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If you own a poodle, grooming is probably on your mind quite often. The breed needs to be groomed quite regularly to keep them healthy and looking fabulous so the following poodle grooming tips will come in handy. Given how much people love to stop and admire these wonderful creatures you will want them looking their absolute best.

5 Poodle Grooming Tips To Keep Them Looking Fabulous

Poodles are a dog breed with hair instead of fur. This means that their hair continuously grows like ours. To keep them looking great, you will have to do some daily grooming.

Here are a few tips to keep your dog looking fabulous:

1. Clean The Eyes

Poodles don’t have eyelashes so dirt and other debris get into their eyes quite often. As a result, Poodles often have weepy eyes. To prevent bad bacteria and fungi growing in the wet fur, clean the area around the eyes daily.

Poodle grooming

2. Poodle Grooming Means Lots Of Brushing

Having a poodle means you will need to spend some time brushing your dog daily. Poodles don’t outwardly shed, instead, the dead hair gets tangled into the coat. Matting from dead hair can cause some serious skin problems.

Poodle grooming

3. Nails

If your dog has limited access to hard surfaces like cement, tar, and hard soil, you will have to check its nails at least once a month. Soft surfaces like lawn and carpets don’t wear down dog nails. Long nails can become quite painful to your dog so make a point to check.

4. Dental Care

If you want to avoid dental problems and bad breath in your Poodle, clean its teeth at least 2-3 times a week. You can do this by using a doggy toothbrush with dog-safe toothpaste or by giving your pooch a dental chew.

5. Ear Care

Poodles have hair growing inside their ear canals. This hair should be regularly removed to avoid earwax buildup and ear infections. Check your dog’s ears regularly for any signs of infection.

Poodle grooming can be quite fun if you learn to do it yourself. It can also strengthen the bond you share with your pooch. Happy grooming folks!

Here is a video to help you with grooming:

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