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Dog Breeders In America – The 50 Best

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Jul 8 ·
Dog Breeders In America – The 50 Best'

Picking a new pup can be a serious challenge especially when it comes to finding the right information. You can be overloaded with options which is why we have selected the 50 best dog breeders in America (using our awards criteria).

These are the breeders that have a serious track record with many happy customers to back them up. The very best of the best. Given how important your dog is and how much time you will spend with them it is worth a special journey to meet one of these great breeders.

Prepare to find an amazing dog that you will instantly fall in love with…

The Best Dog Breeders In America

1. Alabama Toys & Teacups – Arab, Alabama

Looking for a small dog in the southern states? Alabama Toys & Teacups have been raising various small breeds for fifteen years. Although they specialize specifically in small breeds, and that’s what customers go to them for, it’s not just the appearance they consider. Health and temperament are also of vital importance, and puppies also go home with AKC registration. They socialize the puppies from birth, so you can be sure they’ll be ready for their new home.

2. Arctic Akitas – Fairbanks, Alaska

If you’re looking for American and Japanese Akita Inu dogs that are AKC registered, look no further than Arctic Akitas. They’re a home-based kennel that breeds these super loyal dogs and sells them to loving families. They breed both American and Japanese intentionally, trying to combine the traits of both to get dogs with the perfect traits. Not in Alaska? Don’t worry. They can ship your puppy to different places. Contact them for the price.

3. Puppys N Love – Phoenix, Arizona

Puppys N Love has a zero-tolerance policy for backyard breeders and puppy mills. They provide a one-year health guarantee with their puppies which are raised with love and respect. They raise spaniels, cavapoos, pomskies, and huskies, so you have your choice of awesome breeds and mixes from Phoenix. All puppies are started on crate training and potty training by the time they go to their new home, and it’s possible for them to offer worldwide shipping.

4. Arkansas Labs – Little Rock, Arkansas

Looking for a beautiful Labrador? You don’t need to look any further than Arkansas Labs in Little Rock. They’re sold with a health guarantee so you can be sure the puppy coming home to you doesn’t have any issues. Their website has plenty of reviews from satisfied customers, so if you need more reassurance that your Lab puppy will be a great one, you can get it from those.

5. Australian Labradoodles – Los Angeles, California

The Australian Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador and poodle, and this breeder has been mixing the two since 2004. With a wealth of experience behind them, they know how to make great dogs. They provide plenty of resources on their website for taking care of your puppy, and have everything you might need to know about them as a breeder. They also provide a contract and health records for the dogs.

6. Boulder Puppies – Erie, Colorado

Goldendoodles are crosses between golden retrievers and poodles. With the low shedding coat of the poodle and temperament of the golden retriever, they make the perfect family dog. They’ve been operating since 2006, have carefully selected the dogs they breed, and raise the puppies in their own homes as part of the family. They crate train the puppies and expose them to as many new things as they can, getting your new puppy off to the best start in life. Brilliant dog breeders.

7. The Golden Gals –  Southbury, Connecticut

The Golden Gals in Connecticut breeds golden retrievers. They breed only dogs who have passed health checks on their eyes, hips, and other common problems in purebred dogs. The puppies are raised from birth in their home with undivided care and attention, and they provide lifetime support after the puppy has gone to their new home. Golden retrievers are known for being intelligent, loyal, wonderful family dogs, so you can’t go wrong by choosing one.

8. MarshyHope Labradors – Delmar, Delaware

Another great Labrador breeder is MarshyHope Labradors in Delaware. Registered with the AKC and operating for more than twenty years, MarshyHope has a wealth of experience that can’t be beaten. Their well-raised dogs have gone on to be therapy dogs, compete in obedience and other work, and do many great things. If you’re looking for a truly stand-out Labrador that has been loved from the start, they’re the breeder to pick.

9. Royal Flush Havanese – Fort Myers, Florida

Royal Flush Havanese has been raising puppies for decades in their home. These puppies don’t shed, which makes them great dogs for families who have allergies in the mix making things difficult. They love on their puppies from birth so when you pick up your puppy, they’ll be happy and well socialized, ready to begin life at their new home. They’re quick learners and great with children of all ages.

