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The 10 Best Doberman Breeders In America

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Oct 2 ·
The 10 Best Doberman Breeders In America'

Find the perfect dog is never easy but with this list of the best Doberman breeders in America you have a great place to start your research. If this is the breed you are after then these ethical well established breeders are the very best in the country.

We’ve picked these 10 using our Award criteria which place a large emphasis on great reviews, happy customers and businesses that consistently deliver on what they promise. The breeders are spread around the country so it may involve a trip to find your perfect puppy but it will be more than worth it.

If it is a Doberman you are after then these awards winning breeders are the best place to start…

Best Doberman Breeders

1. Sierra Dobie Farms Dobermans – Tennessee

Sierra Dobie Farms Dobermans in Tennessee is a father and son team that works hard on their dogs. Forty-five years after owning their first Doberman, they have incredible experience with the breed and know what makes a good dog. They want to share their love of Dobermans with others, which is why they breed them. They make sure they have dogs that are ready to take on the world in their forever home.

2. Rocky Mountain Dobermans – Colorado

Rocky Mountain Dobermans in Colorado knows that top-quality care and compassion are the most important things. They are very selective when it comes to their breeding program. That means that all of the puppies born are confident, healthy, happy dogs ready to thrive in their new homes. Dobermans are great dogs, and this breeder knows how to get the best out of them.

3. Sunny Hill Dobermans – Tennessee

Sunny Hill Dobermans in Tennessee has bred family dogs since 1989. There are few breeders around with more experience than them. They are a small breeder who focuses on quality over quantity to ensure that they can provide the best possible puppies to families. Their dogs are happy, healthy, and socialized, the perfect mix of beauty, temperament, and good health.

4. Mont Blanc Dobermans – California

Over in California, there’s Mont Blanc Dobermans. They are a family-oriented breeder who is trying to preserve the health and traits of the Doberman breed. They extensively health test and raise their Dobermans around their children to ensure they’re very socialized. That means you can welcome a Doberman from them into your family with complete confidence they’ll do well.

5. Premier Dobermans – Ohio

Premier Dobermans in Ohio was established in 2005, so they have over fifteen years of experience with breeding Dobermans. That means they have their program down pat! These AKC-registered Dobermans are selectively chosen for breeding to create the best possible puppies. They’ve never produced a single puppy with any of the common health problems this breed is known for. That means you can take home your new Doberman with complete confidence they’re healthy.

6. Henson’s Doberman Pinscher Puppies – Kentucky

This breeder has been raising puppies in Kentucky since 1968. There are very few breeders with as much experience as this one! The breeder welcomes questions on the puppies, and there are many different ways to contact them. They’re also happy to provide information, advice, and education about your new puppy’s care, so you can be sure you’re doing right by them when you take them home.

7. Got My Back Dobermans – Florida

Got My Back Dobermans raises AKC-registered puppies in Florida. You can browse their website to see pictures of the majestic dogs they’ve produced in the past, as well as read client testimonials that speak volumes about how great this breeder is. These dogs are healthy, socialized, and very trainable, making them excellent and well-rounded companions.

Best Doberman Breeders

8. Elite Family Dobermans – Oregon

Elite Family Dobermans in Oregon specializes in both family companions and protection dogs. Whether you need a dog that has a job to do or just want a faithful Doberman as a pet, they can provide — their dogs can do both! They raise their puppies in the home and children handle them, so you can ensure they’re used to a variety of situations and will fit into your family well. Whether you need a companion or a working dog, you can’t go wrong here.

Best Doberman Breeders

9. Quartet Dobermans – Nevada

Quartet Dobermans in Nevada commits themselves to preserving the Doberman breed. They want healthy dogs with great temperaments, and they provide them successfully. You can browse their website to see the adults they have and view any puppies they currently have. Contact them with any questions if you’re interested, and see just how great this breeder truly is.

Best Doberman Breeders


Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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