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Dog Grooming Near Me – The 50 Best Spots In America

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Jun 17 ·
Dog Grooming Near Me – The 50 Best Spots In America'

If you are wondering what the best dog grooming options are don’t worry as we have you covered with the very best in America. These are the best local businesses in each state which go above and beyond when it comes to caring for your dog.

Our ranking system has helped to identify the very best places to have your pooch looking absolutely fantastic. From a simple nail trim to the full on day spa grooming experience, there is something here for everybody.

Time to get your four legged friend booked in for a very special experience…

Dog Grooming Near Me

1. Lucky Dog Grooming & Boutique – Birmingham, Alabama

Lucky Dog Grooming & Boutique is conveniently located inside the Mt. Laurel Town Center. They provide multiple grooming packages and walk-in services for all breeds and sizes of dog. All baths come with a brush and blow-out. Their more full services also involve a scented finishing spritz and stylish bandanna. The professional staff at Lucky Dog want to ensure a safe, stress-free environment for both pets and their owners. Lucky Dog also has a small, attached pet boutique.

2. The Dog Wash – Wasilla, Alaska

At The Dog Wash, groomers use a four-step process to get your pup looking and smelling their best. These complete grooms are low-stress, working at the dog’s pace. Groomers at The Dog Wash also offer nail trims and grinds on a walk-in basis. If you want a pop of color, they now also do stenciling with color! Staff at The Dog Wash have years of professional experience getting dogs ready for the show ring and working one on one with individual dogs.

3. Mesa Pet Grooming – Mesa, Arizona

Whether your furry friend is canine or feline, you can get them looking, feeling, and smelling good at Mesa Pet Grooming. Their staff also speak Spanish. Whether your pet just needs a bath and brush, or a full grooming session, their appointment will also include an anal gland expression, full detangling brush out, nail trim, and ear cleaning if necessary. With other ala carte services available, you can also drop by for just a nail trim or ear clean, too!

4. Lucky Dogs Canine Grooming – Arkansas

Lucky Dogs Canine Grooming aims to create a stress-free grooming environment for both you and your pets. Staff, including owner Hannah, know grooming is hard for dogs who’ve had a bad experience. They incorporate positive training methods during grooming to encourage a more favorable outlook. All baths include eco-friendly dog shampoos with a selection of included and additional services. Lucky Dogs also regularly pairs with local humane organizations and you can donate through their website!

5. Dunk’N Dogs Dog Wash and Grooming – San Diego, California

At Dunk’N Dogs, you can either schedule your pup for a bath and haircut with a professional groomer, or use their self-service tubs to give your dog a good wash. They offer several add-ons, including microbubble therapy for dogs with allergies or injuries. Their professional groomers have earned their reputations as some of the best in San Diego. Dunk’N Dogs also has limited mobile grooming and anesthesia-free dental cleaning.

6. Stubby’s Dog Wash Grooming Salon – Colorado Springs, Colorado

At Stubby’s Dog Wash, professionally trained staff use high-quality all-natural grooming products and shampoos. They have a specially-sized walk-in shower perfect for giant breeds and senior dogs. The groomers guarantee safety and health in all aspects of care. Stubby’s also has one of the few Certified Feline Master Groomers in Colorado. Their mission is to inspire better relationships between pets and their owners. This facility has dog and cat daycare available, along with boarding!

7. The Grateful Dog Grooming Salon – Seymour, Connecticut

The Grateful Dog recently moved into an all-new state of the art building and are ready for new clients! All staff have been trained in breed-specific scissor cuts and many have experience working in the veterinary field. Your pup is sure to get top-notch service at The Grateful Dog Grooming Salon. Call to make an appointment at Seymour’s premier dog grooming salon!

8. Grooming By Holly – Newark, Delaware

Grooming By Holly welcomes all pups, particularly ones with special needs, and even cats. Whether your pet just needs a tidy up between haircuts, or extra services like flea or aloe treatment, the professional groomers at Grooming By Holly have them covered. Their goal is to provide stress-free and affordable service, winning your pup’s trust through positive grooming experiences. They also provide “soft paws” for cats, a friendly alternative to declawing.

