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Dog Bakery – The 50 Best In America

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Jul 1 ·
Dog Bakery – The 50 Best In America'

It can get boring feeding your dog the same treats over and over which is why a special trip to a dog bakery is needed. Whether it’s their birthday, you’re looking for something special for a four-legged friend, or you want to get your pooch a special treat simply because you love them, there are dog bakeries you can check out.

These places have homemade, fresh dog treats with all-natural, high-quality ingredients. It’s all pet-safe and healthy for your dog to consume. They aren’t just any other businesses either but the very best in the country. Staffed by dog lovers who will welcome you and the pup with open arms.

If you want to give your dog a treat, they’ll surely love; check out some of the dog bakeries below.

The Best Dog Bakeries In America

1. Dog Days Barkery – Mobile, Alabama

If you’re looking to give your pooch a tasty and unique treat, then you can head to Dog Days Barkery. They are open six days a week for your dog food shopping needs. You’ll be able to buy treats, food, chews, and more in unique flavors that your pup will surely love. All the ingredients are high-quality and pet safe, so your doggo will get top-notch nutrition from it. In addition, they sell toys and puzzle toys where you can hide the treat so your doggo can have fun while getting a tasty reward.

2. Drool Central: A Mum & Pup Barkery – Anchorage, Alaska

Drool Central: A Mum & Pup Barkery strives to have a clean label on their dog food and treats. Everything is made from scratch with organic, high-quality ingredients grown fresh from Alaska. Their flavors are all-natural that your pooch will surely enjoy. In addition, most of their products are fish-flavored, so it’s food allergy-friendly. Plus, they have cat treats.

3. Bonnie’s Barkery – Phoenix, Arizona

Bonnie’s Barkery is a one-stop-shop for all your pup’s needs. They are a retail pet store with grooming, but the best part is that they have their own bakery for dogs. You can buy homemade bully sticks, cookies, biscuits, and special cakes and cupcakes for your pup’s birthday. In addition, they provide nutritional counseling for pet parents, so their four-legged friends get the best.

4. Three Dog Bakery – Bentonville, Arkansas

Whether you’re looking for a birthday cake for your pooch or you want to give them a tasty treat they’ve never tried before, Three Dog Bakery has you covered. They have a wide range of treats, cookies, and biscuits for your doggo to try. Everything is homemade with all-natural, high-quality ingredients. In addition, they have gluten-free options.

5. The Dog Bakery – Los Angeles, California

The Dog Bakery has a wide range of snack options for you and your doggo to choose from. The ingredients are all natural and made fresh. Whether you decide to get small, crunchy treats or jerky, you can get it in many unique flavors such as cheese, peanut butter, apple pie, or more. If you’re looking for cookies or cakes to celebrate a pup’s birthday, they have that, too. In addition, they sell toys.

6. Cosmo’s Dog Bakery and Pet Supplies – Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Cosmo’s Dog Bakery and Pet Supplies make homemade dog biscuits healthy and safe for your pooch to consume. They provide treats made with wheat and made without, depending on your dog’s needs. Their food has a 12-month shelf life as they’re baked slowly with no added preservatives, salt, or sugar.

7. Woof Gang Bakery – West Hartford, Connecticut

Whether your pooch needs to get groomed or they need a little retail therapy, you can head to Woof Gang Bakery to get everything you need. Their store has homemade dog treats with high-quality ingredients that are safe and healthy for your doggo to eat. In addition, they sell birthday cakes and cupcakes if your furry friend’s birthday is coming up soon.

8. Tailbangers – Millsboro, Delaware

You can bring your doggo to Tailbangers to pick up some homemade packaged treats for home, or you can buy a tasty treat and eat it there. They have a wide range of cookies and biscuits for your beloved companion, including seasonal and holiday-themed treats. Everything is all-natural and human-grade, with no soy, corn, or preservatives.

9. Downtown Dogs – Tampa, Florida

You can bring your furry friend with you when you go shopping at Downtown Dogs. They have a wide range of items that your pooch will surely love, such as toys, beds, and, of course, homemade treats. The treats range from crunchy to soft and chewy, depending on what your doggo likes best. A variety of flavors are offered, made with high-quality ingredients.

10. Dog City Bakery – Marietta, Georgia

You can be sure that your pup will get nothing but the best at Dog City Bakery. They provide a wide range of commercial dog food and treats from top brands, but they also have their own homemade dog treats. These treats are all-natural with no fillers or preservatives. The ingredients are high-quality so that your pooch can have a tasty snack that’s healthy for them, too.