10. Georgia Dog Club – Calhoun, Georgia

Georgia Dog Club breeds many different breeders of all sizes. Whether you want a mixed breed such as a doodle, or a larger purebred dog like a golden retriever, they have it in Calhoun. They are a tight-knit family of breeders, meaning they can provide all of these different dogs while raising them to be loving, healthy, and happy. They’re so confident in their healthy pups that their health guarantee lasts for ten years, as opposed to the one year many breeders offer. One of the best dog breeders in America.

11. Kalihi Pet Center – Honolulu, Hawaii

Looking for a great breeder in Hawaii? Kalihi Pet Center has puppies, plus all the supplies you need for them, and has won awards. They do not purchase puppies from puppy mills. They only deal with local breeders so they can be sure that puppies have come from loving homes and have been well-socialized before coming to them. Additionally, they do not take dogs from the mainland due to the possible issues that could come with it, and have a diverse range of breeds.

12. Canyon Creek Puppies – Newdale, Idaho

Canyon Creek Puppies in Idaho lets their four daughters love on their puppies, so you can be sure they get care and attention. They breed different mixes, such as goldendoodles, so you can get a great temperament with a low-shedding coat. They also have a health guarantee when it comes to genetic conditions, as they’re very confident their dogs are healthy, so you can be reassured when purchasing a puppy.

13. Country Acres Puppies – Fairbury, Illinois

Country Acres Puppies breeds purebred poodles as well as designer mixes such as Maltipoos and more. They’re a family business with all hands on deck, and work hard to raise great puppies. Not only will they get you the breed you want, but they’ll do their best to match you with a puppy that’s suitable for your lifestyle. Keep an eye on their page for new litters if you want to get on their waiting list.

14. Hilltop Pups – Jasper, Indiana

Hilltop Pups breed English teddy bear goldendoodles on their estate in Indiana. They’ve invested eighteen years in searching all over the world, determined to find the absolute best dogs they possibly can for their program. Unlike a lot of breeders, they allow visitors, you can go and see the puppies and see where they’re being raised. This is helpful for those who are wary of picking out a puppy they never get to meet before pick-up day. Dog breeders don’t get much better than this.

15. Iowa Goldendoodle Dandys – Humboldt, Iowa

Another great goldendoodle breeder is Iowa Goldendoodle Dandys. They breed mini goldendoodles, so if you’re looking for a dog that’s a little smaller but has the great coat of a poodle and temperament of a retriever, you’re going to the right place. The puppies are handled daily to make sure they’re very used to people and completely socialized by the time you pick up your new puppy.

16. Prairie Hill Puppies – Hutchinson, Kansas

Prairie Hill Puppies breeds sheepadoodles in Hutchinson, Kansas, as well as bernadoodles and aussiedoodles. They’ve been breeding since 2003, so they’ve had plenty of time to get good at producing the perfect pups. They breed for temperament and do their utmost to provide you with healthy and happy puppies that are off to a great start in life. The parents are AKC registered, so you can be sure you’re getting the best dogs.

17. Prize Poodles and Doodles – Williamstown, Kentucky

Whether you want a purebred poodle or a mix with another dog, Williamstown has some options in the form of Prize Poodles and Doodles. They describe their dogs as healthy, laidback, intelligent, and eye-catching — which is everything you could want in a pup! They only have five dogs in their program, because they’ve been carefully selected to produce the best pups they possibly can.

18. Princess Puppies – Lena, Louisiana

Princess Puppies breeds designer dog breeds. They provide a lifetime health guarantee, so you never have to worry about genetic issues that come from their dogs. They also welcome people to go and see puppies before they buy them, so they’re another great breeder that allows visits and you can be sure you’re making the right decision! This breeder can use a puppy nanny to ship your dog, so they can be brought to you in the safest way possible if you aren’t local or able to travel.

19. Whoodles Of Maine – Corinth, Maine

Whoodles of Maine breeders another awesome poodle mix. If you want the temperament of another dog with the almost-hypoallergenic coat of a poodle and you’re in the north, Maine might just be the place to go. They raise their puppies with love and provide frequent updates on their social media so you can stay in touch, both before you pick up your puppy and after. Hands down one of the best dog breeders.