9. Mobile Pet Grooming Pro – Broward County, Florida

Your furry friend will look forward to their grooming appointment at the Mobile Pet Grooming Pro since the groomers will come to you. They create a happy environment and will do basic or full grooming services for both dogs and cats. The staff is friendly and professionally trained in dog grooming and handling. Your pooch is in good hands.

10. Hot Diggity Dog Grooming – Atlanta, Georgia

Hot Diggity Dog provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere for full-service grooming. They also have a pet boutique complete with grooming products and fun toys for your pup. Their professional groomers are specially equipped to give personal attention to dogs with special needs, like senior dogs or dogs recovering from surgery. For patient service, make an appointment today!

11. Live Love Pet – Honolulu, Hawaii

As Hawaii’s only “zen” pet salon, Live Love Pet guarantees patient, loving care for both dog and cats who need grooming. Whether your pup just needs a bath and de-shed, or some extra touches like stencil coloring, the certified and experienced groomers at Live Love Pet have you covered. They can also pamper your dog or cat with a special massage or facial. If you want the best “spaw” day in the Honolulu area, look no further than Live Love Pet.

12. Peaches Parlor Grooming – Idaho Falls, Idaho

Peaches’ Parlor Grooming is a full-service facility with state-of-the-art equipment for the safety of your pup. Instead of hot cage dryers, they use cool cabinet dryers and hand dryers which are designed to remove more shed fur than the standard model. They use the high-quality shampoo the customer requests, whether medicated, oatmeal, or conditioning. Their groomers are free to focus on your pet’s experience and haircut, with support staff in charge of cleaning and answering phone calls.

Dog Grooming Near Me

13. Bark-A-Lounge Pet Salon – Aurora, Illinois

Bark-A-Lounge Pet Salon offers various grooming services, from full haircuts, bathing, nail and ear care, and more. They also offer quick walk-in services if your pooch needs a quick nail trim. A highly trained team of groomers runs the salon. Dogs that have high anxiety or get nervous with grooming will feel especially welcome here as the staff specializes in making the dogs feel safe and calm. Each groomer is patient and will care for and love your pet as their own.

Dog Grooming Near Me

14. J & J Pet Grooming – Indianapolis, Indiana

This salon offers full-service grooming such as baths, hair cuts, ear and nail care, and more. They will serve dogs with sensitive, dry, and itchy skin with high-quality products that are safe for the dogs. All sizes and breeds of dogs and cats are welcome. The staff is trained and will treat your dog as their own. J&J Pet Grooming is open six days a week for optimal appointment opportunities.

Dog Grooming Near Me

15. Bark Shop – Urbandale, Iowa

No matter the size of your pooch, they will be well taken care of at the Bark Shop. They use high-quality equipment and organic shampoos that are pet-safe and easy on your dog. The salon has an open-door concept so that it’s a stress-free environment for the dogs. You are also welcome to wait in the lobby while your dog gets pampered so you can enjoy the experience together. The Bark Shop also offers training services if you just brought a new puppy home.

Dog Grooming Near Me

16. Happy Pawz – Overland Park, Kansas

Open seven days a week, Happy Pawz will pamper your pooch, allowing them to feel happy and refreshed by the end of their appointment. The highly trained staff offers nail and ear care, baths, and full grooms. They use all-natural products such as oatmeal shampoo and will cater to dogs that have sensitive skin. They also offer doggy daycare and boarding for all your dog’s needs.

Dog Grooming Near Me

17. Dogs-N-Style – Covington, Kentucky

Your pooch will have a great time at Dogs-N-Style with the loving and caring staff. They are professionally trained groomers and safety certified to ensure your dog has a safe and healthy visit. Your pet will be clean and fresh by the end of their appointment as this groomer only uses high-quality products for baths, haircuts, nail trims, and other grooming needs. They accept all breeds of dogs and cats, so no one gets left behind. This grooming salon also offers doggy daycare and boarding for all your pet’s needs!

Dog Grooming Near Me

18. Pippy’s Puppy Parlor – Ponchatoula, Louisiana

Your furry friend will leave Pippy’s Puppy Parlor looking pampered and feeling refreshed. This salon offers cage-free grooming, boarding, and also daycare. The staff are professionally trained and will treat your dog as their own. The groomers are especially patient when it comes to nervous nellies of getting their haircut. They’ll give full grooming services to all sizes of dogs.

