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Dog Grooming Oklahoma – The 10 Best

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May 21 ·
Dog Grooming Oklahoma – The 10 Best'

Looking for the best dog grooming Oklahoma options? We have you covered with brilliant businesses in the state, so your best friend is looking incredible. Your dog will be in super safe hands and crucially be among fellow dog lovers in these groomers.

These are the businesses where your dog will get spoiled rotten while having all their grooming needs taken care of. From trimming their coats and nails to baths, pedicures, and even massages, these dog grooming businesses have it all.

If you want your dog looking fantastic and smelling great, then you need to book into one of these dog grooming Oklahoma businesses.

Dog Grooming Oklahoma

1. Patty Terri’s Grooming – Tulsa

With high-quality performance, you can be sure your dog is in the right hands at Patty Terri’s Grooming. They offer full grooming services for cats as well as dogs of all sizes and breeds. They’ll give your pet a full spa treatment to ensure they’re well pampered and relaxed. The staff is certified and professional and has a wide variety of skills in terms of dog grooming. Your pooch will get nothing but the best here.

2. Mutt Hut Pet Grooming – Duncan

Mutt Hut Pet Grooming offers full-service grooming to dogs of all sizes. The groomers are experienced and patient with the dogs. They’ll be gentle and loving toward your pet. Your pooch will be well-pampered in their clean salon. They’ll come home feeling relaxed and looking great. Plus, they’ll smell good!

3. Bark Avenue Dog Grooming – Oklahoma City

Your dog will enjoy going to Bark Avenue Dog Grooming. They’ll get a full groom treatment or a quick bath, depending on their needs. The stylists are talented and will treat your dog as their own. The salon is clean, and the staff strives to create a stress-free environment so that your dog can have a positive grooming experience and be relaxed during the process.

4. Awesome Pawsome Pet Salon – Moore

Your furry friend will look forward to going to their appointment at Awesome Pawsome Pet Salon. They’ll be well taken care of by the loving and affectionate staff. The groomers are certified and skillful when it comes to dog grooming, offering full-service grooms. The environment is friendly, with the salon being in top-notch shape to create a comfortable and homey feel. Your dog will be in good hands at this facility.

Dog Grooming Oklahoma

5. Gentle Pet Grooming – Tulsa

Gentle Pet Grooming strives to be patient and gentle with your dog as they know how stressful grooming can be to some pups. However, they’re passionate about dogs and create a loving, calm environment for your pooch to create a positive experience. Your dog will form bonds with the skillful groomers at this salon, so they’ll look forward to attending their appointment without worry and stress.

Dog Grooming Oklahoma

6. The Paw Spa Elite – Oklahoma City

The Paw Spa Elite is open seven days a week to serve your furry friend. They offer full-service grooming through their highly trained staff. They use nothing but the best products on your pooch, so they feel clean and healthy. The salon is welcoming and clean so that it’s a positive environment for all. They will treat your dog like family here.

Dog Grooming Oklahoma

7. The Barking Lot – Tulsa

This salon is a family-owned business with licensed and skilled groomers who will give your dog nothing but the best. They have an open concept where the dogs are free to go into cages if they need a break, but the doors stay open, so the dogs don’t feel restricted. Full-service grooming is provided, and your dog will be pampered enough that they’ll feel relaxed and refreshed by the end of their appointment.

Dog Grooming Oklahoma

8. Country Pet Grooming – Lexington

Your dog will be in great hands at Country Pet Grooming. The salon has highly qualified groomers to care for and pamper your pet through full-service grooming. They’ll treat your pooch will love and respect and treat them as their own. They only use all-natural products to keep the coat and skin healthy. The groomers will also take their time with each dog so that they can create a warm experience and form a bond with your pooch.

Dog Grooming Oklahoma

9. Fluffy Mustaches Pet Grooming – Mustang

Fluffy Mustaches Pet Grooming will take great care of your pet whether they’re on the grooming table or waiting to head home after their appointment. Their groomers are professional, skilled, and certified in what they do. They’re passionate about dogs and will treat yours as their own. Your dog will receive full grooming services and be pampered well during its stay.

10. Rover’s Makeover Dog Grooming – Oklahoma City

Rove’s Makeover Dog Grooming is open five days a week for full grooming services of all dogs. The staff is certified and will create a fun, positive environment for your pooch so they’ll feel right at home. Your dog will feel pampered and relaxed during its stay. The salon is clean and runs like a well-oiled machine. They also share their grooming techniques on YouTube.

When it comes to dog grooming Oklahoma options, they don’t get any better than these great businesses.

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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