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As a dog owner, you always want what is best for your Poodle health-wise. Health is one of your top priorities when it comes to caring for your dog after all. It is especially important with this breed given how intelligent they are, how close they get to their owners and their unique grooming requirements.

So what exactly can you do to keep your dog healthy and at the same time improve its quality of life? Let’s delve deeper into the poodle breed.

How To Improve Your Poodle’s Health And Quality Of Life

Poodles are fabulous little dogs that require quite a bit of pampering to keep them healthy and happy.

1. Take Your Poodle For Regular Health Checkups

Take your dog for its vaccinations, get it treated for parasites, and have a vet do regular general checks. If you pick up on an illness early on, the outcome is usually better for everyone involved.

Poodle health

2. Groom For Optimum Poodle Health

Poodles, unlike most other dogs, don’t have fur. They have hair that keeps growing and sheds into the coat. Brush your poodle often to remove dead hair, knots and to keep the skin healthy.

Poodle Health

3. Check The Eyes And Ears

Poodles need the hair in and around their ears trimmed regularly to prevent ear infections. They also need the hair around the eyes trimmed and wiped to keep it out of the eyes and clean.

4. Diet

Diet is very important when it comes to health and quality of life. It can solve a lot of health problems and provide your poodle with the energy it needs for daily activities. It is worth spending more on high quality food as that will mostly translate to lower long term vet bills.

5. Exercise

Poodles are very energetic and curious dogs. They need daily walks and stimulation to keep them fit, healthy, and out of trouble. The added bonus of keeping your dog so healthy is that it will rub off on your own wellbeing. Get your poodle out into large open spaces a couple of times a day if at all possible.

Keeping your Poodle healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow the steps above, you’re well on your way to optimum Poodle health. Click here to read more about poodles, how to pick a puppy, and to get some breed information.

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