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North Carolina

The 10 Best Dog Breeders In North Carolina

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Sep 17 ·
The 10 Best Dog Breeders In North Carolina'

If you are looking for a new puppy and want to find the best dog breeders In North Carolina, this useful list is the ideal starting point. These ethical breeders follow the highest standards to ensure that their customers leave happy with a beautiful dog that they will enjoy for life.

Picking a dog is a big undertaking, and finding the right breed is half the challenge. These breeders will be happy to talk you through the temperament of their dogs and how to get started with caring for the animal.

If you want the best breeders near you, these are the best businesses to start with (you can see our criteria here)…

Dog Breeders In North Carolina

1. Happytail Puppies – Oak Ridge

Happytail Puppies is a group of close-knit friends and families dedicated to providing great, healthy puppies for their customers. Each family has a licensed and inspected kennel in which the puppies are raised, so you can be sure they’re already in the best home. They’re determined to find the best match for each home, so they’ll work with you to determine what you need.

2. Charlotte Dog Club – Cleveland

Charlotte Dog Club strives to give families high-quality puppies. The vet checks each dog to ensure they’re healthy and ready for their new homes. In addition, they socialize and train the puppies in a family setting. As a result, they’ll provide you with a happy, healthy puppy.

3. Parkers Precious Puppies – Hickory

Parkers Precious Puppies guarantees the health of their puppies. The dogs get health screened, and they socialize and train the puppies. This prepares them for their new forever home. In addition, they provide each puppy love, attention, and care they deserve. All the puppies are well prepared to be family dogs.

4. Cook Farm Kennels – Browns Summit

If you’re looking for a working dog or a family companion pooch, then you can check out Cook Farm Kennels. This breeder provides high-quality puppies great for families or law enforcement work. The best part is that you can visit the dogs to pick one out and meet the breeders to get to know them. They’ll help the adoption process go smoothly.

5. Good Day Doodles – Greensboro

Good Day Doodles is a high-quality breeder that strives to give families happy, healthy puppies. Each dog is raised to be a family dog. The breeder socializes and trains the puppies as soon as they’re able. In addition, the breeder will explain to you how to take care of the puppies. They’ll be there if you have any questions about your new furry friend.

6. The Creekside Kennel – Lumber Bridge

The Creekside Kennel breeds and raises high-quality Labradors. These pups are show dogs, coming from a champion bloodline. However, the breeders socialize and train these pups to be excellent family companion dogs. The vet health screens the dogs to ensure you’ll receive a happy, healthy doggo.

Dog Breeders In North Carolina labrador

7. Carolina Doodle Puppies – Kernersville

Carolina Doodle Puppies provides high-quality family companion dogs. They breed Doodles who are calm, friendly, and intelligent. The vet health screens the puppies to ensure they’re ready for their new forever home, so you can be sure you’ll receive a healthy dog. In addition, the breeder socializes and trains each pup as early as they can. You can visit them and the litter in person and bring home your new furry friend as early as eight weeks.

Dog Breeders In North Carolina

8. Darlin’ Doggies – Concord

You’ll be sure to find your new furry friend at Darlin’ Doggies. The breeders have a wide range of puppies for adoption who are ready for forever homes. Each pup is socialized and trained as soon as they can. In addition, the breeders call the vet to health screen the dogs. Also, this breeder provides pet supplies, training, and boarding.

Dog Breeders In North Carolina puppies

9. Dream About Farm – Carthrage

Whether you need pet products or you’re looking for a new best friend, you can head to Dream About Farm. This breeder has Mini Goldendoodles and Miniature Poodles for adoption. They socialize and train the doggos to prepare them for their new forever home. The dogs live on a farm where they receive lots of love, affection, and attention. Plus, they can run around the large field.

Dog Breeders In North Carolina

10. The Husky Patch – Cameron

If you think you’d like a Siberian Husky or a German Shepherd, then you can check out The Husky Patch. This breeder provides high-quality, healthy puppies. They breed dogs who will make excellent family companion dogs. These pups are socialized, trained, and well-loved. You can visit the litter and bring one home as soon as they’re eight weeks old.

North Carolina Dog Breeders Husky

Check out some of the other great dog businesses we have given awards to in North Carolina.

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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