20. Promise Land Goldens – Pasadena, Maryland

Promise Land Goldens breed purebred golden retrievers. The perfect family dog, these goldens are AKC-registered and have the best temperaments. They also breed French bulldogs, and do their selections responsibly. They wait until the puppies are seven weeks old because, at that point, they have a good idea of personality to share with the buyer. Therefore you’re not just picking based on looks.

21. Windsong Shih Tzu – Weymouth, Massachusetts

Looking for a purebred Shih Tzu? Windsong in Weymouth has you covered. They breed family-raised, healthy puppies and value quality over quantity. That means they don’t produce as many litters as some breeders might, but it’s because the parents are carefully selected and they want to dedicate as much attention as possible to the litters. By doing this, they can make sure they provide you with the perfect pup.

22. Michigan Puppy – Hersey, Michigan

Michigan Puppy breeds both purebred and designer puppies so whatever you’re looking for, they can provide. They have a puppy nursery in which their puppies are raised, handled, and socialized from day one to ensure they’re getting the best start in life before going to their new owners. Their website is full of testimonials from satisfied customers, so you can read through those.

23. MN English Golden – Waconia, Minnesota

Looking for a light-colored golden? This breeder in Waconia, Minnesota, has you covered. They are world-class dogs who have often been used as therapy dogs due to their great personality and high intelligence. The dogs are from champion bloodlines, and you really could not find a better dog anywhere. The puppies come with registration, a health guarantee, and much more to make sure they have everything they need. As good as it gets when it comes to dog breeders.

24. PSD Kennels – Poplarville, Mississippi

PSD Kennels in Poplarville, Mississippi raises some different beautiful breeds, including German shepherds. They also offer a variety of services to make sure your dog has the best possible life with you they can, and can offer protection for you and your family. If you’re looking for a larger intelligent breed who has a purpose in life, you can’t go wrong with PSD Kennels.

25. Puppys R Us – Southern Hills, Missouri

Puppys R Us provides various puppies in Southern Hills, Missouri. They pride themselves on their open communication, meaning you can ask them many questions you might have about adding a new puppy to the family and they’ll get back to you with honesty and transparency. Their puppies are socialized, happy, and healthy, so you can be sure you’re adding the right family member to your pack!

26. Labradoodles of Montana – Helena, Montana

If you’re looking for a Labradoodle in Montana, you can’t go wrong with Labradoodles of Montana. They’re genetically sound dogs with great temperaments and health, as well as being extremely eye-catching. They also have a section of their website to provide you with extremely important information about your pup going home, so you can be well-prepared by the time you pick them up. You won’t find many better dog breeders.

27. Heartland Classics – Lyons, Nebraska

Heartland Classics in Nebraska prides themselves on breeding rare dogs, such as the Portuguese Water Dog. They also breed mixes between their purebreds. This is a family-owned kennel that started breeding dogs 35 years ago, so you can be sure they know what they’re doing and know how to create the perfect puppies. They meet the standards put forth by the AKC so you can be sure you’re bringing a great dog into your home from reputable people.

Dog Breeders
28. 4E Kennels – Nevada

4E Kennels in Nevada raises puppies to be service dogs and more. They’ve been featured on media for their awesome dogs and great standards when it comes to breeding. They do puppy evaluations to guide clients into picking the best puppy for them, rather than picking based on coat color and markings. The owner of the program is an AKC Good Canine Citizen Evaluator, so you know she knows how to judge dogs!

Dog Breeders
29. A Breed Apart Papillons – Londonderry, New Hampshire

A Breed Apart Papillons is a great breeder if you’re looking for a Papillon. With over twenty-two years of experience, they’ve been breeding dogs for a long time and know exactly what to look for. Papillons are great dogs, and these puppies live up to their potential by being brought up in a place where they’re socialized and taught good manners from day one.

