vet, it’s time to go shopping. You can buy just anything about dogs at your local pet store. For example, you’ll need dog food, treats, a bed, a crate, a collar, a leash, a harness, and so much more. Grooming supplies for home, poop bags, and cleaning supplies are also a good idea to have on hand.

Finally, you can go home and set up a quiet area for your new Maltipoo puppy. This will be their safe space when they need to rest, or they feel overwhelmed. It will also be the spot you go to when bringing home your pup.

Bringing home your new puppy

So now you’re ready to bring home your Maltipoo puppy. First, take a couple of days off from work so that you can spend a few days with your new furry friend. This way, the two of you can get used to each other, and you can begin the training process right away. In the meantime, let your pup get used to their surroundings.

Using baby gates and other puppy-proofing equipment, make sure your dog can get to their crate, bed, and toys without finding wires to chew on or other objects to eat. Putting them in a small room will help them recognize their area and get used to the new environment and smells without feeling overwhelmed.

After a day or two of you guys getting to know one another, you can begin the training. 

How to train your Maltipoo puppy

Training Maltipoo puppies should be fairly easy. They are intelligent dogs and are ready to learn. In addition, they’re eager to please their owners. Plus, they see training as bonding time with you. So any time they get to spend with you, they’ll be happy.

You’ll need to have patience and use plenty of positive reinforcement with this pooch. As a puppy, they may easily get distracted or be too energetic to focus sometimes. So during training, be sure to work on house training, potty training, crate training, and basic commands. 

Should you look into Maltipoo puppies?

Maltipoo puppies are a great idea for any household. These doggos love their families. They adore attention, are loyal, and affectionate. If you can handle their barking and have the time to spend a lot of time with them, then this small pup might be the right choice for you. 

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Maltipoo Puppies – Photos


maltipoo puppies

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maltipoo puppies


maltipoo puppies

Rachel Poli Author
Rachel is a stay-at-home pet mom, caring for her dog, cat, turtle, tortoise, and fish. She's a content writer in various niches but most notably in the pet field, educating pet parents on the health and wellbeing of their furry friends. When she's not writing, she's reading, playing video games, or organizing something.
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