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Doggy Day Care – The 50 Best Spots In America

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Jun 7 ·
Doggy Day Care – The 50 Best Spots In America'

As a dog owner you will want to find the very best doggy day care near you. Not only does it help you with your work schedule or to free up some personal time but it allows your pet to meet other dogs and have fun.

These aren’t just any doggy day care spots either as they are the very best in America. They are staffed by people who love dogs and who will ensure you dog has a wonderful time and bounds through the door when you arrive. You can also expect your dog to have a full night of sleep after all that play time with their new friends.

Time to book in for some fun in these incredible doggy day care spots. The very best in the country…

The Best Doggy Day Care In America

Time to see which of the businesses made it in each state (you can see how the businesses are chosen here). Treat your dog to a doggy day care visit in one of the following great local American businesses…

1. Wags ‘N Whiskers – Homewood – Alabama

They promise that your pets will always experience positive reinforcement, compassionate care and a clean environment while visiting.

Safety is a top priority at Wags, and by utilizing a low counselor-to-pet ratio (1:5), they are able to devote more time to each animal while ensuring the safety of all.

2. Dog Tired K9 Activity Center – Anchorage, Alaska

Dog Tired  features six small activity rooms, each with its own individual teacher. This helps keep play group size small, manageable, and safe. A membership with Dog Tired includes an individual play and training plan, as well as Frontline flea and tick prevention and nail trims. For senior dogs, Dog Tired provides a socialization area for more mature, calmer pups. Dog Tired has been in operation for sixteen years and is certified by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council.

3. Second Home Pet Resort – Phoenix, Arizona

Second Home Pet Resort’s daycare provides both interactive group play and private dog day boarding depending on your pet’s temperament and needs. Daycare and boarding guests get full access to over an acre of outdoor play space, a doggy playground, and a 1000 square foot indoor play center. Their daycare will give your dog the socialization and exercise they need whether you work full-time or need somewhere for your pup to stay during home renovations. Their facility also has several additional resort amenities and provisions for special needs dogs!

4. Dogwatch Doggie Day Care – Bentonville, Arkansas

Dogwatch Doggie Day Care has been in operation in two locations for over 21 years. Their staff is ready to give your pup all the love and attention they need, whether they’re playing the day away at daycare or boarding overnight. Their Fayetteville location also has full bathing services. Check out their pricing for an exit bath after your dog’s stay. Dogwatch also provides cat boarding and several AKC Obedience and training classes.

5. WOOF Dog Daycare & Boarding – San Ramon, California

At WOOF’s dog daycare, your pup will have full access to both indoor play rooms and outdoor play yards. Indoors, they’ll get to romp on safe rubberized floors. Outdoors, the facility uses K-9 turf for maximum cleanliness. Each day, staff separates dogs into groups by size and temperament. WOOF also offers bathing and boarding services for their daycare and boarding clients. WOOF frequently hosts events that benefit Tri-Valley Animal Rescue and local school districts!

6. For the Love of Dog – Denver, Colorado

With an attached pet spa and doggie boutique, For the Love of Dog is sure to become your one-stop Denver shop for all your pet’s needs. Staff treat every dog in their care like family. The facility has a safe, rubberized floor, filtered water, treadmills, and kiddie pools outdoors in good weather. Staff will also help your dog keep up on their housetraining with outdoor toilet breaks.

7. John Gagnon’s Pet Resort – Colchester, Connecticut

John Gagnon’s Pet Resort has been open since 1995. They credit themselves with introducing leash-free group play to the Colchester area. At John Gagnon’s, your dog will play and romp in 30,000 square feet of space. They also have eight full-time daycare staff members who ensure safety and fun at all times. John Gagnon’s also offers dog boarding, cat boarding, and grooming for both dogs and cats!

8. All Creatures Pet Care – Hockessin, Delaware

The take pet care to the next level with 5-star superior service, accountability through GPS tracking and photo check-ins, and simple in-app scheduling. Leaving your dog here is easy and you will have instant peace of mind. Not only will your dog be super happy here but you will see amazing pictures of them enjoying their play time.

9. Bass Pet Resort & Spa – Kissimmee, Florida

Bass Pet Resort is the perfect spot to leave your dog for a day of work, or if you’re spending a day at Disney or Universal. Daycare guests can socialize and exercise in a group, but if your dog isn’t particularly social, they can also play one on one with a staff member. Bass Pet Resort has 5 acres of outdoor play space, with naturally shaded areas, splash pools, and sprinklers to keep your dog cool and happy. Check out their boarding, training classes, and grooming services, too!