Dog Grooming Near Me

19. Maine Soggy Dog Wash & Spa – Falmouth, Maine

Your pooch will be in good hands with the experienced and professionally trained groomers at Main Soggy Dog Wash & Spa. Better yet, your dog will feel pampered and refreshed after their appointment, and they’ll look and smell good, too! The salon offers full-service grooming or basic grooming with their staff or has a self-service wash where you can do it yourself if you need something quick.

Dog Grooming Near Me

20. Patricia Dee Pet Grooming – Silver Spring, Maryland

Full-service grooming is offered at Patricia Dee Pet Grooming. Your dog will be groomed individually to create a stress-free environment and allow your pooch to get to know the groomers and form relationships with them. The staff is well-trained and experienced in what they do and will love your dog as their own.

Dog Grooming Near Me

21. Happy Pet Home Grooming – Malden, Massachusetts

Happy Pet Home Grooming is based in-home with a passionate owner and groomer certified in pet CPR and first aid. They are passionate about dogs and will individually give your dog full-service grooming in a stress-free environment. It also allows your dog to bond with its groomer. They only take small dogs under 20 pounds, and you can be sure your pooch will feel at home.

Dog Grooming Near Me

22. Somerset Dog Grooming – Rochester Hills, Michgan

Somerset Dog Grooming creates a stress-free environment for both the dogs and their groomers. Groomers are limited to the number of dogs they work on per shift so that they can take their time with each pup and give them the individual attention and care they need and deserve. The staff is highly qualified and will treat your dog as their own through full-service grooming. Your dog will be in good hands here.

Dog Grooming Near Me

23. All 4 Dogs Grooming – Blaine, Minnesota

Your dog will look forward to going to All 4 Dogs Grooming as it provides full grooming services in a stress-free atmosphere. The staff is highly trained, professional, and friendly. They’ll treat your dog as their own. Your pooch will get high-quality grooming based on their needs along with pampering to make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

24. Sandi’s Pet Grooming – Ocean Springs, Mississippi

You and your dog will be worry-free going to Sandi’s Pet Grooming. The staff creates a positive environment for your pooch, and their groomers are talented and experienced in grooming all dog breeds and cats. They are gentle and provide full grooming services where your dog will feel refreshed, healthy, and clean. They also provide boarding services.

Dog Grooming Near Me

25. North County Pet Grooming – Jamestown, Missouri

Your furry friend will be in good hands at North County Pet Grooming. The groomers are experienced and professionally trained. They welcome all breeds of dogs and cats. The best part is that your pooch will get individual attention so that the other dogs won’t surround them. The environment is clean, friendly, and serene for your dog to get full grooming services with a bath, hair cuts, and more.

Dog Grooming Near Me

26. Lovable Pets Bakery & Boutique – Billings, Montana

Your dog will receive the best care at Lovable Pets Bakery & Boutique. They’re open six days a week for full grooming services and will take walk-ins by a quick phone call. You can also ask for spa add-ons, such as a blueberry facial, so your pooch can be as pampered as can be. The groomers are friendly and create a warm, welcoming environment that’s safe and comfortable for all.

Dog Grooming Near Me

27. Bailey’s Deluxe Pet Care – Lincoln, Nebraska

Bailey’s Deluxe Pet Care takes pride in its “gentle grooming.” They strive to create a safe, comfortable environment for your dog so that they have a positive, fun experience. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and the dogs are free to roam around, so they feel at home. This salon also offers various other services such as in-home pet-sitting, daycare, boarding, and dog walking.

Dog Grooming Near Me

28. Hair Of The Dog Grooming Salon – Las Vegas, Nevada

Hair of the Dog Grooming Salon offers full-service grooming for all dogs and cats, including teeth brushing. They also offer self-service washing to do it yourself with the caring staff to help if needed. The salon is a family-owned business with certified, professional groomers to treat your dog as their own. The facility is clean and safe for your pooch.

