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The 10 Best Dog Trainers In Texas

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Aug 13 ·
The 10 Best Dog Trainers In Texas'

If you want one of the best dog trainers In Texas, you need to look no further, as we have picked the very best in the state. These true professionals can help with young puppies and even teach old dogs a few new tricks.

Training a dog can be hard if it is your first time so getting a little help is a great way to go. From quick classes to more intensive courses, there is something here for everybody.

Grab the leash and a few treats, and get ready to team up with one of the best dog trainers in Texas

Dog Trainers In Texas

1. DFW K9 Trainer – Dallas

DFW K9 Trainer specializes in unwanted behavior from dogs. For example, they will help train your dog from jumping, barking, pulling, or being stubborn, aggressive, anxious, and everything in between. The trainers are certified and experienced in what they do, so you know your dog will be in good hands.

2. Lonestar Dog Trainer – Dallas

At Lonestar Dog Trainer, they promote fun and adventure while using it as a teaching moment for your dog. They want you to be able to go out with your pooch and not have to stress about your dog’s behavior. That’s why they offer dog classes and puppy training classes to help you and your pooch understand each other better. They’ll teach your doggo how to listen to you and how to behavior overall.

3. Sit Means Sit – Belton

Sit Means Sit offers a wide range of classes. For example, they provide classes for beginners through advanced dogs, daycare training, boarding training, and one-on-one classes. In addition, they specialize in dog aggression, fear, leash reactivity, and more. The best part is that all dogs are accepted no matter their age, breed, or size. You’ll also receive a free evaluation so you can take the right classes for yourself.

4. Alamo City Dog Trainers – Bulverde

As long as your dog is five months or older, you can train with Alamo City Dog Trainers. They provide training classes, one-on-one sessions, or you can board your dog and have them train with the professionals there. They’ll teach your dog basic commands, obedience, leash reactivity, and more.

5. Longoriahaus Dog Training – Kingwood

Longoriahaus Dog Training strives to help families raise happy and reliable dogs. They will help with all sorts of training, from basic commands to obedience training and leash reactivity and fear or aggression. As a result, you’ll be able to take your dog on walks with ease because you and your pooch will have a better understanding of one another.

6. Suburban K9 Dog Training – Dallas

No matter what you want your dog to know, you can be sure that they’ll learn it through Suburban K9 Dog Training. Your dog can learn through their in-home dog training alongside you, or you can board your dog at their facility, and they’ll go to training classes themselves. The team of trainers is all friendly, professional, and experienced.

7. Kim the Dog Trainer – Austin

When you bring your dog to be trained with Kim the Dog Trainer, you’ll notice that your pooch is relaxed and attentive, will have a stronger relationship with you, and have clearer communication with you. In addition, you and your pooch will be able to have a stronger bond through this training. No matter your dog’s breed, size, or age, the two of you will learn a lot here.

Dog Trainers In Texas

8. DogWorks – Houston

DogWorks provides dog training solutions, structures doggy daycare, and boarding. Here they will help train you and your dog together to cater to your needs. They believe that no two dogs are alike, and they know that one method may not work for all dogs. So, they’ll work with you individually to teach your pooch all they need to know.

Dog Trainers In Texas

9. Bulletproof Dog Training – San Antonio

If you’ve just adopted a new puppy or your dog needs a refresher course in some basic commands, then you can bring them to Bulletproof Dog Training. You can take puppy classes with your doggo to help with obedience and potty training. On the other hand, you can bring your adult dog to them where they’ll stay with the trainers for 15 days and come back a new pooch.

Dog Trainers In Texas

10. Puptown – Houston

At Puptown, you can bring your puppy or adult dog and have private training lessons together. Also, you can do Lodge & Learn, which is when you board your doggo with them, and they’ll go to training classes every day. The training they do is positive and fun so that your pooch will learn in a pleasant environment with friendly trainers.

Dog Trainers In Texas

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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