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Poodle training is made quite simple by the fact that they are very intelligent dogs. They rank second on the list for most intelligent dog breeds written by canine psychologist Stanley Coren. They are only out-ranked by the Border Collie. not only will training improve their behaviour but it will also help to build a wonderful bond between you and your pet.

5 Simple Poodle Training Tips

Poodles are very easy to train if you start off on the right foot. Ideally you should start the training process as young as possible. So what exactly do you need to know? Let’s find out.

1. Poodle Training Basics

If you want to be successful, start with the absolute basics. Poodles may be smart, but they still need a strong foundation to build from. You can quickly build up trust and reward based training by focusing on getting them to sit or give you the paw. With such a smart breed you will quickly move on from there but don’t rush the basics.

Poodle training

2. Socialize

Socialization is one of the most important steps in any dog’s training. Make sure to introduce your dog to everything you can think of while it is still a puppy to make sure your dog grows into a well-rounded adult. This includes car rides, loud noises, and more.

3. Use Positive Reinforcement

Poodles are sensitive dogs that don’t handle conflict very well. They learn best when motivated in a positive way either by using training treats, toys, or by giving them lots of love.

Poodle training

4. Start Poodle Training Young

The younger you start training, the easier and faster your pup will learn. Between the ages of 4 weeks to around 6 months Poodle pups are like sponges that take in as much information as they can, accelerating their learning.

5. Make Training Part Of Your Everyday Life

For the best result, incorporate your poodle training into everyday life situations. Your dog will learn faster and retain information better if it is repeated throughout the day.

Poodles are very bright little dogs that will surprise you when it comes to their learning speed. Want to know more about this brilliant breed? Check our articles on poodle health, facts, and so much more.

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