Dog Grooming Near Me

29. Pawtopia Pet Grooming – Concord, New Hampshire

Your furry friend will be in good hands at Pawtopia Pet Grooming. They have a friendly staff that’s skilled and professional in grooming for both dogs and cats. They offer full grooming services so that your pooch will feel and look great by the time they get home. Their facility is clean and comfortable for a stress-free time for all.

Dog Grooming Near Me

30. WaggyButts Mobile Pet Grooming – Jersey City, New Jersey

WaggyButts Mobile Pet Grooming is a perfect option for New Jersey and West New York Pets who get anxious about going to the salon. Their state-of-the-art grooming van is super convenient for you, as they come right to your door. All grooms include a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and tooth brushing for the complete experience. WaggyButts also has a doggy daycare service, perfect for when you can’t be with your pup all day.

Dog Grooming Near Me

31. Pretty Pets Grooming – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pretty Pets Grooming is ready to tailor your pup’s grooming experience to their needs and your schedule. For an extra fee, your pup will have a cage-free and quick grooming session, perfect for dogs with anxiety and owners with tight schedules. Pretty Pets can handle all sizes and breeds of dogs, whether just for a bath, or for a full groom. The staff also uses holistic methods for cat grooming clients.

Dog Grooming Near Me

32. Pawprints By Penny – Buffalo, New York

With grooming, a swimming pool, daycare, and boarding, Pawprints By Penny’s two Buffalo locations provide everything your dog needs! They have a full services grooming menu, with professional haircuts, baths, and nail trims. If you want to add a stylish touch, Pawprints by Penny also has hair color and a mohawk service available as an add-on. Call to book an appointment today!

33. Waggerz Groom Room – Garner, North Carolina

Your dog will receive full grooming services at Waggerz Groom Room through baths, hair cuts, styling, and more. The staff is friendly, keeping the facility clean and safe for all. They’re all experienced in animal handling, grooming, and training. They’re also certified in animal CPR and first aid. Your furry friend will certainly be in good hands at this welcoming salon.

34. Puppy Salon – Bismarck, North Dakota

Puppy Salon offers many grooming services for dogs. They welcome dogs of all sizes and accommodate a full groom, quick bath and brush, or an add-on such as nail trims or teeth brushing. You can also get a combination of these so that your pooch is getting the care they need. The facility is clean and friendly and will take great take of your dog. Your furry friend will come home looking and feeling great.

Dog Grooming Near Me

35. Groovy Grooming Galz – Cincinnati, Ohio

Groovy Grooming Galz is a clean and comfortable salon that your pooch will look forward to attending. They have friendly staff who are well-trained in what they do, offering full grooming services. They’re open six days a week, so you’re able to make an appointment when it fits your busy schedule.

Dog Grooming Near Me

36. Patty Terri’s Grooming – Tulsa, Oklahoma

With high-quality performance, you can be sure your dog is in the right hands at Patty Terri’s Grooming. They offer full grooming services for cats as well as dogs of all sizes and breeds. They’ll give your pet a full spa treatment to ensure they’re well pampered and relaxed. The staff is certified and professional and has a wide variety of skills in terms of dog grooming. Your pooch will get nothing but the best here.

37. Dog Gone Clean – Portland, Oregon

Using only high-quality products, your pooch will get the best care at Dog Gone Clean. The staff are highly trained and will ensure your dog gets the best treatment possible through their full grooming services. They also provide a self-washing station in case you want to bathe your own dog. Their prices are affordable because they want to encourage dog owners to groom their pets regularly.

38. Canine Grooming Shoppe – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Your pooch will be in good hands at Canine Grooming Shoppe. They provide a positive experience through full-service grooming and spa treatments. Your dog will surely feel and look great by the time they get home from their appointment. The staff is friendly, qualified, and passionate about pets, so your doggo will feel well-loved and cared for during the process.

Dog Grooming Near Me

39. Dapper Dog – East Providence, Rhode Island

Dappy Dog provides high-quality, professional service for all their customers. The facility is clean and fresh to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all involved with the process. Your dog will have a relaxing time as they receive full grooming services from baths to haircuts, styling, and nail care. The staff here are certified and avid dog lovers. They’ll give your pooch plenty of love and affection to the point where your dog won’t want to leave.