11. Hawai’i Doggie Bakery – Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawai’i Doggie Bakery is filled with yummy treats for your pups. They provide cookies, biscuits, and other homemade goodies that are all-natural and healthy for your pooch to consume. They also create cakes for birthdays that are cream cheese-based or yogurt-based. In addition, they sell toys, hats, and birthday decorations for you to throw your furry friend the best birthday party.

12. BarkMarket & Treat Shoppe – Meridian, Idaho

For seven days a week, you can bring your pup to BarkMarket & Treat Shoppe for all their needs. Whether they need to be groomed or you need to get some extra pet supplies, this store has you covered. In addition, they have a bakery filled with yummy homemade dog treats in many flavors. Also, they sell birthday cakes for dogs.

13. Happy Dog Barkery – Downers Grove, Illinois

Happy Dog Barkery offers a wide range of homemade dog food and treats. For example, they have an all-natural and holistic dog and cat food that comes in dry, raw, dehydrated, or canned. Also, they have bones and chews. Their bakery is filled with yummy cookies and biscuits for your pooch, including birthday cakes and cupcakes. In addition, you can buy cookie boxes as gifts.

14. Paw Street Bakery – Plainfield, Indiana

You and your pooch will surely have a fun time exploring all that Paw Street Bakery has to offer. This bakery has birthday cakes, iced dog treats, dog biscuits in assorted flavors, soft treats, and dog frozen yogurt. No matter what season it is, you can get your dog a homemade, tasty treat for a hot day or a cozy time indoors.

15. Brown Dog Bakery – Ankeny, Iowa

Brown Dog Bakery is a retail pet store that provides many different pet supplies and top-notch commercial dog food brands. However, they sell their own dog treats. From cookies to biscuits, your doggo will enjoy the many flavors of this bakery. Also, they have birthday cakes for dogs that you can order.

16. Treats Unleashed – Leawood, Kansas

Treats Unleashed truly has all the dog treats you could imagine. They provide custom birthday cakes for dogs. Also, they make crunchy dog treats, decorated treats, yogurt drops, birthday bones, and so much more. Some of the staff are trained pet experts and will help you with nutritional counseling to give your pooch the best.

17. Bluegrass Barkery – Lexington, Kentucky

Bluegrass Barkery is open seven days a week for any treats your dog needs (or wants). They freshly bake their dog treats daily so that they’ll always have something fresh out of the oven. This store makes its treats with all-natural, high-quality ingredients that are food-allergy friendly. This means their dog treats are free from common ingredients that cause allergies or other issues such as diabetes.

18. Southern Paws – New Orleans, Louisiana

Southern Paws has a wide range of items for your dog. For example, they have pet supplies, dog gear, appeal, and, of course, homemade treats. Your doggo can have special treats decorated, or you can pick up a bag of packaged cookies for them. Birthday cakes can be ordered, and you can even get your pooch a drink.

19. Bark Harbor – Bar Harbor, Maine

Bark Harbor is a pet supplies store with a wide range of items for you and your pooch. They have a bakery with many homemade goodies in various flavors. For example, you can get your doggo crunchy treats that are flavored blueberry, apple cinnamon, cheese, bacon, sweet potato, and more.

20. Loyal Companion – Annapolis, Maryland

You’ll be able to get everything you need for your furry friend at Loyal Companion. Here, they provide various pet supplies, gear, and apparel. They also have plenty of dog food and treats from commercial brands. The best part is that they have homemade treats that are made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients.

21. Polkadog Bakery – Boston, Massachusetts

No matter what your canine needs, you can be sure to get it at Polkadog Bakery. If they prefer crunchy treats, you can get them here. They also have chewy treats, training treats, and more. All of their food items are made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients. In addition, this store sells single-ingredient treats to cater to special diets.

22. Fuzzybutz Pet Bakery – St. Joseph, Michigan

You can be sure that your pooch is getting something tasty and healthy when you buy them homemade treats from Fuzzybutz Pet Bakery. All of their snacks are locally made, handmade, and with all-natural ingredients. They freshly bake their treats daily so that you’ll always get something right out of the oven. In addition, they sell supplies and clothes for dogs.

23. Pet Evolution – Woodbury, Minnesota

Pet Evolution provides everything you need seven days a week. You can bring your pooch to their store for supplies or be groomed. They also have mobile services for grooming and food delivery. This store has its own homemade dog food and treats in four categories, based on various diets that your dog may need. They cater to allergies and picky eaters.

24. Cafe BoneJour Dog Barkery – St Louis, Mississippi

Your pup will certainly be spoiled at Cafe Bonejour Dog Barkery. They provide a wide range of tasty treats that are decorated and fun to look at. You can buy your dog a treat or two as something special for later, or you can buy packaged treats for home. A biscuit bar is also provided to choose what you want, and your pup can taste test.

