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The 5 Best Dog Breeders In Washington

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Sep 23 ·
The 5 Best Dog Breeders In Washington'

If you are looking for a new puppy and want to find the best dog breeders In Washington this useful list is the ideal starting point. These are the ethical breeders that follow the highest standards to ensure that their customers leave happy with a beautiful dog that they will enjoy for life.

Picking a dog is a big undertaking and finding the right breed is half the challenge. These breeders will be happy to talk you through the temperament of their dogs and how to get started with caring for the animal.

If you want the very best breeders near you then these are the best businesses to start with (you can see our criteria here)…

Dog Breeders In Washington

1. Clearbrook Kennels – Sumas

Clearbrook Kennels is a rat terrier breeder in Washington. They’re minutes from the Canadian border, so they’re ideal for someone looking for a small dog in either the US or Canada. They have three sizes of terrier and have been breeding for many years. All of their dogs are registered with the AKC, so you can be sure you’re getting a purebred dog when you purchase a puppy from them.

2. Pups by Taylor – Bothell

Pups by Taylor is a small breeder in Bothell that specializes in Doodles. These crossbreed dogs are popular due to the fact they don’t usually aggravate allergies! This is huge for those who can’t be around a dog without sneezing. They are dedicated to making sure that their dogs go to amazing homes, and provide a lot of resources and insight on their website on choosing the perfect partner.

3. Button Nose Pups – Poulsbo

Button Nose Pups specializes in adorable Yorkshire Terriers, though they often have mixes such as Morkies. Every puppy is raised as a treasured member of the family. That means you can be sure that your new best friend is not only in good health, but well-socialized and knows human love well. This makes for an adaptable and brave new friend who can be your new companion everywhere.

Dog Breeders In Washington

4. Von Waldberg Kennels – Moltby

Von Waldberg Kennels is a respected breeder of German Shepherds. If you want a great loyal dog, look no further than them. They also offer boarding, grooming, and training, so you can be sure that they’re there for life. They truly love their dogs and want the best for them. That means your puppy is brought up in the best way possible. What more could you ask than your pup getting a great start in life?

Dog Breeders In Washington

5. Rainier Bully Kennels – Belfair

Rainier Bully Kennels specializes in great bully puppies. They offer a variety of colors and you can view their litters on their website. They also offer guardian dogs. This means you can take home an adult dog which the breeder can still use for puppies. Whether you want a younger bully or older, they can handle it, and they give their dogs a great start in life.

Dog Breeders In Washington

Check out some of the other great dog businesses we have given awards to in Washington.

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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