10. Lucky & Lady – Atlanta, Georgia

With tons of services, Lucky & Lady is the best Atlanta spot if you want a happy dog who looks and feels their best. Their enhanced daycare program is designed to be more than just babysitting, providing socialization and mental enrichment. Their indoor play spaces are completely climate-controlled. With staff trained in canine and feline CPR and first aid, your pets are sure to be safe. Check out their grooming services, self-service dog baths, training classes, and boarding for both cats and dogs!

Doggy day care

11. Tails of Hawaii – Honolulu, Hawaii

At Tails of Hawaii, the staff is ready to tailor your dog’s experience to their needs and personality. If your dog needs extra socialization and training help, they’re willing to give your pet some extra one-on-one attention. Check out activity boosts for your dog’s day, including swim time in the pool, health updates throughout the day, and a Kong “pacifier” for naptime. Tails of Hawaii is also a premier boarding and grooming facility. If you’re moving your pet to Hawaii, they can help you out with the process.

Doggy day care

12. Idaho Dog Park – Boise, Idaho

Idaho Dog Park prides itself on safety, variety, and cleanliness. Instead of mopping, the facility is cleaned every day through a wet-vac system. Kennel technicians are always on hand to encourage safe daycare play. When you bring your dog for their first day, the staff will evaluate and decide on the best play group for them. Idaho Dog Park also has specialized areas for small dogs, dogs with special needs, big dogs, and low-energy dogs. The staff can also take care of your cat, too!

Doggy day care

13. Central Bark Doggy Day Care – Grayslake, Illinois

Central Bark Doggy Day Care has reimagined doggy day care, balancing group play and enrichment activities with rest periods. Whether your dog likes a large group of friends or a smaller dog pack, Central Bark has them covered. Central Bark’s staff is trained in dog training through positive reinforcement, using the most up-to-date techniques. With indoor and outdoor play areas, your pup will have plenty of room to run around. Central Bark’s facility also provides boarding, grooming, retail, and training classes.

Doggy day care

14. Happy Dog Hotel & Spa – Carmel, Indiana

Happy Dog Hotel & Spa provides daycare, boarding, and grooming for your pet. Daycare is closely supervised by trained staff, who will make sure your pup is doing well with regular individual attention. Boarding guests are also invited to join in the daycare fun.

15. 4 Paws Unleashed – Des Moines, Iowa

4 Paws Unleashed features safe, supervised fun and socialization during daycare. Staff focus on group play, exercise, and scheduled-in rest sessions. If your dog is still a puppy, the staff helps them with potty training, too. Boarders also get to take advantage of daycare, only going into kennels to rest at night. Check out their training and grooming services for your pooch. 4 Paws Unleashed also provides boarding for cats, small mammals, and exotic reptiles.

16. Woof’s Play & Stay – Manhattan, Kansas

Woof’s Play & Stay’s Manhattan location has several care options available for both your canine and feline friends! At doggy day care your pup will get to play in a group which best matches their age, size, and temperament. They’ll have free access to both indoor and outdoor areas. Their team is well-trained in positive reinforcement techniques and encourage positive play behavior at all times. Woof’s Play & Stay outdoor area comes complete with dog-safe play equipment and even an in ground pool!

17. Allie’s Walkabout – Erlanger, Kentucky

Allie’s Walkabout was voted the best off-leash dog facility in Northern Kentucky 4 years in a row! Their daycare features hours of free play with a midday lunchtime and nap break. They want your pet to be the good type of tired, not overexerted. They have four indoor play areas and, weather permitting, four outdoor play areas. You can even treat your dog with an extra activity, snack, or yummy facial!

18. Pet Paradise – New Orleans, Louisiana

Pet Paradise is the perfect spot for your dog or cat. It’s located conveniently a mile away from the New Orleans International Airport. Their resort provides your dog with plenty of room in their pool and their synthetic grass play areas. Your dog will be able to keep cool if needed in shaded play areas. Resort staff also provide expert grooming services. If your furry friend is a cat, Pet Paradise can give them their own private and comfortable cat condo.

19. Blue Dog Daycare – Brunswick, Maine

At Blue Dog Daycare, the trained staff have safety and fun as their main priorities. Blue Dog’s new facility boasts 6,000 square feet of indoor space and 10,000 square feet of outdoor fenced-in space for off-leash socialization and playtime. Once you’ve applied for their daycare, your dog will go through an intensive assessment process and will be placed into a group that best suits their size and temperament. Blue Dog Daycare also has grooming and bathing facilities to keep your dog looking their best.