25. Brookside Barkery & Bath – Kansas City, Missouri

Your pooch will absolutely love going to Brookside Barkery & Bath. Whether you need some more pet supplies or your pooch needs a bath, you can bring them here. This store also provides homemade dog treats and food. In addition, they have nutritionists on-site so that you can get counseling on what’s best for your dog.

26. Lovable Pets Bakery & Boutique – Billings, Montana

At Lovable Pets Bakery & Boutique, you’ll be able to get everything your doggo needs. You can bring them here to get groomed or buy pet supplies and high-quality commercial dog food from them. However, this store also has its own bakery with all-natural ingredients. You can put your canine companion a tasty treat after their grooming appointment or order a cake for their birthday.

27. Long Dog Fat Cat – Omaha, Nebraska

Long Dog Fat Cat carries high-quality treats and top-notch brands of dog and cat food. They are one of the only stores to make their own bakery treats, jerky, and supplements in-store, so that you can get your furry friend a special treat for their special day. Their treats are all-natural and carefully sourced. You can also order custom treats and cakes from them based on your dog’s diet.

28. Bogart’s Bone Appetit – Las Vegas, Nevada

Bogart’s Bone Appetit is a one-stop shop for all your pup’s needs. You can bring your furry friend here to get groomed, pick up some dog supplies, and more. They have an on-site bakery with homemade treats, cookies, and cakes made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients.

29. Four Your Paws Only – Conway, New Hampshire

Whether you need something for your dog or you want to pick up a gift for yourself or a fellow dog lover, you can certainly find what you need at Four Your Paws Only. This store also has an on-site pet bakery where you can watch as they make gourmet biscuits, cookies, and cakes from scratch. They decorate all of their own cookies & cakes by hand. If your furry friend has a birthday coming up,  you can custom order a birthday cake for them here.

30. The Hungry Hound – Somerville, New Jersey

The Hungry Hound has a wide range of homemade dog treats, biscuits, cookies, and cakes. These treats are made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients and come in a variety of flavors. For example, your pooch can eat flavors such as cheddar, blueberry, cinnamon, bacon, and more. Your pooch will feel like they’re in a candy shop, but it’s all healthy for them.

31. Boofy’s Best for Pets – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Whether you have a dog, cat, small animal, or bird, Boofy’s Best for Pets has everything you need. This includes dog food from top-notch brands and homemade dog treats. You’ll be able to go to this store with your pup, browse around, and get them a yummy cookie or biscuit that they’ll surely love.

32. Little L’s Pet Bakery & Boutique – Brooklyn, New York

Your canine companion will absolutely love Little L’s Pet Bakery & Boutique. They have homemade crunchy dog treats that are healthy and tasty in various flavors. You’ll be able to get your pooch jerky treats, crunchy cookies, food toppers, and more. Everything is made with all-natural ingredients and real meat.

33. Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery – Waynesville, North Carolina

Your pooch will have a hard time picking out a favorite treat at Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery. They have a wide range of treats to choose from, such as decorated cookies, crunchy or chewy biscuits, and even oil. All of their treats are wholesome and come in various flavors, such as pumpkin, duck, peanut butter, cheddar, and more.

34. Treat Play Love – Grand Forks, North Dakota

You can go to Treat Play love for everything your doggo needs. Whether you need to pick up some extra pet supplies, your dog needs a bath, you need nutritional counseling for your pup, or you want to get them a tasty treat, you can get it here. Their treats are all-natural and freshly baked. They provide frosted cookies, biscuits, and cakes.

Dog Bakery
35. The Grateful Dog Bakery – Ridgeville, Ohio

The Grateful Dog Bakery provides many yummy dog treats, cookies, biscuits, and cakes for your pooch. They have a variety of flavors to choose from. Also, you can ask for custom cakes for your pup’s birthday. Everything is made with all-natural, pet-safe ingredients. So, it’s healthy for your pup.

Dog Bakery
36. Three Dog Bakery – Edmond, Oklahoma

Three Dog Bakery has a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to homemade dog treats. They have realistic-looking cookies and biscuits so that they’re a fun treat for all. Their ingredients are healthy and safe for your pooch to consume. Also, they cater to special diets, having wheat-free options.

Dog Bakery
37. Woof’s Dog Bakery – Gold Beach, Oregon

Woof’s Dog Bakery is all about holistic pet nutrition. All of their treats are homemade and freshly baked with wholesome ingredients. Your pooch will love their variety of flavors and different options to choose from, such as crunchy or chewy, cookies or cupcakes. In addition, they sell pet supplies, including toys, beds, and apparel.

