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Saint Bernard Puppies

Rachel Poli Author
Aug 19 ·

Saint Bernards are a popular dog breed, especially for families with young kids. Also known as the Nanny Dog, this dog breed is calm, gentle, easygoing, and friendly. They make excellent companion dogs and will be loyal to their family members. If you’re considering Saint Bernard puppies for your home, then let’s learn more about this dog breed.

A brief look at the Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is tall, strong, and muscular. They look more intimidating than they are. However, they were originally bred as rescue dogs. Needless to say, they’ll watch over your family and protect them. However, this pooch is not aggressive in any way. This is Tiny… 

This doggo is large, growing to be about 26 to 30 inches in height and weighing between 120 to 180 pounds. Females are typically slightly smaller than males. Given their size, this pup won’t do well in an apartment as calm as they are. Instead, they need a house with a fenced-in yard so they can stretch their legs.

Saint Bernards can have a short coat or a long coat. Most of the time, you’ll see this pooch with a long coat. No matter the length, though, these dogs are heavy shedders. Allergy sufferers beware; this pooch is a heavy shedder. They need weekly brushing to keep their year-round shedding at bay.

Overall, this dog breed makes an excellent watchdog. They are loyal, friendly, and great with kids and other animals. In addition, they’ll be more than happy to cuddle on the couch with you (if they can fit).

They have moderate energy levels and enjoy a daily walk, but they don’t require much exercise. Due to their coat, they do well in cold weather but can’t tolerate the heat. So, in the summer months, be mindful of the weather when taking them outside.

Where can you find Saint Bernard puppies?

If you think this pooch is the right choice for you and your family, then you’re in luck. Saint Bernards are a popular dog breed for families, so you’ll be able to track down a reputable breeder. Boomer…

Breeders will be your best bet to find purebred Saint Bernard puppies, but be mindful of backyard breeders and puppy mills. A good breeder will get to know you, will meet with you in person, and allow you to meet the litter and the parents of the litter. In addition, they’ll know a lot about the breed and be able to give you the family tree and health history of the puppies.

You can also check your local animal shelter or breed-specific rescue. If they have Saint Bernards, they might not be puppies. They could be adults or seniors, and they could also be crossbreeds.

How much does a Saint Bernard puppy cost?

You can expect to spend, minimum, $1,500 on a purebred Saint Bernard puppy. The price will vary, depending on where you adopt the dog. Coco…

Preparing for your Saint Bernard puppy

Before you get your dog, there are a few things you’ll want to do to prepare. First, find a veterinarian who is accepting new patients. Then, you’ll be able to make an appointment right away for when you bring home your doggo. In addition, the vet can answer any questions you may have and help you prepare for the pup.

Then, you can head to the pet store and grab everything you see in the dog aisles. For example, you’ll need plenty of supplies, such as:

You’ll most likely need a few trips to the pet store, especially when you bring home your furry friend. Chances are, you’ll realize you need something extra. Lakeland…

Once you have everything, though, you can bring it all home and set up your house for your puppy. Give the dog its own space in a certain room in the house. Puppy-proof your home and set up baby gates to where you don’t want your puppy to wander. It’s always best to start small so that they can get used to their environment.

Bringing home your new puppy

Now that you have your new puppy, you can show them where their safe space is. This should include their bed, crate, and some toys. Then, allow your pooch to sniff around their area and the room as a whole so they can get used to the new scents.

Also, begin training right away. They don’t need to know basic commands just yet, but you definitely want to start crate training, potty training, and housebreaking as soon as possible.

Saint Bernards, since they were bred as rescue dogs, are easy to train. They are intelligent pups and will respond well to positive reinforcement and praise. Piiasd…

Should you consider Saint Bernard puppies?

There’s a lot to love when it comes to this dog breed. No matter who lives in your household, you can be sure the Saint Bernard will be friendly, gentle, and loyal to everyone.

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Saint Bernard Puppies – Photos


saint bernard puppies


saint bernard puppies


saint bernard puppies

Rachel Poli Author
Rachel is a stay-at-home pet mom, caring for her dog, cat, turtle, tortoise, and fish. She's a content writer in various niches but most notably in the pet field, educating pet parents on the health and wellbeing of their furry friends. When she's not writing, she's reading, playing video games, or organizing something.
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