20. Wagging Lounge Dog Resort – Columbia, Maryland

Wagging Lounge Dog Resort is a full-services facility with lots of great add-on options for exercise and snacks. Their facility has enough indoor and outdoor space for any size, age, or breed of dog. The main goal at Wagging Lounge is to get out your pooch’s pent-up energy with socialization, exercise, and mental stimulation. Your pet will always be under trained staff supervision, whether they’re in the main play area or getting add-on cuddle time, outdoor walks, or even time on a treadmill.

21. Four Leggers Doggie Daycare – Beverly, Massachusetts

Four Leggers provides two different types of daycare: regular daycare and “Daycare 2.0.” In regular daycare, your dog will get to hang out and relax with other dogs in climate controlled indoor playrooms or outdoors. Daycare 2.0 utilizes smaller size groups of pups and gives them mental enrichment and agility activities, with more naps to rest their brain. Of course, they get free playtime too. Each dog also gets one-on-one attention every day as part of Four Leggers daycare experience.

22. Pet Suite Retreat – Inkster

Pet Suite Retreat has more than 17 years of experience. They will make sure your dog ends up with a group of dogs he or she likes to play with. They have large play areas outside that allow dogs to run and play as they please.

23. Dog Days Daycare – St Paul, Minnesota

This day care promise that your dog will have a blast in a safe, cage-free environment. They have a low dog to staff ratio to give every dog the attention and care they need while building a trusting relationship with both owner and dog.

There are also special play areas for all ages and sizes to make sure all dogs are as safe as possible while having as much fun as they can. They also have overnight boarding available.

24. The Dawg House Playground – Starkville, Mississippi

They believe an active pet is a happy and healthy pet and thus strive to keep your dog busy while you are away. They will provide your pet with plenty of exercise, attention, and playtime while you go about your day. All breeds are welcome, and if you like your dog can even get groomed.

Doggy day care

25. Pooches Paradise Daycare – Kansas City, MIssouri

Pooches Paradise focuses on emotional and mental enrichment in their daycare experience. They have two playrooms. The first is for high-energy guests who love to play all the time. The second room is low-energy, for daycare guests who prefer a calm space for rest. Both rooms have constant staff supervision. The staff will not only play, but also work on obedience tasks and ensure safety for all dogs in their care.

Pooches Paradise also provides obedience courses as part of their Pooches University Daycare Program. Enrich your pup with classes like Manners 101 and 202.

26. Bark City Doggy Daycare – Bozeman, Montana

Bark City has two different daycare experiences with their standard and enrichment programs.  In enrichment daycare, your pup will get one-on-one attention in a private environment. Enrichment daycare is also perfect for dogs with special needs and anxiety. Standard daycare still provides mental enrichment, exercise, and group socialization. Bark City also has boarding, grooming, and flexible packages available!

A simple superb doggy day care spot that you and your dog will absolutely love.

Doggy day care

27. Downtown Hound – Omaha, Nebraska

Downtown Hound has super convenient extended hours, perfect for a long workday or even a couple of hours running errands. Their location in downtown Omaha makes them central to all sorts of workplaces, restaurants, and shops, too! During daytime play, your dog will play on squeaky-clean rubberized floors. Dogs are continually evaluated and split into groups which match their temperaments and sizes. Downtown Hound also has dog and cat boarding available, as well as a doggie spa for grooming and baths.

Doggy day care

28. Doggie District Pet Resort – Las Vegas – Nevada

With daycare, boarding, and grooming services available, Doggie District Pet Resort is sure to become your one stop in Las Vegas for all your pup’s needs! Your dog’s first day of daycare is free and gives the staff a great chance to learn more about your dog’s personality and play style. Doggie District has 4 locations in the Las Vegas area. If your pup needs some extra obedience classes, you can sign them up at Doggie District, too!

29. Coastal Canine Resort – North Hampton, New Hampshire

With a pet team certified in grooming, pet CPR, and off-leash play, you can rest easy knowing your dog is safe here. Coastal Canine Resort provides daycare, boarding, and a spa, and they even offer a complimentary clean and refresh after three nights of boarding. They also offer a play and groom special, where your dog can return home after a day of fun play looking and smelling great!

30. Hounds Town – Galloway, New Jersey

Hounds Town claims to be home to the happiest dogs on earth! Offering a free day to get owners started out, they’re confident you’ll love the facility. Unlike many other daycares, they even offer overnight services for your cat and a pet taxi, where they will bring your pet home at the end of the day so you don’t have to make the trip to pick them up.

31. Zoomies Dog Daycare and Resort – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Zoomies lives up to its name by creating an entirely cage-free facility for your dog — so they can have the zoomies all day, if they’d like! Even when boarding, they have access to couches, futons, and beds, rather than being crated and stuck away. If you have a dog who thrives on freedom and company, Zoomies provides a truly unique experience. They even have someone staying with them all night to make sure everything is okay.

