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Dallas Dog Grooming – The 10 Best Spots

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Jun 10 ·
Dallas Dog Grooming –  The 10 Best Spots'

If you are looking for the very best Dallas dog grooming spots then you are in luck as we have you covered today. You and your pooch can pop into one of these brilliant local businesses to get scrubbed up and looking fantastic.

These businesses are staffed with the most professional groomers who are dog lovers and who will make all pets feel welcome. You can even head off and pamper yourself for a couple of hours while your pooch is getting groomed.

So grab the leash and head out into the city. Time to check out the Dallas best dog grooming spots..

Dallas Dog Grooming

1. White Rock Pet Grooming

Your furry friend will get experienced, high-quality pet care at the White Rock Pet Grooming. Their groomers are experienced and strive to create an everlasting relationship with your canine. They’re reliable and trustworthy, all the while giving the best full-service grooming possible. Your pooch will be relaxed and happy at their salon.

2. Woody’s Pet Grooming

Woody’s Pet Grooming is open six days a week, including Sundays, so that your pooch can get clean whenever convenient for you. The staff are friendly and patient and will treat your canine friend as their own. They provide full-service grooming that will leave your pooch feeling fresh and clean by the time they get home from their appointment.

3. The Pooch Patio

The Pooch Patio is a multi-care facility where dogs can be dogs! If you want a place your dog can truly relax, this is the best option. Their grooming services offered are top-notch, and they truly care about the wellbeing of your pup. You can trust them!

4. Pet Bar Inc

Pet Bar Inc considers itself a dog’s best friend. The owner started it to find a way to keep her dog happy, fresh, and clean. As animal lovers themselves, the staff is committed to providing great services for your pet. They’re experienced and compassionate.

5. Furry Tails

Furry Tails can customize its grooming services to meet the unique needs of each dog that walks through its doors. They know that there’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to dogs, and will work with your pup to do the best for them. they offer a variety of services, and you can even drop your dog off early if you have places to be.

6. Downtown Dog

Downtown Dog tops off their grooming services with a bow or bandana, so your dog will be truly adorable when you pick them up! More importantly than this unique touch, they provide great services. Their staff knows how to make your dog feel comfortable and look and feel great.

Dallas dog grooming

7. Urban Dogg Dallas

Urban Dogg aims to take the work out of bathing your pet and grooming and make it feel fun instead. It’s no easy task, but they manage to do it! Your dog will have a great time being pampered, and they only use the highest quality and healthiest products.

Dallas dog grooming

8. Dog’s Day Out

Dog’s Day Out has an open view of their salon so you can monitor your pup’s progress for your own reassurance. As well as grooming, they also offer daycare and other services, so it can be your one-stop-shop for everything!

Dallas dog grooming

9. Lakewood Mobile Pet Grooming

If you aren’t able to transport your pet to a grooming service or they aren’t comfortable in new environments, there’s a solution. Lakewood Mobile Pet Grooming might just be for you. They offer great services from professional staff and are growing very fast due to their good reputation.

Dallas dog grooming

10. Kibble Pet Grooming

Kibble Pet Grooming combines science and nature to provide the best possible results for your pup. Their staff administer pet grooming services and show they truly care about your dog. If you want the best combination of care and high quality results, you can’t go wrong here.

Dallas dog grooming

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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