Dog Breeders
30. Eden Dog – New Jersey

Eden Dog is a cockapoo breeder in New Jersey. They’re a small-scale breeder, so you can be sure they’re paying the attention that the puppies need. They’re raised as pets as well as ESAs, working animals, and therapy animals, so regardless of what your needs are, you can look into Eden Dog. Just because they’re small, fluffy, and cute, doesn’t mean they can’t be serious and impressive in many different situations when they need to be!

Dog Breeders
31. Fino Lagotto – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Lagotto dogs originate from Italy, and are bred out of New Mexico! They’re easy to train and great with children, so they make the perfect companions. If you’d like one of these beautiful dogs for a companion, Fine Lagotto is a great place to go. They select their dogs well and will work with you to make sure you get the perfect companion out of their puppies.

Dog Breeders
32. Brooklyn Cockapoos – Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Cockapoos are located in the heart of NYC, breeding great, allergy-friendly dogs! They have all of the appropriate health testing done as well as heavy socialization. They spare no expense when it comes to raising their pups — they’re all placed either in their own homes or in a guardian home, to make sure they’re always around humans. You can’t go wrong with this breeder if you’re looking for a healthy, happy dog.

Dog Breeders
33. Happytail Puppies – Oak Ridge, North Carolina

Happytail Puppies is a group of close-knit friends and families who are dedicated to providing great, healthy puppies for their customers. Each family has a licensed and inspected kennel in which the puppies are raised, so you can be sure they’re already in the best home. They’re determined to find the best match for each home, so they’ll work with you to determine what you need.

Dog Breeders
34. Jamesons Prairie Kennel – Sheldon, North Dakota

Jamesons Prairie Kennel is a family-run kennel in rural North Dakota. Their dogs come from lines of hunters/companions, and you can be sure they’re getting the exercise and socialization they need before they come to you. They can ship your puppy to you or you can fly to pick them up so even if North Dakota is a little out of your way, you can still get one of these great dogs. One of the best dog breeders out there.

Dog Breeders
35. My Golden Retriever Puppies – Millersburg, Ohio

My Golden Retriever Puppies provides purebred goldens in Ohio. They started as a partnership between two breeders but have since expanded into more. They plan their breedings carefully, making sure that they have only the healthiest and most well-socialized pups. Most importantly, they work with veterinarians to make sure their pups get all of the vaccines and medication they need, as well as determining their health.

Dog Breeders
36. Skyland Malamutes – Yukon, Oklahoma

Skyland Malamutes in Oklahoma breed malamutes, and this will be their last year, so if you want one of these puppies now is the time! They’re transparent about all they do, even providing veterinary information so you can contact their vet if you need any reassurance. They’ve carefully selected their dogs to have the best temperaments, as well as being absolutely beautiful dogs.

Dog Breeders
37. Golden Xpress Labradoodles – Mulino, Oregon

If you’re looking for Labradoodles in Mulino, Oregon, look no further than Golden Xpress. They’re a group of breeders who strive to provide the best puppies possible. They offer three different sizes so no matter what your needs are, you can have one of these dogs that comes with a low-allergy coat and a great temperament. Many of their dogs come from Rutland Manor lines, the cofounder of the breed since 1989.

Dog Breeders
38. Country Haven Puppies – Myerstown, Pennsylvania

Country Haven Puppies is a great breeder to go to if you want a mini Bernadoodle! These dogs have the gorgeous looks of a big dog in a small dog package. They’re raised by a Christian family in Pennsylvania who love to be outside, meaning their dogs get all of the exercise and socialization they could ever require. They love the qualities of a Bernese dog and strive to keep them in their small Bernadoodles.

Dog Breeders
39. Royal Flush Havanese – Charlestown, Rhode Island

This Rhode Island breeder is the only one in the state to be awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. That means you know you’re getting a puppy from a breeder that’s had many satisfied customers in the past. They can deliver puppies anywhere in the USA and have a website full of client testimonials for you to read, so you can be assured they have a great track record.

Dog Breeders
40. Pandoras Puppies – South Carolina

Pandoras Puppies breed Shih Tzus and Yorkshire terriers. They follow the AKC code of ethics so you know they’re following all of the best practices and producing happy, healthy pups. They screen both the puppies and potential owners to make sure that their puppies are going to the best home and will be a great match for you. Puppies leave with a full vet check and health guarantee against genetic faults.