Doggy Day Care

32. Disco Paws – Astoria, New York

As well as daycare, Disco Paws offers a social experience for pet owners. You can stop by and meet other dog moms and dads! They have other unique experiences in addition to grooming, daycare, and boarding, such as a retail experience for your pup. They even have free Disco Cams so that when your dog is at daycare. This means you can check in and be rest assured they’re having a groovy time.

Doggy Day Care

33. Surf City Pawville – Hampstead, North Carolina

Surf City Pawville truly cares about your pup. If you’re not sure how your dog will do in daycare and don’t want to commit just yet, you can ask for a free trial and get four hours without paying so you can make a decision! Most of the time, the dogs are outside playing, but they also have an indoor part of their facility if the weather isn’t too good.

Doggy Day Care

34. Fetchers – Fargo, North Dakota

If you are looking for a place with multiple resources for any dog, Fetchers – Fargo is the place for you!  They have a wide variety of services including; daycare and boarding, general training, hunting dog training, grooming and spa, and nutritional suggestions. Boarding and daycare offer several outside fenced areas for your dog to have supervised play time. He or she will be paired in play groups with similar dogs. Each dog is met with a custom approach, based on it’s size, age, gender, and behavior. Whether your looking for general training or hunting dog training they offer many programs for; general obedience, master obedience, psychological issues, aggression, and stubborn or timid dogs. Their spa offers a wide variety of specialized services to pamper your pet.

Doggy Day Care

35. Barklyn Heights Dog Daycare – Brooklyn Heights, Ohio

If your looking for a clean, well kept place to leave your baby, Barklyn Heights Dog Daycare – Brooklyn Heights is for you. They have both doggy daycare and overnight accommodations for your furry friend.

They offer 6,000 square feet of indoor play area; floors are sealed with Epoxy for cleanliness. Their outside area has over 5,500 square feet of K9 turf, to provide you doggy with a clean place to play that has the feel of real grass. Also, within the outside areas there are two pools for cooling off after fun day of playing in the hot sun.

Doggy Day Care

36. The Dog House OKC – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This daycare is unique in that it offers 24/7 cage free play. While here your fur baby can enjoy indoor and outdoor play areas of a combined 6,000 square feet. Their daycare is designed to enrich and improve your dog’s spirit and social skills, while building building your their confidence.

Since The Dog House is a cage free facility, their groomers work with only one dog at a time. After a relaxing bath, all dogs are hand dried to keep with the mission of being cage free. There is an application process for both daycare and overnight boarding. Doggy day care doesn’t get much better than this.

Doggy Day Care

37. BarkZone – Portland, Oregon

At Bark Zone – Portland, your dog will enjoy a clean, dry environment in one of their indoor facilities. Bark Zone offers doggy daycare, boarding, and grooming. If you use one or all of these services, your pet will have constant interaction with other dogs and staff.

If your fur baby does need an overnight stay, Bark Zone has packages and ad on services. Boarded dogs will also have access to the daycare play areas through the day.

Doggy Day Care

38. Hounds Town – Pittsburgh – Pennsylvania 

Hounds Town – Pittsburgh is a beautiful facility packed with exciting enrichment activities and play equipment. In doggy day care, your fur baby will enjoy exciting play, while nurturing their natural pack instinct. The daycare is unique in their ability to rotate your baby through different enrichment areas, to keep your pup stimulated all day.

If your dog is in need of a pupcation they offer beautiful luxury suites and town houses. Of course, no pupcation would be complete without a spa day; Hounds Town have many grooming options to pamper your pooch. As an added bonus, to make your hectic life a little easier a taxi service is offered with a ride through town on their way to a fun filled day of play.

Doggy Day Care

39. The Barking Lot – Providence, Rhode Island

The Barking Lot in Providence, Rhode Island is one of the best doggy daycare centers for your beloved furry friend. Not only do they provide daycare services Monday through Saturday, but you can also bring your pooch there for grooming, boarding, and training with a certified professional dog trainer. The Barking Lot is a family-owned business where the staff is trained in dog behavior, training, and animal CPR and first aid. Your pup will surely feel comfortable here and have a lot of fun with their doggy friends!

40. Dog Culture – Greenville – South Carolina

Dog Culture creates a safe, healthy, active environment for not only your dog but for you as well. You can leave your pooch here for the day worry-free, knowing they’re well taken care of. Similar to school, your dog will be on a schedule here. They will have plenty of playtime with friends, naps, and mental stimulation. All of their staff has been trained in dog behavior and CPR so you can be assured your furry friend is in good hands. Dog Culture also provides grooming, boarding, and shuttle services.