40. Spaws Pet Grooming – Blythewood, South Carolina

Your furry friend will look and smell their absolute best when attending Spaws Pet Grooming. They offer full grooming services or baths only or general add-ons such as nail care, ear care, face only, and more. You can choose what you want their trained dog groomers to do to fit your dog’s needs. The salon welcomes dogs of all sizes and breeds. They’ll also get to know you personally so they can give your pooch the best care possible.

Dog Grooming Near Me

41. Dirty Dog Spa – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

If you need your dog or cat groomed or your dog needs a bath, and you feel like doing it yourself, you can bring your pet to Dirty Dog Spa. They will be more than happy to groom all breeds and sizes of dogs, especially ones who haven’t been groomed before. They will be extra gentle and take care of those who are nervous. All the groomers are educated and certified in dog grooming and love what they do. Your dog will be in good hands.

42. Nashville Pet Spa – Mt Juliet, Tennessee

Nashville Pet Spa has it all, from daycare and boarding to grooming. They welcome all dogs to their stress-free and cage-free environment for full-service grooming. They aim to provide a relaxing spa day for your pooch so that they can come home looking their best and feeling refreshed. The groomers at experienced and educated in dog grooming and will treat your dog as their own.

Dog Grooming Near Me

43. White Rock Pet Grooming – Dallas, Texas

Your furry friend will get experienced, high-quality pet care at the White Rock Pet Grooming. Their groomers are experienced and strive to create an everlasting relationship with your canine. They’re reliable and trustworthy, all the while giving the best full-service grooming possible. Your pooch will be relaxed and happy at their salon.

Dog Grooming Near Me

44. Doggie Decadence – Sandy, Utah

Your dog will receive VIP treatment at the Doggie Decadence. This family-owned business is well versed in dog grooming and handling. The professional team takes pride in their work and will give your pooch individual attention and care, ensuring that they’re getting high-quality grooming services. They offer everything from full grooming, bath brush, nail trimming, and breath freshening.

Dog Grooming Near Me

45. Sit Pretty Grooming Salon – Essex, Vermont

Sit Pretty Grooming Salon will pamper and care for your pet as their own. They offer full-service grooming by appointment with some walk-in services. Their team of expert groomers is open six days a week to ensure that your dog can get clean and healthy when it’s convenient for you. You know your dog will be in good hands at this salon with their friendly staff.

Dog Grooming Near Me

46. Trans-FUR-Mations Pet Styling Bowtique – Suffolk, Virginia

This salon will offer personalized grooming services for all of your dog’s needs. The groomers here at certified and professional and will treat your dog with the best, high-quality treatment possible. Your pooch will enjoy their time at Trans-FUR-Mations Pet Styling Bowtique and come home feeling refreshed and squeaky clean.

Dog Grooming Near Me

47. Maser’s Grooming and Pet Boutique – Kenmore, Washington

Your furry friend won’t mind going to their grooming appointment when it’s at Maser’s Grooming and Pet Boutique. They have a team of expert staff who are experienced and knowledgeable. They’ll treat your dog as their own and ensure that they have a positive grooming experience. They offer a wide range of services from full grooms to basics baths and more.

Dog Grooming Near Me

48. Crazy Bone Pet Spa – Parkersburg, West Virginia

Crazy Bone Pet Spa provides top-notch grooming services for whatever your pooch needs. They use soothing and medicated shampoo whether your dog needs a full grooming experience or a quick bath and brush. The groomers are professional and provide a gentle and safe environment for your dog so that they have a positive experience.

Dog Grooming Near Me

49. Community Bark Dog Wash & Groom – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Your dog will look forward to going to the Community Bark Dog Wash & Groom. They provide high-quality grooming services from full grooms to basic baths and even self-serve stations for you and your dog to bond over the process. The team of groomers is all caring and enthusiastic dog lovers who are certified and trained and dog grooming. They will aim to give your pooch nothing but the best.

Dog Grooming Near Me

50. Tail Waggers and Wash – Cheyenne

Tail Waggers and Wash offers full-service grooming by their certified groomers. They welcome dogs of all breeds and are knowledgeable in specialty cuts for certain breeds. The staff aims to provide high-quality service while meeting your dog’s needs in a friendly and comforting environment. Alternatively, you can use their self-serve washing station and experience the bathing process with your dog.



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