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Dog Grooming Florida – The 10 Best

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May 18 ·
Dog Grooming Florida – The 10 Best'

Looking for the best dog grooming Florida options? We have you covered with brilliant businesses in the state, so your best friend is looking incredible. Your dog will be in super safe hands and crucially be among fellow dog lovers in these groomers.

These are the businesses where your dog will get spoiled rotten while having all their grooming needs taken care of. From trimming their coats and nails to baths, pedicures, and even massages, these dog grooming businesses have it all.

If you want your dog looking fantastic and smelling great, then you need to book into one of these dog grooming Florida businesses.

Dog Grooming Florida

1. Mobile Pet Grooming Pro – Broward County

Your furry friend will look forward to their grooming appointment at the Mobile Pet Grooming Pro since the groomers will come to you. They create a happy environment and will do basic or full grooming services for both dogs and cats. The staff is friendly and professionally trained in dog grooming and handling. Your pooch is in good hands.

2. Pawfections – Coconut Creek

The staff at Pawfections are friendly and highly trained to provide therapeutic services with high-quality, all-natural products. They aim to give nothing less than the best for your furry friend. They will provide full grooming services for all dogs and cats in a certified, stress-free environment. Your pooch will feel pampered and well cared for by the end of their appointment.

3. Pawzazz Pet Grooming & Spa – Casselberry

Pawzazz Pet Grooming & Spa will ensure your dog has the best time possible. The groomers have 15 years of experience caring for your dog as they create a comfortable environment for your pooch. They offer full grooming services for all dogs with a friendly, well-trained staff.

4. All Creatures Pet Grooming – Orlando

You can bring your dog to All Creatures Pet Grooming for all your needs, from boarding to daycare to buying certain pet supplies and, of course, grooming. This salon is a clean and safe environment for your dog, so you can drop them off and be worry-free about their stay. The staff offers full grooming services that will cater to your dog’s needs.

5. Wash Your Paws Pet Grooming – Lake City

Your dog will enjoy their time at Wash Your Paws Pet Grooming as the staff is friendly and professional. The overall atmosphere of the salon is safe, clean, and calm. The groomers are professionally trained in grooming, dog handling, and some have training in pet medicine. They want nothing but the best for your pooch, offering many grooming services that will cater to your dog’s needs.

6. Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming – Tampa

Who doesn’t want a treat after their grooming appointment? Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming bakes all-natural dog treats and provides grooming services to ensure that your dog is healthy inside and out. They are open seven days a week with a friendly, professionally trained staff that will treat your dog as their own.

7. Poochie On Your Block – Miami

Poochie on Your Block offers full grooming services in a variety of ways. You can bring them to the salon, have the groomers pick them up, or they have mobile service, so your pooch doesn’t have to go anywhere. All the groomers are experienced and professional that want nothing but the best for your dog. The products they use are all-natural, and the staff will provide a personal, friendly experience for you and your dog.

Dog Grooming Florida

8. Luba’s Pet Studio – Jacksonville

Luba’s Pet Studio offers a range of services, from full grooming to spa treatments to a boutique. They also do boarding for dogs and cats. The staff are friendly and will create a stress-free environment for your pooch. The groomers are certified and professionally trained. Your dog will be in good hands at this salon.

Dog Grooming Florida

9. Barks and Tales Dog Spa – Miami

Barks and Tales Dog Spa creates a comfortable, loving environment to ensure your dog feels at home. The salon offers full grooming and full dental services along with daycare. The groomers will treat your dog as their own. They’re all dog lovers who are professionally trained and certified in dog grooming.

Dog Grooming Florida

10. Michelle`s Pet Grooming – Fort Lauderdale

Your pooch will be treated like family at Michelle’s Pet Grooming. All the groomers are dog lovers and highly trained and experienced to care for your furry friend, so they’ll be clean, healthy, and feeling refreshed by the end of the appointment. They offer full grooming services and even dental cleaning that’s safe. Your dog will feel comfortable and stress-free here.

Dog Grooming Florida

When it comes to dog grooming Florida options, they just don’t get any better than these great businesses.

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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