41. Coteau View Kennels – Conde, South Dakota

Coteau View Kennels in South Dakota breeds beautiful Labradors. They use responsible breeding practices to provide family-friendly Labs that make great companions for any family. They also supply hunting Labs, and keep an eye out for genetic faults to ensure they aren’t breeding Labs that will not better the breed. One of the best dog breeders in America.

Dog Breeders
42. Cumberland Mountain Kennels – Horrogate, Tennessee

Cumberland Mountain Kennels in Tennessee is a breeder of purebred German shepherds and Morkies — so whether you’re looking for a small designer breed or a purebred large breed, they have it. These dogs are raised with love, care, and great socialization to ensure the best puppy is going home with you. They keep their customers and potential customers updated frequently on social media so you can get to know them through that.

Dog Breeders
43. Southern Doodlin – Atascosa, Texas

Southern Doodlin breeds both Labradoodles and goldendoodles, so whichever poodle mix you want, these have it! Combining the coat that doesn’t shed with the personality of a Labrador or golden retriever makes for an unforgettable dog. Combined with their breeding practices and careful raising of these puppies, these dogs come out to be some of the best in the world.

Dog Breeders
44. Lulu’s Lil Aussies – Stockton, Utah

Looking for an Australian shepherd in a miniature package? Lulu’s Lil Aussies breeds toy and mini Australian shepherds, so you get all of that herding energy in a small dog! Aussies are known to be extremely intelligent dogs, so these very trainable and trick-friendly dogs make great companions. Lulu’s even often has older dogs available, whether you’re looking for a new stud or just an older companion without that puppy energy.

Dog Breeders
45. Ural Hill Sled Dogs – East Hardwick, Vermont

Ural Hill Sled Dogs is a breeder of AKC-registered Siberian huskies. They test all of their dogs before breeding, including their eyes, and make sure their pups are microchipped before giving them away. They pride themselves on being here to help however you need it, so they can make sure you’re very prepared for your new puppy. You can always call them with any questions you have! Dog breeders don’t come much better than this.

Dog Breeders
46. Gleneden Labradoodles – Berryville, Virginia

Gleneden Labradoodles is a Labradoodle breeder in Virginia. These puppies live a comfortable, happy life where they can play all day, and the breeder says visitors often joke they’d like to trade lives with the puppies! They take good care of their dogs to prepare them well for going to their new owner, and they’ve been breeding for many years. There’s no lack of experience or care here.

Dog Breeders
47. Clearbrook Kennels – Sumas, Washington

Clearbrook Kennels is a rat terrier breeder in Washington. They’re minutes from the Canadian border, so they’re ideal for someone looking for a small dog in either the US or Canada. They have three sizes of terrier and have been breeding for many years. All of their dogs are registered with the AKC, so you can be sure you’re getting a purebred dog when you purchase a puppy from them.

Dog Breeders
48. Fox Creek Farm – Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Fox Creek Farm is one of the founding breeders of the Goldendoodle so if you’re looking for the best possible lines, you’ll find them here. They do health testing on every dog and even do DNA testing for certain diseases to create the healthiest possible puppies. They also provide lifetime support via phone and email, so if you ever have questions about your dog at any point through their life, you can contact them.

Dog Breeders
49. Spring Green Pups – Spring Green, Wisconsin

Spring Green Pups is a breeder of designer puppies in Wisconsin. The breeders have been training dogs their whole life, and know best how to raise puppies. They specialize in low-shedding breeds, so they’re another great option if you have allergies. Their website also provides training resources so they can help you out with making your pup the best possible dog they can be.

Dog Breeders
50. On The Ball Aussies – Cheyenne, Wyoming

On The Ball Aussies breeds toy, miniature, and standard Australian shepherds, so whatever size you’re looking for, you can get a great Aussie here. All Aussies as ASDR registered from this breeder, and many are also AKC registered. Puppies come with a two-year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support, so you can be sure the breeder will always be there for you. Every adult has been health tested, so you know you’re getting the best puppy that will live a long, happy life! One of the very best dog breeders.

Dog Breeders

You now have some brilliant dog breeders to choose from.

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