Dog Bakery
38. GiggyBites Bakery for Dogs – Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Whether it’s bacon & cheese, oatmeal & peanut butter, crunchy chicken, or any other flavor, your doggo will certainly enjoy a homemade treat from GiggyBites Bakery for Dogs. They provide a wide range of treat options including muffins,  jerky, birthday stuff and holiday meals. In addition, they cater to special diets based on what your pup needs.

Dog Bakery
39. Jack’s Snacks, a dog bakery – Warwick, Rhode Island

Jack’s Snacks is a dog bakery that makes homemade, fresh dog biscuits from ingredients you can find in your own kitchen. There’s nothing added, and everything is pet-safe for your furry friend to consume. They’ll make yummy custom cakes for your dog’s birthday. In addition, this bakery caters.

Dog Bakery
40. The Barkery Bistro – Greenville, South Carolina

The Barkery Bistro provides a lot of services for your favorite canine. Your pooch can come here for a grooming and a bath or a tasty treat. Their dog treats are decorated and come in a wide range of flavors, so your doggo will surely enjoy them. All of their treats are made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients that are healthy and safe for your dog to consume.

41. Shop Dog Boutique – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

You can buy a wide range of treats for your furry friend at Shop Dog Boutique. They provide training treats, crunchy treats, chewy treats, cookies, cupcakes, and more. Also, you can buy a birthday cake for your favorite canine on their special day. In addition, this bakery has toys, collars, grooming supplies, and other accessories you need for your doggo.

Dog Bakery
42. Spotted Dog Bakery – Kingston Springs, Tennessee

At the Spotted Dog Bakery, they want your pooch to have the best birthday party ever. They also want your doggo to have yummy treats that are good for them, too. In addition to custom-made cakes, this bakery also provides cake toppers, birthday party accessories (such as hats), and other dog treats for a “just because” occasion.

43. Woof Gang Bakery – Sugar Land, Texas

At Woof Gang Bakery, they provide nothing but the best for your furry friend. They make all-natural, healthy dog treats and jerky. Everything is oven-baked and fresh. In addition, they have birthday cakes for your pooch. You can order and have a custom cake made, as well. They provide other services such as grooming and nutritional counseling seven days a week.

Dog Bakery
44. Dela’s Doggy Desserts – Jordan, Utah

If you’re looking for a healthy, all-natural treat for your furry friend, then Dela’s Doggy Desserts is the place to go. Their dog treats are human-grade, made with high-quality ingredients. There are no added preservatives, salt, or sugar. So, you know your pooch is getting something good for them, and it’s tasty too.

Dog Bakery
45. The Dog and Cat – Stowe, Vermont

The Dog and Cat have a wide range of dog and cat products for your to choose from. In addition to general pet supplies, they also have their own bakery with homemade dog treats. All of their treats are all-natural and made fresh with high-quality ingredients. Your doggo will surely enjoy a tasty snack from them.

Dog Bakery
46. Dogma Bakery – Arlington, Virginia

Dogma Bakery is a one-stop-shop. Not only will you be able to get pet supplies and get your dog groomed, but they also provide top-notch dog food and treats from well-trusted brands. In addition, if your pup has a birthday coming up, you can head to their bakery and get a custom cake made. Their cakes are homemade, fresh, and made with high-quality ingredients, so your pooch gets nothing but the best.

Dog Bakery
47. Wag N’ Wash – Seattle, Washington

In addition to pet supplies and grooming, Wag N’ Wash has a gourmet bakery. You can buy all-natural treats for your pooch that range in various flavors, sizes, and textures. You’ll be able to find tasty treats that are crunchy or chewy by mixing and matching treats in a bag yourself and buying prepackaged treats. Also, they make custom birthday cakes.

Dog Bakery
48. Pet Works – Westover, West Virginia

Pet Works provides everything you need for all of your animals, no matter what you have at home. So, you can come here for all of your needs. However, if you’re looking for something unique, then you can certainly get your pooch a homemade dog treat from here. Their treats are all-natural and high-quality that your doggo will surely enjoy. In addition, they offer nutritional counseling.

Dog Bakery
49. Petlicious Dog Biscuit Bakery – Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Petlicious Dog Biscuit Bakery provides grooming services in addition to homemade dog treats. Their treats are all-natural without salt, sugar, preservatives, or dyes. Everything is organic and human-grade, so you know it’s healthy and safe for your pooch to consume. In addition, they provide custom-made birthday cakes for your furry friend.

Dog Bakery
50. Tail Waggers and Wash – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Tail Waggers and Wash carries many pet supplies for all your needs. They also provide grooming services so you can get everything you need for your pooch in one place. They sell high-quality dog food brands but also have their own bakery. You’ll be able to buy specialty dog treats for special occasions or to treat your pup simply because you love them.

Dog Bakery

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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