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The 5 Best Dog Sitters In Connecticut

Author Happy Doggo
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Jul 28 ·
The 5 Best Dog Sitters In Connecticut'

Are you looking fo the best dog sitters In Connecticut? This handy list has you and your four legged friend covered. These are the businesses staffed by people who love dogs and who will do a brilliant job looking after them in your absence.

So if you are off to work, heading out for the day or just need a little extra help with the dog then these are the businesses for you. With positive reviews, great staff and a love of all things dog you really can’t go wrong.

Time to book one of the very best Connecticut dog sitters…

Dog Sitters In Connecticut

1. Linda’s Critter Sitters – Glastonbury, Connecticut

At Linda’s Critter Sitters, you’ll receive professional, trustworthy, and reliable pet care. You can be sure you doggo will be in good hands. They provide many services, such as pet sitting in the comfort of your own home, dog walking, and pet taxi. So, if you can’t take your dog to an appointment, or you’ll be let coming home, and your dog needs to go out, you can count on this team.

2. Sarah’s Pet Sitting – Cheshire

Sarah’s Pet Sitting is a personal service in Cheshire. They opened in 2008, so they have a wealth of experience behind them. They know you want someone to care for your furry friend as if they were their own, and they can make it happen. They’ll let you create your own schedule and mix and match your options to get the best set up for your dog.

3. PetEx Pet Sitting Services

PetEx Pet Sitting Services are trained in CPR and first aid, so if anything were to go wrong, you don’t need to worry. They can handle it! They’ll discuss and document all of your pet care needs. You can also get a free consultation where they can meet your pet and you can check they’re the right fit for you and your dog. That way, you can rest easy on your trip knowing everything works.

Dog Sitters In Connecticut

4. Linda’s Critter Sitters – Glastonbury

Linda’s Critter Sitters is a great service for pet sitting in Glastonbury. Their in-home visits provide the one-on-one attention your dog really needs while you’re away. You might be worrying that your dog won’t have the attention they need while being boarded, but this ensures that won’t happen. They’re also trained in first aid to make sure your pet will be prepared if there’s an emergency.

Dog Sitters In Connecticut

5. Whiskers Pet Sitting – Fairfield

Whiskers Pet Sitting loves every pet as if they were their own. They’ll provide text, email, and phone updates the whole time you’re gone. No more worrying about your pet when you’re getting constant updates! They also have no charge for an initial visit to get to know your pet, and emergency transportation to a veterinary hospital if anything happens.

Dog Sitters In Connecticut

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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