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Doggy Day Care Maine – The 10 Best

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Apr 22 ·
Doggy Day Care Maine – The 10 Best'

If you want to leave your dog in one of the very best spots then these Doggy day care Maine options are absolutely ideal for you. Choosing a safe and fun place will give you huge peace of mind that your four legged friend is having a great time while you go to work or go about your day.

These are the very best businesses in the state. The places that go above and beyond for you dog and who have brilliant staff and the best equipment. The sorts of businesses where no detail is too small and where creativity and creating a memorable day for your dog is the absolute key.

Be prepared for your dog to absolutely love spending time at these doggy day care Maine spots…

Doggy Day Care Maine

1. Blue Dog Daycare – Brunswick

At Blue Dog Daycare, the trained staff have safety and fun as their main priorities. Blue Dog’s new facility boasts 6,000 square feet of indoor space and 10,000 square feet of outdoor fenced-in space for off-leash socialization and playtime. Once you’ve applied for their daycare, your dog will go through an intensive assessment process and will be placed into a group that best suits their size and temperament. Blue Dog Daycare also has grooming and bathing facilities to keep your dog looking their best.

2. The Doggie Cottage – Gray

The Doggie Cottage offers both daycare and boarding for dogs, cats, and other exotic pets. Their 6-8 hour daycare days feature both intensive play and relaxation and nap time. Their 5-acre Gray facility is open to dogs from around the Portland and Scarborough areas and surrounding townships. They also offer grooming services with full baths and nail trims.

3. Happy Tails – Portland

Happy Tails has 6 outdoor play areas for groups of 2-10 dogs. Your dog will get to play with other dogs who match their size and personality. Their staff is highly trained and extremely attentive. A typical day will incorporate meal and rest times in between play sessions. If your dog needs some low-impact exercise or physical rehab, make sure to check out their new pool at Happy Waves! You can schedule a swim as part of your dog’s daycare.

4. Hello Doggie Daycare – Raymond

With its Broadway theming, Hello, Doggie follows the motto that every dog is a star! You can expect great, individualized care with training, mental stimulation, socialization, and rest periods. Hello, Doggie’s owner, Shannon Oliver, has years of experience working in dog daycares, animal shelters, and even helping out with horses. With their “audition” process, Shannon and her dogs will make sure your dog feels comfortable and safe before incorporating them into a daycare group.

5. Mountain Dogs Daycare – Yarmouth

Mountain Dogs Daycare is a unique, home-based facility which provides several options for different types of dogs. Most notable are their hiking programs, which provide off-leash multiple-hour hikes for groups of up to 10 active dogs. At their senior center, your elderly pooch will get the same type of socialization with other low-activity dogs. Mountain Dogs also has a puppy play program for puppies a bit too young to engage in regular daycare.

6. Brown Dog Inn – Freeport

Brown Dog Inn guarantees fun for your social dog with their daycare program. All daycare and boarding clients get free, unlimited use of their in-ground pool and waterfall. If your dog needs a bath, schedule in a spa day with full bath, grooming, and nail trim service. Brown Dog Inn keeps its daycare groups small and separated by size and play style. Each group gets trained supervision from a Pack Leader.

Doggy Day Care Maine

7. Roscoe’s Bed + Bark – Portland

With a low dog to staff ratio and webcam livestreams, safety, transparency, and individual attention are key at Roscoe’s Bed + Bark. The founder, Ashley Boucher, started Roscoe’s after struggling to find a great dog daycare for her energetic golden retriever. Sign your pooch up for daycare, a sleepover, or a spa day at Roscoe’s!

Doggy Day Care Maine

8. Boothbay Canine Daycare – Boothbay

Boothbay Canine Daycare is a state-of-the-art facility with two indoor radiant-heated play areas. They also have five outdoor play sand areas with kiddie pools and climbing rocks. Your dog will meet others of similar size and play style. Boothbay Canine Daycare also provides a boarding facility for overnight guests. They tuck in all boarders and give them a treat every night.

Doggy Day Care Maine

9. Camp Bow Wow – Portland

At Camp Bow Wow, day campers get hours of exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization. Safety is a top priority and all staff are trained in CPR, dog behavior, and animal first aid. With their webcam livestreams, you can check on your dog from anywhere you have a computer or phone. Overnight boarders get special attention and a “Campfire Treat” every night.

Doggy Day Care Maine

10. Charlies Friends Doggy Daycare – Cumberland

With its rural location and lots of wooded paths, Charlie’s Friends is a natural paradise for dogs. Daycare hours and drop off times are flexible, and you can keep your dog at Charlie’s for just a short play session or a full day of work. You can add in a half-hour to 1.5 hour walk depending on your dog’s needs and activity level. They keep their daycare groups small for safety and a better chance to bond. Once you are a daycare client, Charlie’s Friends considers your dog part of their family.

Doggy Day Care Maine

Author Happy Doggo
News Hound
Obsessed with dogs and finding all the latest news and trends from around the world.
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