41. Paws & Relax – Spearfish – South Dakota

Housed at Spearfish Animal Hospital, so rest assured, your dog is well taken care of during the day. The staff is training in canine behavior as well as medically trained. The indoor play area is climate-controlled with rubber flooring that’s easy on the joints and simple to clean and sanitize. They have an outdoor area that is covered in K9 grass so that’s it’s safe and pet-friendly. Plus, your pooch will stay clean. If they stay overnight, your dog will get a complimentary bath before going home.

42. SouthPaws – Nashville – Tennessee

Open seven days a week, SouthPaws has a loving and caring staff with various backgrounds in running a clean and healthy facility as well as caring for canines. They have a 9,000 square foot indoor play area that’s divided into four groups to maximize physical and mental stimulation for all the dogs. They include a live webcam so that you can check in on your pooch throughout the day.

43. Howl N Woof – Austin, Texas

Howl N Woof specializes in healthy play for your dog physically and mentally. Their aim is for your dog to thrive when in their care so your furry friend comes home content and tired from a fun-filled day. Their facility has an acre of outdoor play areas so your dog can run and play, supervised by the trained staff. All staff is certified in pet CPR and first aid. Alternatively, there is a smaller indoor area so your pooch can rest if needed.

44. Desert Dog Daycare – Salt Lake City, Utah

Boasting a number of services, Desert Dog Daycare focuses on creating an environment where your dog is able to exercise its natural energy but in a safe and positive manner. The staff strives to create strong relationships with each dog and monitor the dogs to ensure that the play styles are suitable. The end result is your dog having spent their energy fully. You can also check in on your pet using a webcam.

A world class doggy day care option for your best friend.

45. Oh my DOG – South Burlington, Vermont

At Oh my DOG, a tired dog is a good dog. Trained staff focus on enrichment, socialization, and exercise during doggy day care. If your pup needs a nap at any point, they also have relaxation areas available. With half and full day availability, Oh my DOG can work around your schedule. Oh my DOG is a full-service facility, with boarding, grooming at a “s’paw,” training, a retail store, and add-ons for any boarding stay.

46. Cosmo’s Corner Doggie Day Care – Virginia Beach

At Cosmo’s Corner, you can either sign your dog up for regular group play, or a more individualized experience at their day school. With 15,000 square feet of play area, staff can spread smaller, safer playgroups over multiple sections. Their play yards have plenty of shade and even wading pools in summer. At your pup’s first day, they will be introduced to each other dog one by one to make them comfortable. Cosmo’s Corner also has boarding and bathing available!

47. Downtown Dog Lounge – Seattle, Washington

With three Seattle-area locations, Downtown Dog Lounge is sure to be a convenient stop for you and your dog. Your pup will be under human supervision 24/7, whether boarding or in daycare. You can also put your mind at ease by checking in on them at anytime with webcam streams. For extra charges, you can add on activities and snacks to your pup’s daycare day, too. Downtown Dog Lounge also has boarding, grooming and bathing, and training available.

Doggy Day Care

48. House of Hounds – Charleston, West Virginia

House of Hounds is completely cage and kennel free, whether for daycare or for boarding. Each guest is under professional supervision at all times in safe, clean play areas. They build their daycare days on consistent routines, resulting in a stress-free experience for your dog. Along with these services, they also offer cat boarding and grooming, dog grooming, and birthday parties. House of Hounds also partners with the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association to find shelter pets new homes.

Doggy Day Care

49. Dog Dog Daycare – Madison, Wisconsin

Dog Dog Daycare focuses on making your pup’s life better. For your first evaluation day, you’ll have to drop off your dog around 7:30 am. However, after that, you’ll be able to drop off your pup at a time that best works with your schedule. The staff works with each dog to maximize socialization and match them with a group that best meets their size and play style. Each daycare guest gets a midday rest and lunch break to prevent overstimulation. Make an appointment at Dog Dog today!

Doggy Day Care

50. Country Pet Inn – Sheridan – Wyoming

Country Pet Inn has over 10 acres of fenced-in outdoor play area, perfect for chasing scents and playing with friends. Since the owner lives on-site, you can rest at ease knowing your pup will be well-looked after and safe. With discounted daycare packages, Country Pet Inn is sure to meet your budget and schedule. Every day comes with a rest period, when your pup will get to watch Animal Planet and relax. Country Pet Inn also has boarding and dog training available.

Doggy Day Care

You now have loads of doggy day care options across the country.

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