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Arizona Dog Walkers – The 5 Best

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Jul 13 ·
Arizona Dog Walkers – The 5 Best'

Getting good exercise for your pup is essential, which is why we have rounded up the best Arizona dog walkers. These are the people and businesses who go above and beyond when it comes to looking after your four-legged friend.

You might be away on holiday or quite simply working long hours and need a helping hand. Trusting your pup to one of these dog walkers will ensure you come back to a tired and happy doggo. It will also undoubtedly be the highlight of their day, as we all know that dogs live for their walks.

So if you live in Arizona or happen to be visiting and need a good dog walker, these are the very best the state has to offer…

The Best Arizona Dog Walkers

1. TLC House & Pet Sitting Service – Chandler

TLC House & Pet Sitting Services provides a wide range of services for you if you’re not home. They’ll pet sit your dog and cat, watch your house, and also provide dog walking services. This will allow you to have some peace of mind, and your pooch will feel more comfortable being at home. In addition, they’ll get to know the friendly faces of the team members and feel well-loved.

2. Paws & Claws – Cave Creek

The staff is Paws & Claws are all certified, trained, and bonded. They provide the best care possible for your furry friend, whether it’s through pet sitting or dog walking. Whether you’re at home and are super busy or out of the house all day, the team will swing by and pick up your doggo for a walk or a jog. They’ll get exercise and plenty of playtime to release their energy and socialize.

3. Pet Sit Arizona – Phoenix

Pet Sit Arizona will cater to all of your needs. For example, they provide a pet shuttle service if you can’t take them to an appointment, pet food delivery, overnight care, drop-in visits, and dog walking during the day. Dog walking will allow your pup to get much-needed exercise and socialization throughout the day. In addition, they’ll be in good hands with the friendly and trained staff.

4. Fur Heart – Peoria

From pet sitting overnight or drop-in care to dog walking, Fur Heart will take great care of your doggo. For example, if you’re stuck at work but your pooch still needs to go out for their daily walk, you can ask Fur Heart to take care of it. Your furry friend will get a walk for as long as they need it to get their energy out and ample exercise in. The best part is that the walkers have GPS tracking so that you’ll know where your pup is at all times.

Arizona Dog Walkers

5. Keke and Fetch – Phoenix

Keke and Fetch provide all the care you need for your doggo. They’ll care for any animal you have at home, including all dog breeds and sizes. They’ll watch over your pets while you’re away on vacation, or they’ll drop in for a quick visit or take your doggo for a nice walk. Your pup will get a 30-minute daily walk with water, treats, and plenty of love and attention from their friendly staff.

Arizona Dog Walkers


Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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